Denver Day: Scoops and Scooters

Denver Day: Scoops and Scooters

The other day I had an itch to split from our norm and head downtown for ice cream and scootering.

I love Google Maps for this reason: You search a place and then zoom out to find a nearby park, but find a NEW ice cream joint you never knew about just blocks away from your intended destination.  We started making our way downtown on Colfax, one of my favorite places ever for inspiration, and we ran into yet ANOTHER ice cream place I have had on my must-visit list for a long time now.  We pulled a U-turn, totally legal where I was, and parked into Nuggs Ice Cream!  They didn’t open up until noon, what is with these ice cream shop hours, so we decided to scoot around our surrounding area for a bit.  I looked across the street and spotted Bellwether, a place I could get some REAL coffee, and another brick and mortar in Denver I have been curious about.

We scooted down the alley behind Bellwether and then scooted right inside where momma got a cup of coffee, their Queen City drip, at their gorgeous bar.  Our Barista was so friendly and great conversation.  The girls loved checking out one of the desks that was made from an old sewing cabinet, and they weren’t shy to chat people up.  I love seeing them engage in conversation, Remy is full of compliments, and she MEANS them, and I was especially proud when I saw them both extend a hand to shake with Ben the Barista upon learning his name before we left.

At Nuggs, momma had a scoop of Brother Finger, similar to Butterfinger in a peanut butter base, and an Oreo cookie type in a vanilla base.  Both were good, but I would probably try something else next time I go in.  Remy didn’t stray from her classic chocolate with sprinkles and Arlo went with her predictable vanilla with sprinkles.  Neither finished their scoop.  Before heading out we did a potty break and had a fun surprise when we flipped on the lights to a wall covered in sprinkles!  Always a party with three girls and one stool, we make a fun experience of checking out public potties and finding the flushers and discovering what type of hand washing basins/dryers there are.

I knew before heading downtown with the girls that I wanted to find an urban school with a smooth blacktop to scoot around on for a change up.  We typically do scooters outside our home, nearly nightly, but I thought it would be fun to do a scooter excursion and take them to a new environment.  One thing I try to do with my girls is expose them to as many environments and places I can.  I always try to add in how I know the place we are and I try to bring up small things in discussion as we explore.  It’s not so much of importance on what they remember from what I share, they aren’t quizzed on immaterial matter, but its more about having a conversation with them, exchanging in language and having a shared experience.  The memories are forming regardless.

We were disappointed to discover that an old school momma used to pass every night on the way home from her ballet days was sort of in a maintenance stage and those flat surfaces she thought would be so cool to cruise around on were actually grass fields and also behind locked gates.  Didn’t stop us!  We went back across the street and found an amazing little hump in the sidewalks that they zoomed up and over several times.  Arlo was starting to get tired and things were heating up.  After biting the dust a couple times, I thought it might be time to pull over and eat our packed lunch before heading home.  We sat on the stoop of the school and ate together.  They played on the bannister and hung on mum back.  We took silly selfies and then we found wishes in the grass.

It was a very good, HOT, summer day with my loves.


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