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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Santa's Reindeer Scavenger

Santa's Reindeer Scavenger

Last Saturday the girls and I headed to Castle Rock to be sure and greet Santa and his reindeer at his post at the Outlets at Castle Rock.

I had mentioned the "S" word to the girls the night before and I think I cursed myself because these two cute girls took turn waking me up very ten minutes until I finally snapped at 3:00 am.  I remember walking back to bed and catching the time on the oven, 3:19.  The next morning they were up and at 'em, but it was a delicate dance in hustling them along.  We ended up getting there by 10 am, and JUST caught Santa before he left the dining hall for his post.  We were supposed to have arrived earlier to have pancakes with him.

Man, toddler time is all I can say.  ANYWAY- we, THEY, saw Santa in the dining hall and it was MAGIC!  I grabbed my phone quickly and filmed, you may have caught it on Insta Stories.  (Been LOVING stories...) The sweetest little exchange went down between Santa and these two.  Arlo asked for a Shimmer & Shine house and Remy sweetly mentioned that she would like some new winter boots because hers were pinching her baby! Santa was so engaging and attentive and gentle.  We love you Santa!  Arlo declared she was going to get him a "new hat!"

We did grab a couple maps and sets of reindeer stickers from customer service and followed along to find his deer around the grounds and completed the scavenger hunt!  After pit stops at Rocky MountainChocolate Factory for the ONE and ONLY thing they spotted and had to have, foil colored chocolate turkeys!  I pointed them out but I didn't think they would be THE treat of choice!  Super cute watching them devour these guys.

We did pop in to Santa's cottage and did a formal lap sitting as well.  So cozy and intimate and special.  Afterwards, the girls decided to do a candid snowball fight.  They LOVE snow!  A passerby with a toddler in a stroller commented to her husband, "See?!  Not all kids are particular about the snow!"  My girls may be a little too comfortable with it...Arlo always loves digging around in it and it never fails that she whimpers over to me with purple frozen fingers.  Once they warm up, it's like it never happened!

Momma did some retail therapy at Crazy 8... It was TOO good in there!  I found the girls adorable pieces for as low as $7, $5, and $3!  They had fun picking some sequin tees out and finding some special things for their cousins too.  But once it was time for momma to sort it all out and checkout they were done.  Luckily they were silent at that point and found the television in the back.  Poor girls!  It was a LONG day!

We still had two more deer to find...Dancer and Vixen I believe!  After Crazy 8 we found them!  We plopped our last stickers on our maps and walked them back to customer service for our treat tickets!  They each received a coupons for a free Cinnabon rolls!  Remy kept correcting me, "Mom!  They aren't Cinnabon, they are cinnamon rolls..."  Gee whiz!  This girl!  She says THE funniest, poignant things lately!  I introduced them to Home Alone this year.  There are a few silly things that are said in there, like, "Keep the change you filthy animal," which she repeated tonight to her Dad, and Remy has also shared the other "naughty" things like, "dumb dumb," she told me in a whisper.  Oh boy...maybe that was a mistake.  We talk a lot about inappropriate words, momma is totally guilty, but it is an entertaining classic nonetheless.  One part the character Kevin is walking down a dark street alone, I popped my head out of the kitchen and chimed in to show I was watching and also listening to the movie.  I said, "Oh, what is he doing?  Walking by himself at night?"  Remy quipped back, "Well it is called Home Alone..."  Not in a snarky or bratty way.  Just like, a reasoning, explanatory way.  Like really let me help you, Mom.

Anyway, back to the treats!  They had the classic Cinnabon rolls, and we were lucky enough to get a front row seat at a high top near the window where they were rolling and spreading, cutting and baking them up fresh!  Allen, the owner was in and working the dough that day.  The girls thought it was fantastic!  They got a free show!  

It was a FULL morning and a fun one!  Santa brought snow with him to Castle Rock which made it even more special!  The reindeer scavenger hunt goes through the holiday season and the deer are pretty incredible!  They shake their necks and ring their bells and look real!  Very fun!  Remy wanted to climb right up at pet them!

The Outlets at Castle Rock really is a whole day of family shopping fun.  W shave our favorite shops.  Husband goes for Nike and Adidas, I love the Gap, H&M, and J.Crew, if I can get in them!  I always love to check out Crazy 8, Osh Kosh and others for the girls.  And we are sort of starting a little sweet habit of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory stop too.

If you have out of town guests in for the holiday season, head south for a day trip!  Also their tree is STUNNING!  So MANY tree lightings happening this weekend...where are all of you headed to get into the spirit?  More importantly, did you do you Christmas decorating before, or waiting until after, Thanksgiving?!


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