Remy Turns Three!!!

Remy Turns Three!!!

Last week my Remy turned three!  We celebrated with a party in the back yard complete with a bouncy castle, Remy’s absolute FAVORITE thing ever, and we also hired a face painter using Thumbtack service to find her and she was fantastic!  The kids were all soooo patient and adorable and STILL, surprisingly!  Remy got a unicorn with purple hair, pointing to the face painter’s lilac tresses, “Like yours!”  Arlo got a pretty starburst to match her dress.

We have sort of a “Canned” kiddie party and we’re unapologetic about it!  It works!  Classic Americana and so not Pinterest- worthy, but we all had fun and these are the sorts of things I remember from my birthday parties growing up.  Who the heck has time for hand painted table cloths and homemade pinatas?!  We do Little Ceasar’s pizzas, watermelon, I made pasta salad and ambrosia salad the night before, and we got a Costco cake, which Remy picked out earlier in the week.  Chocolate with chocolate frosting and purple and pink balloons!  She had also requested a “Shimmer & Shine” party, I saw a commercial on the TV about some show so she must have gotten the idea from that, so I found star garland and silver tinsel garland, most definitely Christmas decor, at the thrift store and strung that about the yard.  She wore this vintage pink ballet tutu that someone recently gave to us, found in a basement, and I put Arlo in a coordinating pink and silver star dress from Target from a while back.

I was thankful my sister snapped a few photos of the four of us!  We are soooo GRATEFUL to all of the family and friends who came and sang “Happy Birthday,” to our little Remy babe and all of you for stopping by on such a beautiful, sunny, Sunday afternoon to share your smiles and best wishes with her.  We are so VERY blessed, and Remy is a lucky girl.

Remy, you are social and friendly as can be!  The other day we were hanging out with the neighbors and they were headed inside for dinner.  You said, “Wait, Reona!  I’m a hugger!”  You ran over to make sure she had a nice, tight squeeze.  You resist going to bed at night and know just how to manipulate us to the point we want to pull our hair out, but then without fail you’ll say something that makes us cave like, “You wanna snuggle me for two minutes?  Just two minutes…” And of course we come running!  You are most definitely the boss.

Speaking of boss, you are showing signs of being a leader.  Whenever you are at a playground or park, you easily make friends, grab a hand and lead the way, “Come on!”  In just three short years, you have sprouted into a super strong willed, inquisitive and intelligent little lady.  Your sense of awareness and how you put things together makes you seem wise beyond age three, that sometimes momma and baba forget how little you really are.

Lately you have been asking to paint on the back patio, and requesting to be a ballerina and go to the pool!  While we are still debating pre-school, you are so ready to meet more little friends and hungry to learn more, we can tell.  While momma dreams of a slight break from your BIG personality and challenging, stubborn ways, I would be missing you and a wee bit jealous of your new company while you were away.

Stay happy, stay independent, stay curious and BE GOOD!  Here’s to another fabulous year learning and growing together my love!

Love, Momma

P.S. In Arloland..Arlo started saying, “I wuuuuv you!”  It’s pretty much THE sweetest thing ever!

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