Christmas Day

Christmas Day

Christmas takeaways this year:


  1. Don’t hide presents under the bed. Remy found her special gift under a guest room bed one day when I stepped out. I was NOT happy. We simply hid it somewhere else and played the whole, “We’ll have to see if you get it Christmas day…” game.
  2. When you order a toy off eBay and it comes from the UK, keep in mind that the voice overs if it has sounds just MAY, and did, have British accents! Arlo was obsessed with the Little Einstein’s cartoon, like requested episodes on repeat anytime we allowed media. SO we knew we had wanted to get her something from that show. Unfortunately the cartoon is ten years old and there are not any new toys on the market. Luckily there is a place called eBay! We found her Pat Pat Rocket with all the characters and thankfully she does LOVE it! “Come on evry’ buoday, let’s go on an adventhcaaa!”
  3. When and if you order something from Amazon, definitely OPEN it as soon as you get it! I listened to my husband on this one and did not which is very unlike me. The listening and the waiting. So when it was 12 am on Christmas Eve and Santa went to assemble an indoor playhouse, but opened up a striped tee pee with half a dozen wooden poles, let’s just say Santa cried.
  4. When you haven’t focused on the baking portion of the season, hopefully some day I will have at least two things I make every year around Christmastime, and you are running out of time and your three and a half year old is requesting gingerbread men, but Target and Walmart are both sold out of the Betty Crocker Gingerbread cookie mix bags and you can’t find molasses to make it from scratch, well…just drive yourself to a Starbucks and pick up a tray of delicious, soft Ugly Sweater Gingerbread Men! Feel free to take them home, add a couple bits of icing and sprinkles, sugar candy googly eyes and voila- cookies for Santa!

Our day was spent opening presents, and cutting and opening packages on the presents, cups of coffee from husband’s new Keurig, and mid-day waffles, and late day, long Christmas naps. We have been in full recovery and rest mode since the big day, thankfully husband has been off and sending me to nap or to pilates.


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