Colorado Railroad Museum

Colorado Railroad Museum

At the end of August, sorry it has taken me this long to share, I decided to brave I-70 and head west with the girls to Golden.  I had been wanting to visit the Colorado Railroad Museum for a while, so waking up to the slightest gray day and a hint at fall had me in the mood for some history.

Arlo and Remy both have shown an interest in trains, since Barnes & Noble cleverly places them conveniently in the children’s section, and I had found a Thomas the Train book at the thrift store and went on to check out a couple books from the library.  I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly before arriving at the museum, just thought it would be a step outside of our normal park routine and a chance to see a train up close.

It seemed that we had the place to ourselves when we arrived!  There was only a couple other small families and couples on the property so we were able to stroll and climb aboard the open cars for visitors without getting in anyone’s way, and we were able to have a sensory exploration and linger.  We brought our peanut butter sandwiches and Remy chose a prickly patch of weeds along a fence to eat them at, before she got too scratchy.  There were picnic benches which we found to be more comfy.

There was also a miniature train setup that was SO neat! It wasn’t running when we were there, it may be reserved for busy Saturdays, as is the visit from Thomas the Train himself apparently.  Seeing those HUGE engines, the classic, historic, Rio Grande up close and stepping on an old mail delivery cart was really something.  I recently had a little glass of wine and catch up with my neighbors who recently went to Durango and rode a wine train, which sounded utterly romantic and classic!  I HOPE to make that some day with husband!

My favorite part of the day was after lunch when we ventured around the back of the property and explored the trains.  Amongst the sunflowers and weeds, I was inspired to play pretend with my girls.  I called out to them that we had to run to the dining cart to make it for supper!  We pretended to run and try to catch our train, of course we weren’t running at any sort of speed, but it was fun dialogue and make believe time, just me and my girls, on an old train yard.


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