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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Mini Adventure: Colorado History Museum

Mini Adventure: Colorado History Museum


It has been bitterly cold here in Colorado.  I don't really need to state that considering the entire continent of North America it seems is under this cold spell lately.  Anyhow, it can make any one immobile, especially a momma who works from home and has the option to, well, stay home!  So when we had some rays of that Denver sunshine last week, I thought I better take advantage and get out if only for a couple hours.  It was actually really refreshing just to get some fresh air.  It was still cold, but it was bearable and what we would now look back on as a "awesome weather" day. I have been wanting to start doing little adventures with Remy.  Little excursions and discoveries.  It has been more difficult to get out as she has got older.  To be honest, the newborn phase was the easiest!  She is still in an INCREDIBLY EASY baby, and pretty low maintenance and flexible- all of that, but it is ME!  It is me who has gotten into a bit of a slump.  Maybe it was because I was so go-go-go in the beginning, maybe it's because I am exhausted in this first trimester of baby number two, but momma needs a jolt.

So I decided to trek downtown to the Colorado History museum with Remy last week.  I have been wanting to visit ever since they built the thing!  I actually took History of Colorado as a course my freshman year in high school, and as a native, I am pretty darn CO proud.  What a gorgeous building this is!  It cost me $12 for an adult admission, a little steep, aren't most $10 or $8, but it was worth it.  There was TONS of interactive stuff for kiddos!  I would highly recommend it for the young elementary age children.  In fact, on that day, there were a couple of school groups on field trips.  On the first floor there is a "Destination Colorado" exhibit where kids get name tags of different pretend characters and they go through and do different chores as if they lived in the once bustling prairie town of Keota back in the 1920's, now a ghost town.  I happened to see this with one of the guides handing out the name tags to the group of school children, but Remy and I went through on our own, obviously without name tags or chores (I think that is just for tours).  Everything is meant to be touched, listened to, smelled, really sensory.  You can collect eggs and trade them in at the old general store.  You can also pretend to milk a cow!  There's an old school house with puzzle pieces that resemble quilt patterns.  Even though Remy is eight and a half months, she loved the sights and sounds and being exposed to new sensory objects.

On the second floor, there are three exhibits; Denver A to Z, Colorado Stories and Living West.  Denver A-Z is pretty cool and has a whole section on the history of the ski town Steamboat Springs, as well as a smaller version of the sculpture of the Big Blue Bear and a little history on the Denver Bronco fan The Barrel Man.  In Colorado Stories, there is a really neat mining part where kids can enter a pretend cage that actually rattles and shakes as if they were entering a mining shaft.  Once the gate opens, there is an interactive video for the kids.

The Living West exhibit, just opened this past fall, was really interesting too.  This talked about the old Dust Bowls- really terrifying and devastating, a little mature for babies though.  There is a cottage with a video that you enter, nine minutes long.  Remy and I went in alone and it reenacts what it was like to be on the prairie and have the Dust Bowl come up and over the house- lights turning out and sounds of the storm and all.  I was scared!  Haha!  Remy was approaching nap time and just yawned.  I ended up nursing her and when it was over, she was napping in her stroller and momma was ready for lunch down in the restaurant, Rendezvous Cafe.  I had the gyro sandwich and parmesan garlic fries.  The fries were delicious- the gyro, not so much.  My fault for choosing a specialty sandwich at a museum cafe.  This was one of their meat carving options of the day.  Next time I'll opt for a hamburger.

I was able to eat my lunch in solitude and when Remy woke up from her cat nap it was time to head out.  We went on a Tuesday I believe, and while there were a couple of school groups, somehow we managed to go through the exhibits in peace and quiet just ahead or behind them.  Remy soaked up all of it and I could tell she was tuckered out by the time we left.  Don't let the age of your child keep you from exposing them to these types of things!  There was plenty to discuss with her and have her touch and see and hear, even as an infant.

I hope to do more of these jaunts with her.  Now if only this snow could let up and the sun would come out!

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Remy's Nursery

Remy's Nursery

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And Baby Makes Four!