Playdate at Stanley Marketplace

Playdate at Stanley Marketplace

You guys, have you been to Stanley Marketplace in Aurora yet?!  It’s HUGE…(Insert Jimmy Fallon’s Trump impression!)

We have been a few times and every time we go, there are more exciting things opening up!  Here’s another trip to Stanley Marketplace back at the early part of this year with the girls.  Inside this converted air force hangar, you will find top Denver eateries, unique boutiques, an open play gym for kiddos, prenatal yoga, a dentist and more!  We happen to love going for Sweet Cow ice cream!

We met up with a couple of Remy’s buddies a couple weeks ago for ice cream, and we lucked out on springy weather and the garage doors were opened up to the outside space.  My girls are classics, Remy goes for chocolate, and never finishes the baby scoop, and Arlo is always strawberry and almost always finishes all of hers without hesitation.

We also love Miette et Chocolat!  Actually, Arlo and Remy like the chocolates, I have yet to try!  Remy gets the “red one,” raspberry and Arlo like the “green one,” pear.  Miette et Chocolat, a gourmet chocolatier, has these giant windows for viewing the magic.  When we went they had HUGE, haha, chocolate Easter bunnies! Across from there is a cool shoe shop called Goose & the Goat where I snagged up the very last size/pair of these adorable See Kai Run sneakers for Arlo!  I swear, we have weird luck with that brand!  Remy had an adorable pair of their sandals that had pineapples on them a couple of years ago and when we took a road trip to California, somehow they were lost on a beach walk!  Then I had this AWESOME pair of high tops, and Arlo was almost growing out of them, but once again, on our road trip to Grand Junction to watch husband coach a soccer game, we somehow lost one on the soccer field!  So, here’s hoping these ADORABLE See Kai Run sneakers stay as a pair and in our possession!

I had tried to take Remy yo a toddler and momma yoga class about a month ago at Belly Bliss and we got up early, dressed in our stretchy clothes, and I got her very excited because she had been talking about doing yoga.  She even pulled out my mats one morning and asked to do yoga!  Well it was very disappointing to say the least when we arrived and waited, and waited, and waited and nobody ever showed up.  Apparently they did not have an instructor for that class.  I feel a small businesses advertising and schedules should be unilateral across the web AND what they have posted in the window, where we saw the class. That was super frustrating.  I think we’ll try it again sometime.

I am excited to go for donuts at Glazed & Confused though!  I also want to try a brunch, maybe with a girlfriend at Annette.  There were also a couple clothing boutiques in there I want to take more time in, when I am by myself.  There was a children’s boutique opening soon too that I can’t wait to check out!

Here’s a few photos from our playdate there a couple weeks ago!


Wearing:  The girls are wearing dresses by Wakamono and leggings from Target last year, but these ice cream scoop printed leggings by Molo are adorable.   Both wearing these kitty ballet flats from Gap.

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