Last Saturday I took the girls to Michael’s Craft Store near our house for a little gingerbread house decorating!

I caught a little snippet about it in those weekly ads you may get in your mail.  Sometimes I flip through and see if anything catches my eye, but most times I let them play coaster on the end of my kitchen counter collecting other mail and odds and ends on top until I get fed up with the clutter and toss them out.  But this time I caught it!

We were told on the phone that the class was from noon-2 pm, so we had thought we timed it right and it would have been great if it really did start at noon, instead, they told us it didn’t start until 1! ¬†So we walked around Michael’s instead for a bit before and found some shiny pink wrapping paper with snowflakes in it that Remy had to have. ¬†They LOVE to trap a roll and walk it around stores now and use it like a walking stick. ¬†Also, HOW is it that they are BOTH into Frozen now and they haven’t even seen the movie?! ¬†I found a Little Golden Book version of the story and we have read that, but I guess it is inevitable with ALL of the Frozen merchandise like EVERYWHERE we go! ¬†We have made a couple Target jaunts lately just to peruse the toy aisles to get ideas of what they are really interested in these days. ¬†And BOTH girls have got stuck on the Elsa & Anna sisters. ¬†SO what wrapping paper do we have?! ¬†Princesses and FROZEN! ¬†Love that they love it, but it just isn’t Christmas-y guys! ¬†What do you do?! ¬†These are the problems we have… to be so blessed.

Anyway, Remy and Arlo made friends with many shoppers last Saturday around the store including a very adorable girl and her momma shopping for bulbs for their tree, and another lady shopping for photo frame ornaments for gifts for her co-workers.  Very chatty these two!  We finally made it back to the craft room and grabbed a table after we bought our own house kit right there.  We used the prefab model- hahah- it is already built, alls e had to do was put the icing into the decorating bags and go!

Remy grabbed that icing bag like a true French pastry chef!  I was truly impressed!  She managed to string that RED icing on the roof and not one drop got on her or the table!  She was so determined and focused!  So cute!  Arlo was in heaven grabbing it and placing the tip straight into her mouth.  YUM!  She also ate the candy cane that came in the kit.  I managed to grab two little canes to make the frame of a door before they ate them!  The class could have been a lot more festive by maybe playing some holiday tunes, or providing extra candies or sprinkles or decorations for the houses, but there was nothing.  The instructor was very nice and showed us how to set up the icing bags, and they did provide a nice big, clean working space, but I probably should have brought it home for us to do at home.  We pretty much did what you see above.  Definitely needs more decorating, but apparently the city takes FOREVER to okay permits!  haha!

I have a bag of icing and sparkly sprinkles and I want to get some candies from the Dollar Tree to finish her up, but until then… there she sits on the kitchen counter of mine, on top of this week’s adverts.

I remember decorating a gingerbread house growing up, and one year specifically, it got eaten by our dog!  I think that was the end of gingerbread houses.  What about you?!  Plan to do one?  Also sticking out in my mind right now is a scene from the Christmas Vacation movie when the grandparents are decorating one with the tube running in the background and then they go and close the attic door!  I LOVE that movie!  Oh, and IF we ever get around to finishing this thing, there was a woman in the store, chatted up by girls and so very sweet and patient in that ribbon aisle, and she recommended shredded wheat for the roof and melting hard candies for an ice pond!  Impressive!

It also looks like Michael’s is hosting several other crafts this season, call your local store for availability or check their site. ¬†The instructor at our class mentioned a kids class from 10 am- noon happening this Saturday, December 10th, a clay pot elf, and it’s just $2 per kiddo! ¬†Sounds cute! ¬†We may try it again!


Wearing: Remy is wearing a KukuKids sweatshirt, but eyeing this pink sweatshirt with pom pom collar at Target for $12! ¬†OR this punctuation sweatshirt by Nununu is pretty quirky which I love. ¬†She’s also wearing a thrifted/vintage Honors brand denim jumper – her choose that day! This Stella McCartney Kids denim dress with patches is so fun and on sale! ¬†Arlo is wearing a KukuKids brand dress (similar here or here).

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