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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

A Sprinkling of Our Summer

A Sprinkling of Our Summer


Nothing says summertime to me than a good 'ole sprinkler in the lawn! That's what we grew up with, none of these fancy sprinkler systems. :) We are fortunate to have a sprinkler system at our home now, although it was on the fritz and had to be dug up and re-routed (joys of home ownership), but sometimes hooking up a hose to a sprinkler and watching your baby play in the water is just what you want to see out of your summer with a baby.

This is technically her second summer, but the first one to REALLY count as she is now able to stand, and WALK! She started walking around July 4th! She LOVES the outdoors! I have to say, it has been such a huge help and change in her mood now that she can walk! I LOVE it! Most people were warning us, "Wait until she walks," but it has actually been BETTER! She gets less frustrated and therefore less crying and fussing and she loves to cruise around the house with her toys and getting her things and going places her little heart takes her. It is such a joy to see and HEAR her get this HUGE personality! She is a BIG talker and lucky for hubby, the World Cup came at a pivotal learning period. Her first, well maybe second or third, word was BALL! She would wake up and snuggle with us in bed, point at the television and yell, "BALL!" Everything is a ball- including mommy's tummy!

I found her some adorable soccer pajamas at Gap the other day and she gets so excited to put them on at bedtime. Hubby has claimed her as the soccer star, so maybe the next one will be our dancer...Or whatever they want to be! I really, honestly don't care what interests them as long as they are ACTIVE, healthy, happy, independent and hopefully a little creative!

Here's what we have been up to this summer, amidst growing another human and prepping for her arrival come September.

We have been spending plenty of time in the back yard! Having a yard never hit me as being so incredibly special and fortunate as it did this year. Seeing Remy enjoy the grass while we do chores, or playing with rocks, sticks, and the fallen cotton and apples just brings a happiness to my heart. Sprinklers, fountains, water spouts, pools, tubs and any bit of water is this girl's jam! Even the toilet bowl unfortunately. Eating as a family on the patio has been soooo incredible too!

I love having her roam around in her diaper with those legs hanging out! Not much wardrobe needed for a summer babe! s11 s12 s5 s6 (I do love this romper found at Childish Things in Boulder) s7 s8 Another awesome thing about having a baby and a back yard? We had an excuse to buy one of those adorable, inflatable pools! s99 s10 We've been to a couple play grounds here and there when it's not too hot. (We're more of spring and fall park peeps.) :) And how adorable is this vintage summer play suit?! I can't put her in it enough! s2 s13 s14 s3 s33 We tried the over hyped Vood Doo doughnuts. Verdict: crumby. You have to pay for street parking, on Colfax. Wasn't bad ew found a spot right out front, but still. A line. They only take cash. Nowhere to sit and enjoy your doughnut. A little scary decor wise. AND, and the doughnuts were just so so! I have honestly had better from our local Safeway bakery! I would recommend Beet Box Bakery, organic and vegan, or Glazed and Confused, quirky flavors, over these any day! We actually tossed them after a few bites and tastes of each. We DID however have a nice time in City Park with an impromptu picnic, yes, that's my yoga mat we sat on. s177 s15 s16 s17 s18 s21 s20 I took Remy to our local park last week for the Aurora Summer Concerts music series. She cared less about the cover band and more about exploring the playground.

While we would love to go to Jazz in the Park at City Park, or some of these nightly movies and bike rides happening all over town, they are just too late for us now! :) We have been in a rhythm with a bedtime around here, and you know what, mommy doesn't mind one bit! Enjoying a little "us" or "me" time is appreciated come 8 pm. And who am I kidding?! I am 8 months pregnant! These tootsies are UP! There will be plenty of future summers for movies at Red Rocks and twilight bike rides. Now is about resting, nesting and babies! Surprisingly, I have not been phased by summer weather and being pregnant- THANK GOODNESS!

How have you all been enjoying your summer?! Any suggestions for us?


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