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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

An Afternoon in Boston

An Afternoon in Boston

Boston! Mark this day.  This post is NOT anything to do with babies!

WHAT?!  I know...I were starting to wonder if I had any sense of autonomy left.  Here's proof!

We LEFT them and went East for a wedding back in October!  Thanks for getting hitched Whit!

So we saw FOUR STATES IN FOUR DAYS!  In New England this is possible, and we took full advantage of our freedom.

We actually flew from Denver into La Guardia, New York.  From there we rented a car and drove through Connecticut, only stopping for a pizza at a place we passed called Pap Joe's, which happened to be delicious, and then we made it to the wedding location, Newport, Rhode Island our first night.  We decided to head to Boston the next morning for a day there before celebrating the bride and groom back in Newport, RI.

I LOVED Boston!  Driving in and out of there, another story.  I would love to go back sometime and see more, so much more of it. We knew we would just have a few hours there, but our time was even shorter because of the drive in being so darn confusing and then finding a lot to park the car.  We ended up parking it in an all day lot, $40, in the Lord & Taylor building near the North End.

The night before we traveled there, I did a mini search on things to do there to get an idea.  I like to go into a new place with some sort of research under my belt so I am not wasting time looking for the something I want to do.  I came up with wanting to see Newbury Street on the North End for the quaint buildings, outdoor shopping and restaurants.  I thought that area would be perfect for our brief visit.  It turned out to be PERFECT.

We started with coffee at a place called Pavement.  I had a pumpkin spice latte and it was YUMMY!  So much tastier than the one at Starbucks and their syrup was made there.  Not too sweet.  As we were looking for parking earlier I had scanned shops and spotted an eyebrow threading place.  Score!  I needed to clean up the arches before the wedding.  It was $15 and they took walk-ins.  I actually CAN'T recommend the place though.  There was only one girl in there and as the line started piling up, she totally rushed the job.  I get my eyebrows threaded here in Denver and it should at least take 10-15 minutes if done properly and carefully.  She did it under 5.  I got several ingrown hairs from her.  So if you're in Boston- go somewhere else!

Next, we popped in and out of stores.  We picked up a couple special pieces from Zara for the girls.  A little tradition husband and I seem to have started when we travel now.  I also popped in Pinky Otto.  Cute things, but the quality was pretty crappy, off sizing, threads, poor fit, and they were REALLY expensive for the cheapness.  There was this ONE dress that was heavier fabric, long sleeves, in a maroon with ducks on the planet Saturn pattern- quirky and seasonal and it buttoned so it could be worn as a coat, but it tied in the back so it felt a little young, and this was the killer- it was $228!!!  Are you kidding me?  I probably would have spent $78, MAX, on that thing.  So I walked away empty handed.  I am a lot more conscious of spending when it comes to clothing now that I have two kiddos.  It would have been nice to have a special something from Boston though.

I also stumbled upon a consignment shop along Newbury Street, 2nd Time Around, but it was WAY overpriced as well.  Shoes BADLY worn, like beyond scuffed toes, for $100.  Just because it was designer, the level of wear and tear should have been factored into pricing- not the case here.  Very expensive for used clothing.  Sadly, there is not a Newbury success story here.

We passed a Teuscher Chocolates store and I ran in!  I LOVE finding this luxe chocolatier in big cities and getting a champagne truffle.  This tradition goes back to my early twenties when I visited Chicago and a friend I was bopping around town with introduced me.  Husband was appalled we spent $6 on two tiny bon bons.  The appreciation for fine chocolate was lost on this guy.

Next up- LUNCH!  Now that we had got the shopping out of our systems, we were hungry and a bowl of Boston clam "chowda" as we have taught Remy to say was all we had in mind.  I had researched best bowls of chowder and even though Newbury Street is very touristy, this place on Boylston, Atlantic Fish Co. got rave reviews, especially for their bread bowl version.  While we were walking over I had a moment of panic when I thought it sounded a lot like a chain restaurant we have here called Atlantic Bread Co. so we stopped and asked a policemen who was about to ticket someone- you're welcome- and he recommended it right away.  They had outdoor seating and it was a PERFECT fall afternoon, and that would have been perfect had it not been full.  We were seated right away in the main dining room and the service was incredible.  We had clam chowder- DELICIOUS!!!  We also ordered a lobster roll.  I have to say, I'm not a real fan of lobster.  Don't shoot!  I just didn't have a taste for it, but who knows, I was just coming off a tummy bug situation right before we went on the trip.  The sandwich was awesome and it tasted fine, but I think I was full from the soup, very hearty.

After lunch we headed towards the historic walk area, but stopped along the way to admire the library and an old church and also a little browsing at H&M.  We made it to the park, which was gorgeous, but it was getting late and we needed to head back, so history trail is left for another visit.

We also checked out Lord & Taylor, why did you guys leave us out in the cold here in Denver L&T?!?!?  They had a GREAT shoe department and cute clothing lines for women!  I found strappy, sparkly sandals for the wedding on super sale- $30!!!  Score!  Wait, I guess I DO have a shopping success story here!  Thanks for my new "wedding shoes" Boston!

After we found the car and got out of the downtown area and on the road, we finally made it back to the hotel by 7 pm!  We left at 5:30!  Bad timing with after work crowds, but we made it to our party in time!  So there you have it- that's how husband and I spent an afternoon in Boston.

A few pics...


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