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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

A Day at The Stanley Marketplace

A Day at The Stanley Marketplace

Last Friday I took the girls over to Stanley Marketplace right here in Aurora!  For those of you who don't know, and I'm not sure I completely know, but Stanley used to be an old air force hangar, I believe.  The huge warehouse style Hangar, also with a great event space, The Hangar, was salvaged and is currently being gentrified into an urban European style foodie paradise. Similar to Chelsea Market in Manhattan, or Denver's own Source and Denver Central Markets. If you haven't yet been to Stanley Marketplace yet, GO!  Check it out!  We went over the summer when they had an outdoor art event, a Cherry Creek Arts festival type event on their grounds with food trucks, and since then I got on their newsletter immediately so I could be made aware of all the happenings and shop openings to come.  The weekend before last husband and I ventured over there for a sweet date night.  We had tacos at Comida Cantina, yes another location from the one at Source Denver.  We sat at the bar and ordered 3 tacos each.  On the spicy side!  We LOVED the shrimp one and the mushroom one.

On our way out from dinner, across the hall we saw a few people gathering by a gate.  It was a few employees over at Sweet Cow Ice Cream handing out sundaes they were "practicing," in preparation for their grand opening!  We nuzzled up and snagged one, you bet we did!  YUM!  They have a location in the Highlands off 32nd too.  They mentioned they were opening the following Tuesday, so last Friday, I thought it a beautiful sunshine-y day to take the girls to explore.  When husband and I were out on our date there we saw SO MANY families and kiddos!  Many at dinner with their parents surprisingly!  There are nice open areas and wide hallways to explore.

There are a few other restaurants, breweries open in there, as well as a LARGE coffee shop, Logan House Coffee Company, which was also open late when we were there for dinner- and they serve wine!  When the girls and I were there mid-day, the coffee shop was FILLED- lots of freelancers on computers in there.  There's also a beautiful little women's clothing boutique open currently, Sterre, carrying some really special pieces! I really WANT this floor length boho style dress in there and a lightening bolt sweatshirt!  Arlo was pawing at pink pants and saying, "Oooohh 'dis is pretty..."  Shopping right along with us as if she were parsing my closet.  She loves to pick out my clothes and often suggests dresses and metallics.  They are BOTH into dresses on repeat.  Remy was too busy exploring to pause for fashion.

Miette de Chocolat IS open, and YES we tried it!  Husband still does not get the whole $2.50-$3 per bon bon thing!  However, I seem to have introduced my girls to this little indulgence at a much earlier age.  We visited another chocolatier at Denver Central Market a little bit ago, see that adventure here, too come to think of it.  I have been treating myself to tiny specialty chocolates on rare occasions since I was in my twenties when I was introduced to the incomparable champagne truffle at Teuscher on a trip to Chicago at age 21.  Mmmm... I didn't even get to TRY!  Remy insisted on a red one- caramel filled and I got the bananas foster for Arlo and before I had a receipt they both shoved them in their tiny, juicy little lips!

The girls were on a mission to explore every hall, UP and down!  Remy is a natural born leader and explorer and waltzed right into Stapleton Dental and asked, "What shop are you gonna be?"  The man on stilts in another space under construction was a show stopper for these two.  I have to say that the current state of Stanley Marketplace, under tarps at parts, and dusty in others, is the absolute magic we experienced!  We are here for the openings, the NEW, the NOW!  How exhilarating that my girls will see and grow up in a Denver entirely different than the one their momma and baba did.  How exciting that things are spreading into suburbs like ours that we are so proud to call home.

We ended our trip at Sweet Cow Ice Cream of course!  Remy is proving to be a chocolate girl, classic chocolate, with sprinkles, and Arlo request "pink," strawberry nearly every time.  This day for some reason Remy said strawberry and then ditched it for the bouncy cows on the faux grass.  She named them!  The black is Toby, blue is Logan and the pink was Anna- those are our neighbor children down the street that she is, clearly, obsessed with.  Arlo happily sat next to me and ate hers all by herself, AND hopped up onto the stool all by herself too.  She is in the whole I-wanna-do-it-myself phase, but like to a millionth degree harder and more stubborn than Remy ever was!  To the point I have to take her out of the carseat and let her do it herself, put her on the floor so she can climb into her high chair, on and on.  My stubborn, strong-willed girls...will give me wrinkles!

The merchants I CANNOT wait to open- Glazed and Confused Donuts- finally a location closer to us (see my blog post here when I took the girls a while back- look how TINY they are)! Bounce Stapleton (looks like a gymnastics area for kiddos!!!), Goose & the Goat (what sounds to be great footwear), Belly Bliss yoga (my go-to when I was preggo with BOTH girls) and a restaurant on my to-go list for some time now, Denver Biscuit Company (the original is on Colfax)!  Also, sort of SUPER interested in seeing what Maria Empanada is all about... we go to a local place on Peoria in Aurora, authentic Mexican, and they are soooo affordable.  I love empanadas! Oh, and me and everyone else in Denver metro area can't wait for Rosenberg's bagels.  See the full list of merchants filling this awesome space here.

My friend Amy of Bonella Photography came along with us and captured all the buzz.  Amy is one of those super talented people.  I swear I thought she was fumbling with her camera or adjusting settings while we chatted and strolled and I wrangled, when in fact she was snapping away and caught everything- including those little babies devouring chocolates before I turned around!  Before I forget!  This Saturday, I will be hosting a vintage pop-up shop of my vintage baby and toddler threads from my Etsy shop, Rolypolyz, and Amy will be there too hosting mini Valentine themed photo sessions for you and your little sweeties for $25- basically stealing her talents.  IT is at Turn a Page Book Shop, literally two blocks from Stanley Marketplace -- so there you go- do both!  See you this Saturday at 11 am!  See the event details and invitation on Facebook.  Bring some cash for the books and the vintage! Oh, and we have some healthy and tasty sips provided by Honest Tea too!  ;)


Remy is wearing a dress from Children's Place and New Balance sneakers like these.  Arlo is wearing a Marimekko jumper and Target tights and shoes from Children's Place.  I am wearing a Madewell jacket, Aeropostale skinny jeggings, Duluth Trading flannel, thrifted beret,

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