Clear Creek Valley Park and Pre-K

Clear Creek Valley Park and Pre-K

We are starting Pre-K next week, guys!

I see a lot of sad, tearful emojis out there accompanying their first-day-of-school-pics of kiddos, and I have to admit last Friday at orientation when the children were dismissed to go with their teachers, I did well up a little, but I am MORE excited to see what happens next then sorrowful of where we started out together.

Sometimes you hear, “I can’t believe she is old enough for SCHOOL!” ¬†We are! ¬†We are here, at this stage, this pre-kinder phase together at I am proud and excited and anxious and HAPPY for her! ¬†I am as much nervous about what we will uncover as she grows and develops, as I am thrilled about the unknown. ¬†I feel that Remy will thrive in a structured environment, even though it will only be a few mornings a week. ¬†She is social, and outgoing, bold, inclusive, sensitive, curious but also confident in what she knows and happy to share it with you. ¬†She loves telling jokes and witnessing ¬†the processing that goes into her set-up, “Why did the jellybean lose his bounce?” and delivering her punch line, is enough to make me beam. ¬†I am excited to share her shininess, her genuine kind, tender spirit with others. ¬†Just don’t trample on it!

So, after getting our dentist visit, and four-year checkup out of the way, we had some free time to get a few playdates in a couple weeks ago.  We missed our friends Julie and Isla so much!  We decided to venture their way, to Northwest Denver.  You may remember these loves from our playdate way back when Arlo and Isla were just a couple of chubby balls of clay! Read about our playdate from 2015 here!  Seems ancient!  I suggested a coffee shop and a park.  We decided on visiting Allegro Coffee Roasters on Tennyson Street and then hopped in the car to head further up Tennyson a few minutes, to Clear Creek Valley Park.  Julie had heard about it through the grapevine and we thought it sounded like something we should check out since we were in the neighborhood.

We didn’t last long at the coffee shop, which is GORGEOUS by the way. ¬†We both got iced coffees, but Allegro, a local Denver roaster has a long history in this town! ¬†If you have ever been to The Market on Larimer Square, one of my all-time favorite spots with my own special memories attached to it, then you too have had Allegro Coffee! ¬†Their beans are sold in bulk there as well as brewed up! ¬†Unfortunately with toddlers hand, rather than our Macs, we had had just enough time with these three squirrels to share a REALLY good almond croissant at a huge round conference style table before we thought it best to be on our way to a place they could be themselves, kids. ¬†The girls were taking complete advantage of all that wide open real estates in there to play a game of chase around the headphoned-cyber-workers dotted around the shop.

Clear Creek Valley park is set in the middle of a very industrial area, but yet, just close enough to the neighborhood. ¬†The parks department really did their research on this one! ¬†It was fantastic! ¬†They even had a water pumping station, similar to that of gold mines. I loved how their signage suggested the ages for the equipment. ¬†The water feature was geared towards slightly older children. ¬†Our girls were overjoyed with the swings and the TALL twisty tube slide, complete with a skylight midway down! ¬†There is a rock climbing feature and a rope bridge into a high tree house before you get to the slide, and the girls spent the majority of our time right there. ¬†AND, the zipline! ¬†There is a great, low hanging zip that even Arlo and Isla were happy to get on and swing across, with mama’s supervision of course! ¬†Ironically, a couple days later we had a birthday party at an indoor-zipline place and my girls had just practiced on the one at Clear Creek Valley park so they literally jumped right on and by their second turn they were on the highest platforms. Apparently they are not afraid of heights.

It was such a great day with these girls! ¬†My favorite takeaways were seeing the PURE JOY on Remy’s face with this zip line! ¬†Also, talking mama tribes, or lack there of, in between dashing to a tree and holding a nakey baby in the air for an emergency pee. ¬†I love how I met Julie, and where we are today as friends, and wish to spend more time with this creative, ambitious, wander-lust-laiden gal. ¬†She is authentic, natural, relaxed, funny and honest. ¬†Oh, and she’s seen Ghandi. ¬†Love you and your sweet as pie Isla!


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