Babymoon Take Two

Babymoon Take Two

The first time I was pregnant, we took a baby moon to Aspen, about a month and a half before my due date. My experience was less than grand, as blogged about on my old blog here.

I didn’t have a good experience baby mooning the first time around. Could have been the place we chose, could have been any number of factors. This time around, I STILL didn’t listen to my own advice! We decided, rather late in the game this time around too, to take a trip before baby. I recommended going in second trimester, but that didn’t happen this time either. I was in between 34 and 35 weeks when we were on our trip! (Side note: Some airlines require you to have a doctor’s note authorizing that you are clear to fly after 8 months. In preparation for United Airlines travel, I did get a doctor note in case they asked.)

We ended up finding a really fabulous package deal, an all-inclusive, in Riviera Maya at the Hotel Catalonia Riviera Maya, from I just wanted sun, sand and relaxation. That’s exactly what we got! I am a VERY lucky and fortunate woman, and I LOVE my hubby for making this happen for us. This guy deserved a vaca a more than I having worked so hard to support our little family!

One little kink this time around, a 14 month old! We had never left Remy overnight anywhere so that was an interesting dynamic to have to plan for this time. I just knew we needed a little couples refresher before another little needy dependent came along. This time around my view of baby moons has changed! I completely NEEDED that! I felt like my “old” self, pre-baby. We played ping pong, we cuddled, we were sweet to each other, smiled more, laughed a ton, could actually carry on a conversation to each other without having to yell over a baby vying for attention, it felt like we were DATING! I had my club sodas and “Baby Monkeys,” (chocolate shakes with banana), and we napped on the beach, and dipped in the pool without having to be on baby lifeguard duty…It was just so awesome to have a chance to reconnect with hubby. I am still trying to carry that happy-wifey momma glow beyond the Mexican beaches. We can get caught up in the day to day and stressed out and forget each other. This trip was a fabulous reminder of how and why these little miracles are here in the first place, our love for each other.

Remy was in very capable and good hands with his mother. Thank goodness for Tetes! I think she made us feel so at ease when we did our daily check-ins, that I felt even more relaxed! We saw the shows in the theater on the resort, which were actually REALLY good, had crepes and sweets before dinner on more than one occasion, listened to a mariachi band the last night and visited Tulum and the Mayan ruins. It was a very special, and memorable trip.

By Monday though, we were both ready to come home and snatch up our Remy! I think I even teared up when she came up to me and hugged me. That was a new feeling I had never felt before. Also, a nervousness on the plane ride home like no other. Travel will never be the same, whether taking your little one, or leaving them.

We are so thankful we had the opportunity to travel one last time, possibly for another 14 months, or longer, and we are so thankful for the family support to help us make it happen, including aunties and cousins who kept Remy busy and happy and fed and well rested. This time, my feelings about baby moons are a little different, more appreciative and understanding and thankful for whomever invented them! This time I might add, choose a GOOD location too!

I am 35 weeks now, and in full nesting mode. Today I vacuumed the car, cleaned Remy’s car seat, installed the other car seat, and am getting ready to pack my hospital bag! 31 days to go according to my Glow Nurture App!

Did you ever take a baby moon or plan to? Off to polish off the rest of this tub of ice cream and rest my feet!


A few pics from our trip!

bm arrival
bm maz checkin
bm first day us
bm orange dress
bm orange 2
bm coconut tree
bm beach selfie
bm green drinks
bm ping pong
bm cats
bm hammock
bm maz snorkel
bm desserts
bm maz tulum
bm red skirt 1
bm tulum beach scene
bm tulum us
bm tulum white flowers
bm tulum scene
bm lace top better
bm purple flowers
bm last night
bm orange tree
bm band
bm maz hat
bm target dress
bm fish
bm pink flowers
bm tulum selfie

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