Light Rail + Two Fisted Mario's Pizza

Light Rail + Two Fisted Mario’s Pizza

Last Friday, RTD opened the brand new A Train line from University of Colorado to Denver International Airport!  FINALLY!  With much anticipation you can FINALLY get from the airport here to downtown, and for just $9 a ride!  It’s really cool to see the growth and changes in this city as a native.  The stain glass artwork at the stops along 40th were really something cool because it turns out an old acquaintance, Sandra Fettingis designed them ALL!!!  Go Sandra!  They had a ceremony and free train rides on Friday and on Saturday, that was the real treat, they had parties and celebrations for the whole family all along the stops.  Husband was tied up with soccer coaching, and I already had a sitter lined up (thanks mom and sis), so i could do a solo activity.  I had wanted to take the girls on the A Train Friday, but after thinking about it a little longer, and talking about it with husband we decided against testing out the line because we thought the trip out to DIA might be a little long for these little ladies.  I STILL am crazy and may attempt it one of these days, or who knows, maybe if we take a family vac a that requires a plane in there somewhere, maybe we’ll hop aboard then.

I had accidentally got Remy pumped about the train by mentioning it, never MENTION anything unless you are for sure, SURE, can, CAN do it, so Baba had a great idea to take it downtown as a family at night.  Rather than cooking, we decided to give a snack and all have pizza together at one of momma’s old places, Two Fisted Mario’s!  I used to go here after house, after dancing and having a cocktail or two when i was in my twenties!  SO happy to know it’s still around with all the growth and changes here in Denver.

The girls had so much fun on the train; they always do.  Until we noticed some ants on Arlo!  The one time I tried to be clean and orderly, we get an ant infestation!  I had took the stroller earlier that day and completely cleaned and drenched it in soap and water during their naps and left it in the grass to dry.  Apparently on an ant hill… Yikes!  That was gross… but luckily they’re all gone now after a long trek downtown and lots of shaking and picking…

The train ride itself was FUN for the girls, here’s another trip we took on Light Rail to Union Station, and another we took to the Parade of Lights in December, and seeing downtown at dusk was a highlight for me.  Always wanting to shoot buildings and practice and stretch my photographic eye, it was gorgeous lighting.  HOWEVER, it did conjure up an argument later that night between husband and I.  Some exchanges about how he wanted to spend time with his wife and not through a lens… EEK!  hard to hear, and accept.  I heard it as him limiting me and stifling my creativity, he sees it as wanting to be with a person and not have to stop a conversation every time I snap a photo and he finds himself strolling ahead.  Where is the balance?  Do we find a happy medium?  I am scared to take the camera out again, so is he.  He swears I can bring it along, but limit it from say 100 shots, to maybe 25.  Can we quantify creativity.  What if that 26th shot was THE shot?!  I get upset thinking about it… again… and he reads these posts, and he’ll probably swear again to me that it is ‘t a problem… until it is.  Anyway, proof I am married to a real man and not one of those “Blogger boyfriends” or husbands who LOVE pictures as much as their blogger wife.  Not so over here.

I will say, he is the one who bought me a new camera for Christmas, and he has fully encouraged me to snap away… just not so much around him.  Any ideas or thoughts out there?

On Saturday I photographed to my heart’s content at Doors Open Denver.  This is a yearly event put on by the Denver Architectural Foundation.  I always seem to miss it, or see it as it is happening and never plan to attend, but this year I was thoughtful and proactive and researched ahead of time on the sites and which ones I wanted to see.  Basically the doors literally are opened up to the public to see on many historic sites around Denver, from churches to schools, non profits and commercial spaces, even a cemetery.  This is a treat for history and architecture buffs, students, or Denver enthusiasts in general.  I visited the old Airedale Building and the old Epworth Building.  I spent waaaaay too much time in Hostel Fish, upstairs in the Airedale Building, and got a pleasant surprise inside the old Epworth Building where Little White Dress has moved into newly remodeled digs.  If you ever get a chance, you should definitely take some time to scope out some of Denver’s old architecture, before its gone!  I had a list of three other buildings I and wanted to see including the Denver Women’s Press Club and the McCallister Cottage of Denver which houses a museum of miniatures and dolls currently.  There just isn’t enough time!  I enjoyed the time I DID have to myself anyway, even getting a WAY over priced iced coffee from Crema in between building spots.

Last weekend there was a ton going on around town and looks like this upcoming weekend is another busy one around town.  What do you have on the agenda?!  Spring social calendars here we go!


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