Chicago in the Summer

Chicago in the Summer

We took a family road trip to Illinois this summer and spent three days in Chicago!

Chi-town, oh…. chi-town!  I have not been to this beautiful city since my EARLY twenties!  My father grew up in and around the Chicago area and my grandmother lived on the North side, right on Sheridan road by the water, up until her passing a few years ago.  In fact, she had owned Gino’s North pizzeria right there on Granville off the L train near Loyola- GO!  We did make it back there for pizza one night and it was so exciting to revisit that historic bar, a GORGEOUS bar, built in the 1940’s but the same folks as the Green Mill Jazz club in the same area.  Both historic, sultry, swing-era bars with a dark moody feel, curvy bars and booths.

So the first evening of our trip, we got into our hotel in the early evening.  Traffic into Chicago was a nightmare!  Also, it happened to be the Taste of Chicago, right across from where we were staying on Michigan Avenue and Congress.  We dropped our belongings in the room, did a quick change of clothing and freshened up and headed out to the streets of Chicago for adventuring.  It seemed very packed much like the Taste of Colorado, and the cost of tickets and lengthy lines, steered us in another direction for dinner for the babies.  We had to get them fed fast so we ended up doing a quick turkey sandwich from Potbelly on Michigan Avenue for them.

After we got food in them, we popped across the street to Millennium Park to see the “Bean” statue, as it is more popularly known, or Cloudgate.  Hence, momma packed Remy’s “cloud” dress, (by BangBang Copenhagen) and Arlo’s cloud romper by Koolabah Kids). The girls were very curious of the statue and all the people focused around it, husband unfortunately has suffered from his first, and terrible case of vertigo which was sort of stimulated again from dehydration, driving, and the reflections in the statue.  Poor guy…

We walked downstairs shortly after and visited the Crown Fountains.  The girls had not napped that day, and with a long trek into downtown Chicago, they weren’t their splashy-selves like they typically are at water pads.  It was a long day for them.  The sun was setting so the lights on the installation were on and the full shadow-effect created gorgeous photos, framing summer in Chicago beautifully.  We decided to head back to the fountains another day when the girls were fresh, so I am glad we got to experience them on more than one occasion in our short stay because they really are opulent and provoking.  Sitting on the sidelines or even daring to get the feet wet and chase the girls around, it was an art piece set against the Chicago skyline that sparked inspiration in me, even as a spectator, aka, mom.

Here’s a few photos from our first night in Chicago!  P.S. tips for parents traveling to Chicago with toddlers, always, always have their swimming attire AND dry clothes on hand!  We stayed in a hotel blocks form the fountains, but I could see that being a very chilly walk/ride back. Thank GOODNESS we have our City Select Double Stroller still, not sure how we would have done Chicago without it.  The girls are super heavy now and they bicker every time about who is on top, BUT, it worked and they used it and it was a godsend.  See one here if you are in the market for a double stroller.  We got Shake Shack on the walk back and it was SO DANG GOOD!  That smoky grilled burger taste is still in me…and those fries!  Thank you Shake Shack for being on Michigan Ave., across from all the action!


Remy Wearing: Dress by BangBang Copenhagen, but this dress from the brand is ADORABLE for fall!  Arlos is wearing a cloud romper from Koolabah, but this Olympic Suit by them is awesome and perfect for our running around we plan to do together this fall when Remy starts pre-school part time.

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