Santa's Workshop! (two)

Santa’s Workshop! (two)

Still getting an early start on the holiday spirit over here, especially since a light storm is FINALLY coming to Denver!  Wet snow that will probably melt by Saturday, but I’ll take it!  It’s been high 70’s here in Denver and we NEED that moisture!

Here are some more photos from our time up at Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole last Sunday.  (See the first post here.)  Along with that old, beautiful, vintage Herschell-Spillman Carousel, another surprise and absolute wonder was the OLD Military Band Organ they hand encased and playing Christmas music.  The girls stopped and danced for a bit before trekking up the hill to Santa’s house.  In the souvenir house, up by Santa’s House, you can also mail your letter to Santa!  I had asked Remy if she wanted to write a letter before our visit but she wasn’t interested in that just yet, but for those of you with slightly older kiddos, don’t forget your letters to Santa!

I WISH they would serve hot cocoa while waiting or something- wouldn’t that just add to it all?!  They do have a place nearby Santa’s House that has ice cream and I did see a hot cocoa sign, but at these sorts of places, I hate to spend so much on treats that go to waste because we were all full from lunch.  They are still a little young for cocoa unless I get it to the right temp for the,, so we glossed over that this time!

Thank you to Mrs. Claus for snapping our family pic outside Santa’s House!  She was pretty good with my bulky camera, I have to say, but they are magic, so… Oh, and I forgot to mention in the last post that Santa’s reindeer are on the premises!  You can feed them too!  We scraped up a few snips off the ground and fed them, but you can pay to get some food.  Seems like they are well fed up there.  We especially loved the white one.  You can see Remy below pointing in amazement at it!

Next time we need to get on the Ferris Wheel too!  Remy REALLY wanted to, but we stopped and did a couple little rides for Arlo, and it was getting late so we decided to stop and go visit Santa before leaving.  Next time, next time!


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