I took the girls to the Denver Art Museum on New Years’ Eve!

Wasn’t sure we would actually make it, but after our errand to Target to get a couple birthday presents for upcoming parties, and pit-stopping for a bagel, Arlo insisted, “Ar Moose-um…” with a little teethy lisp.  Remy whined she didn’t want to go home.  With it nearly 1 pm, I was a little nervous of how that would pan out because these girls both still nap pretty hard around the 1:30 mark.  BUT, when it’s New Years’ Eve and your man is busy working hard, we decided to venture downtown to one of momma’s favorite places, the Denver Art Museum.

Lines were long to see the costumes of Star Wars exhibit going on now.  I would LOVE to see this, but not that day.  Not on NYE with TWO tired toddlers!  Maybe that will be a good solo trip another time.  Kids under 18 are free at the Denver Art Museum now, and there was plenty of kid friendly nooks with coloring activities and engagement for them scattered about.  We weren’t necessarily scouting out the markers or blocks, but we discovered fun surprises like coloring sheets to make warrior native masks, or wooden blocks to pay designer along our natural path in the museum; I let them wander with Remy leading the way (how cute is she with her arms behind her back?!)

We stayed about an hour and then, like that feeling I have described before, I could feel it and sense it, we had to go!  Like Cinderella fleeing the ball and running down that famous flight of stairs, here I was on NYE afternoon, carrying Arlo in my arms and truing to coax a fussy and whiny Remy to come down behind.  Passerbys were giving us the poor-baby looks and I could sense the melt down approaching… Sure enough, Remy lost her exhausted marbles as we were walking to the car, which by the way was a t a nearby meter that we found right away, WITH money still on it- another one of my tell-tale signs a trip downtown was in the cards, a meter with money on it.  We had a minor hiccup getting her into her carseat, okay we had to literally pull over a few blocks away because in a fit Remy had managed to tear her arms out of the loops.  After safely pulling over to the side of the rode in an empty parking lot off Speer, I took her out and remained calm, held her in my arms, soothed her and placed her back into her carseat, assuring her that her “baby” was at home waiting for her.  They BOTH were asleep but the time I hit Cherry Creek North.

I loved getting to take them downtown on our last day of 2016!  We had blue skies, crisp air, and we peeked some art!  One memorable takeaway for them had to have been the Native American wing with the totem poles!  The capes on display were “scae-ey” (scary) according to Arlo, but they loved interacting with the iPad nearby with videos of the blanket  contributors to that very unique art piece, a stack of blankets gathered from the community.  Visiting an art museum with toddlers is more about experientual learning and sensory discovery, but it stretches my mind to grab quick bits of what we see and challenges me to store it to memory in a new way than had I gone alone.  It was almost like the girls themselves were part of the exhibits!  That unicorn horn on Arlo by Brooklyn Owl sort of magnified their attention that day!

Wishing all of you a beautiful year ahead!



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