Happy Halloween from Boonionstation!

Happy Halloween from Boonionstation!

Happy Halloween!

Last Thursday night we ventured downtown to Denver Union Station’s annual Halloween party, Boonionstation!  After naps, we had our milk and dressed up and took the most beautiful path downtown along Monaco and 17th Streets in Denver.  The trees with all that yellow and juxtaposed with big, dark branches arching overhead with the afternoon sunshine hitting on it just right- such a pretty drive into the city!

We went to Denver Union Station’s Boonionstation last year with Arlo as a baby bumble bee and Remy as a koala bear and it was much less crowded, see the post here.  This year, husband came along with us so it made it slightly easier to keep tabs on the girls, but with so much going on in and outside of Union Station, it was very overwhelming for the girls as well as myself!  We trick or treated at three of the shops inside and then ended up grabbing ice cream at Milkbox Creamery, which serves up Little Man ice cream, one of our favorites.  Husband tried the Trick-or-Treat flavor, 16th Street chocolate for Remy and Apple Pie for Arlo.  Momma ended up finishing the girls’ and not getting even a lick of the Trick-or-Treat flavor!  Need to head to Little Man before the fall flavors are gone!

I found these incredible Cabbage Patch Costumes, still in the boxes from the 80’s!  I know, I know!  They are a little “creepy” as a lot of you said on my Instagram account, but come on, totally AWESOME too!  I pieced together an 80’s look to dress as a young girl who might play with her Cabbage Patch dollies, and I dressed Remy and Arlo up as the dolls.  Arlo surprisingly, honestly, LOVED the mask and dressing up!  We tried them on the other day and Arlo marched down the street giddy and smiling and gladly put it on again for the party.  Remy, not so much!  I do admit, they have an odor to them and masks can be a little awkward for littles.  Maybe there is a sweet spot, like Arlo’s age, but too young or slightly more aware and it’s a no-go.  I saw other mommas struggling for their kiddos to put their hats, masks or accessories on too.  Made it tricky for us, or me, who wanted to do a “group” costume thing and be int he parade at Union Station when the masks make the whole costume, and the kids don’t want to wear them!  Note to mommas during Halloween- no masks, and lower the expectations.  Also, Remy REALLY loved the Belle costumes out there and ALL the princesses… Basically I am a bad mom who forced her tower a vintage, smelly, rubbery costume.

BUT- we also have very cool, comfy donut costumes for the big trick-or-treating going down tonight, and we were able to wear those a couple of times last week.  Husband thinks all these Halloween parties and events are silly, and thinks it should just be the trick-or-treating the night of Halloween.  What do you think?!  I SORT of agree, BUT I also see the fun in really soaking in the holiday and fall festivities.  I hate to overdo it and definitely don’t want to push it so they wouldn’t want to dress up on the actual Halloween night, but I also like to get use of their costumes and have fun dressing them up too!  I think there is a good balance or mix in there where you can pick and choose a couple special things.  I also wanted to make sure we got outside this month with this INSANELY good weather, and these LEAVES!  So mixing in a little nature, some leave raking, some pumpkin patches, along with the costumes is where we are at now.

Here’s a few photos from last week’s Boonionstation party.


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