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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Mini Adventure: Adams County Fair

Mini Adventure: Adams County Fair

I woke up last Saturday and rolled out of bed and came downstairs to a happy hubby who had been up early playing with the baby and just put her down for her morning nap.  Arlo was doing this awesome thing over the summer where she was waking up at 4, 4:30 or 5 am and would NOT go back to bed so hubby, who was home for the summer, would do this really INCREDIBLE thing and go down and play with her and watch soccer so momma could sleep in a little more.  THANK YOU HUSBAND! Now that school is back in session, momma is whipping us all back into a routine around here, and somehow Arlo has broke that 12:30 am feeding, knock on wood, and now just does this 4-4:0 am thing, BUT, she does go back down...thank goodness.

Anyway, last Saturday when I curled up on the couch next to husband he mentioned us all going to the Adams County Fair together!  WHAT?!  Usually I am the one to think up things to do or places to go, mainly because I try to plug myself into e-mail lists and things to know, all things going on, but not this one, it was ALL HIM!  I was so happy and surprised and yes of course we were going to do that!  So after the girls got up, and we fed, and changed them, and changed them again, packed up our bag and got our coffee and hit the ATM for cash, it was already 12:30 and the whining and grogginess was sort of peeking out from the back seat, soooo...momma made an executive decision and said let's turn around and do lunch and nap first and try again later.  Sometimes, these are the things you HAVE to do as a parent/care taker/grownup.  You can't push on, it would make EVERYONE's afternoon miserable anyway, so we opted for turning around and doing naps first. These are the sorts of things you should consider BEFORE having children- haha! Their schedule is YOUR schedule.

When they woke, we tried again, this time changing diapers and dashing out the door- the bag was still in the car- and we decided to just get food there.  Of course I packed peaches and healthy dinner for the kids to go because, well, fried food and fair food might not be good for little digestive tracks (not yet anyway).  We headed up to the Adams County Fair Grounds in Brighton, Colorado and it was a gorgeous summer afternoon!  We went around 5 and it did sprinkle for about a minute or so, but then cleared up.  The overcast sky helped keep it cool, and in the end, going later was better for our littles.

We visited the goats and sheep first for the girls to see.  Arlo was ALL about petting their noses and even tried to climb the fence to get in the pen!  Amazing what two years does to the awareness, Remy was a little more timid, but once Baba showed her to feed them some hay, and after she saw how adventurous Arlo was, Remy got a little closer to them.  We came late and with kids you are really only good for a couple hours at a sort of thing like this, so we didn't see any more livestock.  Instead, we grabbed a big plate of sweet potato fries and a Philly cheese steak!  I saw a stand for fried Oreos and was very curious, but we ended up getting a classic funnel cake before we left.

We decided to get tickets per ride.  With babes this little, not even tall enough for the kiddy rides, we could really only do the two things that Remy wanted to do most anyway, the carousel and the Ferris Wheel!  Husband sat these out this time and watched us as we rode.  I took the girls on the big wheel and I captured their little faces as we went up in the Ferris Wheel- priceless!  You don't realize how fast or HIGH that thing goes!  I was a little nervous when we were hanging out up there at the top waiting for them to let people off.  BOTH Arlo and Remy wanted to stand and overlook the side of it!  Wrangling two babies in one of those is enough to give someone a heart attack!

Speaking of heart attacks, before we left, we got our funnel cake and then took Remy over to a FREE bouncy castle for a bit.  I literally walked her over, let her in, walked away, took ONE bit of the funnel cake just a few feet away and said I should go back to check on her.  When I went back to peer through the castle, every parents' nightmare, she was GONE!  I FLIPPED out!  When did she get out, we were facing her the entire time, it had literally been one minute!  How did she slip out?!  I was yelling her name and panic set in... I was asking random people if they had seen a girl in a white dress with a pig tails... Some people pointed up into an adjacent blow up slide thing.  She was half way up the ladder.  Apparently she had slipped out of the bouncy castle, ran the 6 feet over to the slide and decided that looked more fun.  She slid down this gigantic thing too!  Folks, we have a dare devil on our hands!

After that it was time to go.  Literally.  We passed a little pony riding area which would have been fun for Remy, although I think she would have been too small still.  Maybe next year!  Up until the missing Remy incident we had SUCH a FUN FUN night together as a family!  We even ran into our friends we had done our birthing class with and their son!  It was a free event, just the cost of the tickets to ride the rides and the food.

I had not been to the fair since I was a girl!  it brought back some great memories!  That area of Brighton was beautiful!  All the rain has made all the farms so green and lush and there were some gorgeous houses and a golf course built up all around the fairgrounds that weren't there 20 years ago.  It is different going back to childhood places being the PARENT now, but also exciting and thrilling.  Husband suggested we make it a yearly thing, and I agree.


Remy is wearing a thrifted dress and the Ginny sandals c/o See Kai Run. Arlo is wearing a dress I got at a sale for Remy when she was a baby and gold shoes from Old Navy.  I am wearing a chambray top from Target, and white jeans from Diesel from a LONG time ago, and Clark's boots. (forget when/where I got hat).  

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