Tuesdays with Music: Songs for Seeds Denver

Tuesdays with Music: Songs for Seeds Denver

We are halfway through our spring session at Songs for Seeds and the girls are LOVING it!  I say, “Tomorrow is,” (then in a singsongy voice, “Songgggss….for Seeeeeddddsss…..” And they cheer!

The class is FULL of music, this is true.  GREAT cover songs of tunes mommies bee-bop along too while the kids go crazy running around with a bubble machine, but it’s more than that.  For my girls, now age THREE (as of a couple days ago!!) and 20 months, it is also a self awareness journey.  The class enables me to sit back as a momma and watch them be entertained, play, explore, in a SAFE environment, AND with others.  There’s an occasional bumping into another, a possible squabble over the “instrument of the week,” hesitancy and shyness to sing at the mic after class, or bursts of excitement and grasping of hands with others when they feel so inclined.  It’s a chance to expose them to interacting with others.

Some days it can be challenging to get them to the car, as it is in a toy store.  Eeek!  We stop and take a look at the Calico Critters- she always wants another family of animals to join her friends at home, and she just discovered the marble table.  The Songs for Seeds class is definitely designed with both mommie and child in mind, location friction aside.  During the one hour class, there are hellos and introductions, scarves, and cleanup, shakers, and cleanup, and they also go through creating a picture using shapes.  All the kids get a magnetic shape and Kyle, that silly guy there below and narrator of the class, creates a picture on the large board and all of the kids participate by handing him their shape to help create the final masterpiece.   Kyle is So. Good.  David on the keyboard and Alana on the drums are fantastic and sweet and this trio really knows how to block out the chaos that sometimes ensues with a room full of toddlers and babies, and they continue- “On with the show!”  My favorite part they do is the number of the day and their little bit about how number 1 goes with 0 to make ten because, “Their friends, one, two, three!”  Love it!

The girls have learned a routine with the class and made relationships with the instructors in ways you don’t realize until one is missing!  David was on tour and we had a replacement a couple weeks back.  The following week David was back.  That night I asked Remy about how she liked music class that day and she said, “It was great!  I’m glad David’s back.” Ha! Ha!  When Remy BRIEFLY tried pre-school last fall, at the parent teacher conferences, one teacher mentioned how Remy always knew everyone’s name and could tell her who was missing that day.  Remy is highly social.  If I had one itsy bitsy piece of feedback, it would be to have a little quiet or points of transition in between music or something before and after to have the kids engage more with another.  Learn who their classmates are and get to socialize with them a little.  In class there isn’t really opportunities because it’s literally packed with fun.  I could make more of an effort but after class it seems everyone, including us is rushing off for lunch and naps.  I think it might be different at an earlier time slot.

I love seeing my girls’ personalities change and develop throughout the Songs for Seeds session.  Arlo now rushes up to the mic to “sing” after class.  While other kiddos sing Twinkle Twinkle, Arlo managed to whisper and barely make out an audible, “staaaa…”  and then clasps her hands and laughs at herself!  She wanted to go twice this last class!  Remy on the other hand is more cautious and still hasn’t braved the mic.  I wonder if she will by the end of the session.  If not, I am fine with that too.  I never force or push her to sing, she knows it’s there and she knows what to do if she wants to.  She seems very interested in sitting at the keyboard after class, but needs to work on sharing the bench with mates.  Perhaps her own keyboard in the future that she can explore all she wants.

Here’s a few pics from our class this week!  If you want to check it out for yourself, your first class is free, just e-mail Shannon (who is incredible by the way) at shannon@songsforseeds.com.  The class is geared for babies up to age 6, and it is a FANTASTIC option for those with more than one kiddo.

Have a great weekend everyone!  We have a weekend full of birthday parties ahead of us!


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