beast + bottle + bump

beast + bottle + bump

Last Saturday I went to brunch with a newly engaged girlfriend! Oh I remember those days…before when I was carefree and baby less…We had originally planned on trying out Populist in the Curtis Park neighborhood, but that didn’t pan out. We got there and not a light was on or a soul around…Very disappointing. Their website and voicemail made no mention of dropping brunch. So we decided to check out another on my list, beast + bottle over on 17th & Clarkson. This proved to be the better option anyway, we were more dressed for an “Uptown” kinnda morning, and we sat inside the restaurant against the back wall and drank cup after cup of really good coffee and had great conversation before our food came out. The interior vibe reminded me of Restoration Hardware with hardwood floors, and pigeon gray walls and they had really neat wall ornaments made of wood, iron and wine bottles.

Something funny is happening with my tolerance for fish during this pregnancy. I tried to make fish tacos last week using cod fish and I was so disgusted by the texture and smell, I didn’t eat. On this occasion, the eggs benedict with a salty, lox-like trout sounded delicious, and it was, up until the last couple of bites when my tummy did a flip and a flop that I thought I couldn’t stop and had to slug some water down immediately. The dish itself was really really good though! They also make the English muffins in house. I am not one for capers either, and this dish had those too, yeah, what’s wrong with me for ordering this, haha, but it was really tasty and not over powering. The Chubby Hubby waffles or french toast sounded amazing though…I may be back tot ry those with my hubby.

I asked my friend to snap a few bump pics, 27 weeks along here. This time around, not a lot is new, exciting or glamorous per say, but I am trying to make special moments for this baby girl too. One thing different, a budget for “maternity” pictures. Some may have never taken them, some may have wished they did, or some may think it a waste, I did a photo shoot the first time around and really enjoyed the experience and the memories- although my husband thinks it is a “waste” since I have only printed one or two. With the second, you’re already in the ringer with the cost of the baby and time goes so fast the second time around, you’re lucky if you remember to brush your teeth let alone plan a maternity photo shoot. So I thought I would do a couple of photos from friends or family or my trusty tripod and save a few bucks. They may not have amazing light or super detailed close ups or any of the fancy stuff, but capturing a feeling and a day and the size she was and how I looked and felt carrying her is what is most important.

I found my dress at Arc a couple of weeks ago. It’s actually a vintage Liz Claiborne, that still had department store tags. It’s a size 14, and looks like it fit perfectly, but before we even got our breakfast I literally burst out of the hook and eye closure right above my bump! So that’s why my hand is positioned the way it is in most shots- so you don’t get a glimpse of bare skin! Oops! Love the splashy print and light airy feel of this dress though! Mending the hook… The heels are Marni for H&M from a couple of years ago and my purse is Rebecca Minkoff. Shades are Stella McCartney. Oh, and I THOUGHT my hair looked great when I left the house, now, not so much….Time for a haircut? I am missing my lob (long bob) and bangs…

What’s your fave Denver brunch place? I keep a list of places running…


Photos by Tatiana Cullen
brunch wall
brunch sunnies

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