South Broadway Babes

South Broadway Babes

Yesterday I was inspired to get out there and go somewhere different.  South Broadway was calling me!

South Broadway is a little gritty, a little more Lower East Side-ish…a little more “hipster,” and a LOT of creative! When I met husband, I had a tiny studio off Sherman and 1st Ave.  Ahhh…memories!  I had an inflatable mattress, I had just moved back from San Francisco, but I had dishes!  I used to cook and we would sit on my air mattress, thanks Alex!, and watch Jay Leno.

I had actually attended high school just blocks away, ironically.

The neighborhood has changed over the years, but some spots are still there!  Buffalo Exchange, Sweet Action Ice Cream, Fancy Tiger Crafts!  (They just celebrated 10 years!)  I had always walked or driven past Mutiny Now Book Store, and remembered it, so this time I made it a point to go inside.  I was hoping they had children’s books, and was sorely disappointed!  They literally had maybe three books, and they were priced at $2 and $4, and were in very poor condition.  I do better buying used books at the Arc. BUT, the girls did find a CHESS TABLE in the back!  Remy asked what those “pieces” were, so i explained the game in the most fundamental way I could think of, and I think that explanation might have been inaccurate.  I am not a chess head.  Anyone out there know how to explain it to a three year old?!  They had fun looking at it and were extremely gentle and eventually wandered off to the books.  Remy found a step stool and was grabbing for Scrabble pieces and Arlo was finding books on a bottom shelf.

This brings me to this: I like to have a LONG LEASH when I am out with the girls.  Enough space for them to wander and explore, see where their senses take them and let them be pulled in any manner.  Usually it fares well for us.  I notice I am more relaxed in MY parenting when I am with them alone and allow them to do this as I step back and observe, and trail behind picking up.  They have fun in random places, doing normal things, because i like to LET them every now and again.  No schedule, no “activity” per say, just us truly exploring and wandering.  I LOVE THESE DAYS BEST!

Had there been children’s books, we might have lingered longer here.  My initial thought for for our South Broadway excursion was ice cream at Sweet Action!  Sadly, they closed at 11 am!  boo!  Who eats ice cream THAT early.  I feel like very time I am in this hood and aim to get some Sweet Action, they are closed!  So we went along down the street and we sauntered into Nooch Vegan Market.  Another place I had driven past and never been in until now.  Arlo grabbed for a yam and Remy was digging in the bean bin when, I was making my way to the freezer, where, low and behold, there were a few pints of Sweet Action AND some ice cream sandwiches!  We got the peanut butter cookie with chocolate ice cream sandwich and headed out to the sidewalk to make a mess of it.  Arlo didn’t want to share and was half fir throwing that she couldn’t have the ENTIRE thing herself, but we all took bites and I was very impressed with Remy’s sharing this day.  Remy actually didn’t eat much of it.

When we first got to Broadway, Remy announced she wanted a craft.  This was spontaneous but brilliant because there was Fancy Tiger right across the street!  After our ice cream episode, I grabbed an iced coffee from Metropolis Coffee and we headed into Fancy Tiger Crafts!  I had never actually been in their larger location.  I only knew their older, original store, across the street.  They are a full-blown Pinterest-petri dish of creativity and crafting mecca now!  A HUGE retail space, with everything from wool, to fabric, to yarn, to buttons.  In the back, a large group gathering space and I didn’t even see what they had in the back!  AND this happened.  When we walked in I heard a voice say, “Juliana?”  I looked up and said, “Glorianna…” and realized it was a classmate from high school!  She is now a master crafter extraordinaire at Fancy Tiger and a new momma!

We chatted while my girls ran around finding tiny felt balls in baskets and giant balls of woolen yarn.  Tiffani was so sweet and gentle and a complete natural care taker.  She took them by the hand to the back area where there were some toys to occupy them for a bit while I could attempt to look around.  Remy picked out a whale felt animal to make.  I like that little radish guy, but Remy insisted on the “shark.”  So we have THAT to figure out, but Tiffani assures me it is “easy.”  Then I did something crazy, I signed up for a class!  It’s beginning Macrame guys!  You know those awesome wall hangings you see all over Instagram and Pinterest?!  Well, they had one slot left in the class this Saturday, and by golly I’m doing it!  I am very excited to challenge myself in a new way, and act on spontaneity, also GRATEFUL for husband who is handling the girls incredibly in big in cements of time so I can get to do these sorts of things.

Here are some photos from our South Broadway adventure!



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