Palatine, Illinois: Twin Lakes Recreation Area

Palatine, Illinois: Twin Lakes Recreation Area

We’re home safe and sound!

I tell you, traveling post-childbirth is SO. Much. Different!  A trip to Chicago would look totally different without babies, perhaps we would have been able to visit a couple restaurants, bars, comedy clubs…instead we found ourselves sleeping separate, each of us with a little one, and lights out pretty much right along with them.  This trip was incredible, truly so so memorable, and I want to thank husband for bringing us along to his soccer tournament and making a family trip out of this.  I think it is so sweet of him to include us, even knowing how much work it would require.  I feel like it is so very important for him to provide summer vacations for us, which is by no means a requirement or necessary, nor demanded, but definitely, absolutely appreciated.  Thank you for rushing around getting us food and water, and finding babies and getting water bottles and all that you did to assist in this operation we called a “vacation.”

We drove from Colorado to Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and guys, we left at 8 pm Wednesday and got in around 5 pm Thursday!  The girls were actually impressive, AMAZING, little roadtrippers, however they woke with the sunrise around 4 am on Thursday and Miss Arlo would not nap, so when we stopped around 2 pm at a rest stop somewhere in sticky Iowa, she went bonified bonkers.  It was intense and tested me, but thankfully husband was there to calm me and assure me and take over when I just was out of patience.

We finally made it to Buffalo Grove, Illinois and it is always so much fun and filled with excitement, one of my favorite parts of traveling with littles, to see the “hoe-towel” as they pronounce it, and open the door to the room for the first time.  They bounce on the beds and squeal at all the new pictures hanging on the walls and roam around, checking things out.  They are such fun, beautiful, SMART little girls.  Stubborn as hell and demanding, but sweet and happy and inquisitive.

Husband had a soccer tournament of his own to play at a club called Schwaben AC.  We decided to lay low, order chinese food and check out the hotel pool this particular evening.  The next day was a fun morning of watching Baba play and we made it to a great splash pad there in Buffalo Grove.  We also did a little shopping at the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, IL.  I am a total sucker for ZARA.

On the last morning after Baba’s last game we visited the Buffalo Grove Farmer’s Market and had great FREE fun with face painting and balloon animals by the Krazy Klown Klub ladies!  Thank you!  We had some coffee and strolled a bit then checked out of the hotel.  Before leaving Buffalo Grove, we stopped at this delicious bagel place called Original Bagel & Bialy for traditional bagels with cream cheese and lox.

The night before leaving Buffalo Grove however, we visited a town next door called Palatine, and we stopped at the Twin Lakes Recreation area where we rented paddle boats, grabbed a smoothie and visited the playground at sunset.  I have to say, baba was EXTREMELY nervous, I was a little more relaxed, I think, but still hesitant because there were no seat belts or straps for the girls!  There were life vests, but there was not an area for them to sit next to us up front!  They had to sit alone in the back of the boat- just an FYI for those of you with littles.  Ours are CURIOUS and active, and NEVER sit still so it made it difficult honestly to enjoy too much or relax.  Husband wasn’t actually in the best mood because he had played three soccer games that morning.  Things you don’t consider before getting aloe cited about paddle boats and then finding yourself in the middle of a lake with stiff pedals and antsy tots.  The best memories made were feeding the ducks gold fish, and it really was peaceful out there, even with the humming of highway traffic nearby.

Here’s a few photos from our evening in Palatine, Illinois!


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