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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Alexander Calder Sculpture at Denver Botanic Gardens

Alexander Calder Sculpture at Denver Botanic Gardens

I was up late one night last week and I actually READ through some of my 12k plus unopened e-mails.  Yes, that's me, the stay-at-home-mom who no longer reads e-mail. I found a nugget, a free day at the Denver Botanic Gardens, sponsored by Scientific and Cultural Facilities District.  THANK you SCFD!  Free days at museums around Denver can be a giant red flag to stay clear, but for some reason I ignored the warnings in the back of my mind, the crowds, the possible parking conundrum, the heat... oh the HEAT we had this week!  I squashed all those negative thoughts and instead, packed up for a day at the gardens.  Glad I did.  So glad.

I also IGNORED the parking garage sign that read, "Full."  I always zoom on in anyway to see because people are always leaving as they are coming.  We didn't even arrive until NOON!  Absurd!  Especially since Arlo is still napping.  I was doing everything I was NOT supposed to be this past Tuesday.  Sometimes you got to.

Well, we found a parking spot right away, on the main level- the first go around!  Yipee!  I have said it before, I will say it again, a great parking spot day means a great day ahead!  I popped the trunk and slathered the sunscreen on the girls in the trunk.  We have been using this brand all summer and have never had a burn or a rash from it.  I like the pump bottle best and a little goes a long way.  We hardly need a re-apply.  (Not an ad.)  We already had swimsuits underneath our dresses and hats on, so I had the girls sit in the stroller to start and let them lead the way on what they wanted to do.  Remy requested the "flowers side," first and then the water.  We started, we made it to the Chihuly sculpture and she started to get very fussy.  It was SO HOT.  I recommended we go to the water side and cool off and have our lunch.  They agreed happily.

So we crossed the street, hit the potty first, peeled off the dresses and strolled over to the water interactive area, the Mordecai Children's Garden.  There was a local school group splashing around as well, but they left shortly after we arrived.  The girls splashed around.  Arlo and Remy BOTh love climbing along the river on the rocks.  They LOVE this area!  Remy was thrilled to make mud for herself.  She kept caking it into her palms and showing me, "MUD! Mud.  Mud!"  I acknowledged and suggested she slather it on her legs like a mask.  She climbed this stack of round rocks and threw her head back, "I'm on top of the world!"  She and Arlo had a great time!  They walked around with their feet in the water as they ate their peanut butter sammies.

After lunch I again asked them for the lead.  They wanted to go back to the other side and get a lemonade.  I didn't argue.  We made a bee-line for The Hive, literally.  We DID stop many times along the way, feeling rubbery flowers, "Mom, you gotta feel this!"  We saw gorgeous purple spiky flowers with bees buzzing about, "Momma thell sting you, be careful!"  They are mothering me.  I caught the amazing sculptures by Alexander Calder, and I HAD to stop at every one I saw along the way to the Hive cafe.  Such a great show of angles and shadows against the botany.  Wonderful curation!  I will say I ALMOST nearly missed the black bubbly one right by the concert area.  It wasn't until we were leaving that I saw it's round, scalloped edges against the blue sky that made me notice it.  I thought the spiny red one looked spider-like and asked the girls if they thought so.  They sort of agreed.

After we got our Blood Orange Lemonade and a couple ice pops, we sat by the main pond in the shade and a breeze picked up.  It was the prefect denouement to our day at the gardens together.  The Denver Botanic Gardens is one of my favorite places to spend time with my girls.  I could see myself getting a membership here.  I am looking forward to visiting again in the fall!

So glad I went against our normal routine this week and took advantage of a day off all together now that Remy is in school some mornings.  AND, bonus that it was one of those days where everything about it screamed, "It's still summer!"

What are you all planning to do this last weekend of summer?!  We are planning to spend Labor Day weekend on the Western Slope!  Safe travels to those of you headed away from home, and sending prayers up and sunshine over to all of those affected by Harvey.  Just watched a story on CNN of how a mosque in Houston opened their doors to help evacuees.  Friday is the Eid celebration and I am happy to see a large media network covering our fellow muslim neighbors and friends in a caring, giving and nurturing light as I know so many to be.

Happy Labor Day weekend!  Happy Eid!

The Alexander Calder sculptures are on display through September 24th!


Remy is wearing a white dress from Cherokee brand from Target, but this dress by Stella McCartney is VERY similar with the flutter sleeves! Remy is wearing a thrifted hat and a pink stripe swimsuit by The Brand.  Arlo is wearing a thrifted dress, (similar and $10!!!) and a hat from Claire's a long time ago, like when Remy was a baby.  Loving this white jumper style dress to stretch summer into fall!  HERE are some gorgeous straw hats for your gal that won't break the bank- we get sun ALL-year round here in Colorado, so get it now for next spring!  This one with the black bow is just $9! Here is a great option by Joe Fresh for just $7! Or splurge on this Appaman version for $21.  Arlo's swimsuit is vintage from my Etsy shop Rolypolyz.  

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