Easter Morning!

Easter Morning!

Easter this year was so much fun!  Playing Easter Bunny to these two gorgeous babies has been a highlight of my year so far!

If you follow along on Instagram, then you might have caught all the Easter preparation on my Insta Stories. So. Much. Fun!  We didn’t do anything particularly craftsy or Pinterest-worthy, just a few simple things that didn’t require much planning or cost really, but made the holiday of Easter memorable and special with my girls.  The night before Easter the girls and I made cupcakes and dyed Easter eggs together.  We already had a box of Betty Crocker mix for cupcakes in the pantry, so we just needed a can of Springtime Icing for a buck.  We found ourselves a dozen eggs for 50 cents and a Paas egg dying kit for $2.50 and our Easter Eve was magic…in my momma eyes anyway.  Husband thought it was a lot of fuss for nothing, but he also didn’t grow up celebrating this holiday.

I found the girls’ Easter jammies from Gymboree this year.  We actually spent last Thursday at Park Meadows Mall and it was completely empty in there!  We were able to pay Mr. Hopps a visit, what a GORGEOUS Easter set Park Meadows has by the way, and there wasn’t a line at all!  We did some household shopping at JC Penney where I scored on blackout curtains for the girls’ rooms in the clearance section, hello daylight at bedtime, and some new pillows and a blankie for our new living room setup.  I could not believe how well the girls behaved that day!  We had not used the stroller in a LONG time, but I decided to use it that particular day, and boy am I glad I still have it!  It enabled me to scoot around so much faster and control them from wandering when I needed to accomplish some real errands.  Oh, and at the end when they wanted to walk and I had three giant pillows and some shopping bags, it made for a great shopping cart too.  What will I do without a stroller?! Haha!  With both girls potty trained, all I really need to bring with me out anymore is extra panties, wipes, and water bottles, so that mall day went swimmingly.  It was an overall joyous Easter weekend.

I caught a BIG sale at Gymboree so their jammies were only $11 a pair!  There was a 20% off coupon to Gymboree sitting on the counter where you check out your Easter Bunny photos, so that did come in handy!  Marketing working guys!

So this Easter the bunny treated the girls to fresh Hello Kitty jellies from Target, and they each got a Trolls doll.  My girls, and myself included are REALLY into that movie.  The Trolls movies is SO GOOD, guys!  Catchy lyrics, fun colors, a cute story.  They received a couple chocolates in their basket but we opted for Squinkie-Dos in six plastic eggs hidden around the living room, and mostly basket stuffers that they would enjoy well past the holiday.  Bunny socks and cute sunnies from the Dollar Spot at Target, and Trolls Activity Packs from Dollar Tree, fun, easy, and affordable but brought so many smiles and great big happiness.  Oh, and Remy has pretty much claimed ALL of those Squinky-Dos!

After baskets we took a potty and milk break before heading out back for an egg hunt.  That pesky Easter Bunny left baskets and the hopped out our back door taking along our eggs!  We had to go find them!  The weather that morning was a bit crisp, but that bright sun shining made for Easter morning perfection.  They had so so much fun running around the back yard finding those dyed eggs we even had to hide them all over to do it again!  They were even more impressed with dying them!  Last year I had dyed some eggs for them and they sort of watched, but it wasn’t understood or appreciated, this year was different, they got it!  They were so impressed when we came back to the dye cups after bath and pulled out these colored eggs!  It was magic!   They were so excited for Easter morning this year!  We left some carrots and celery for the bunny, Arlo’s idea actually to leave him a snack!!  We hopped around the living room and they were tucked in before a very full and festive Easter.

I hosted my family for brunch this year and they were spoiled once again by my sister and mother and they played and had a busy morning with two of their cousins.  They both knocked out for a nap!  That late afternoon we headed to husband’s cousins’ house for another big egg hunt,a tradition now, and they got to play all evening with more cousins and friends.  It was a full, and very tiring Easter, but I would do it all over again, and plan to, for many more years to come.  I actually rather like the Easter Bunny and all his gimmicks, right down to that annoying basket hay and loose jelly beans!

Here’s to many more HOPPY Easters with my girls…  I have so very much to thank God for.  My girls, my home, my health, my family, but overall, my salvation.  For without this holiday, without Christ’s resurrection, I might truly be lost and alone.  In him I know I am saved and secure in all things to come.


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