Oh, Hey New Blog!

Oh, Hey New Blog!

Welcome to Haleeb & Honey!

What the heck is haleeb, you ask?  Well, haleeb is Arabic for milk.  That’s right, milk, as in, does a body good.  So too will this blog!

For those of my readers who have been reading my posts since August of 2009 over at Fashion Folio, you know that a lot has changed in my personal life since then.  I got married, bought a house and had a baby!  It’s inevitable that my interests and adventures have adjusted since my single girl days.  I am still so very fond of fashion and style, but the daily style diary and outfit of the day thing is just not me and I can’t force it.  What I am more passionate about these days is being the best wife and mother I can be.  Second to that, as a Colorado native, I am so proud and excited that I get to call this gorgeous place home, and I love to play tour guide and share all of my favorite places and discoveries around town that I feel make this place so special.

Now, this does not mean that my sense of style and love of fashion go out the window, just the opposite!  If anything, I am more conscious of what suits my body, more concerned with filling my closet with quality over quantity, and thriving on the challenge of getting dressed on a budget than I ever was before.  AND, a really fun new hobby is styling my baby girl!

I have been mulling over ideas and a direction to take with a new blog for quite some time, wanting to continue to write and share.  I have really struggled with what exactly my focus is.  Probably shouldn’t broadcast that.  When people ask me, “What’s it going to be about,” what comes to mind is a little bit of everything, or anything I fancy to write about really.  I am opening this new space up to share about the talented people I meet, the sweet little shops dotted around, the adventures my family and I take, the events popping up, and to challenge myself to continue to do what I have always loved to do, meet new people, try new things, and just plain get out and discover.

Haleeb & Honey came to me recently in the shower; my favorite thinking spot.  After having my daughter, it struck me that we all start off with milk, the most basic, and precious form of nutrients  that we all get as babies to grow strong and healthy.  Milk is natural, free, available to all and full of substance.  THAT is what I want this blog to be full of, oh, and a little something sweet sprinkled in here and there as well, i.e. honey.  So there you have it.  Welcome to Haleeb & Honey!

Oh, almost forgot, you should almost always take Haleeb & Honey with your coffee and tea.  Drink it up!

A very special thanks to the ladies who helped me a tremendous amount to get this up. Could NOT have done it without these talented and patient girls- Kelsey Bigelow and Naomi Paskowitz.



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