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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

An Afternoon in NYC

An Afternoon in NYC

NYC! STOP.  This is ANOTHER baby-free post!  Re-Read.


I finished editing, haha editing, adjusting the light on dozens of photos, from our four day trip to the east coast back in October.  The last day, we drove back to New York, as we were flying out of La Guardia.  We had a late night flight and we left Newport, RI early so we could have a few hours in NYC!  Ahhhh, New York!  I LOVE YOU!  I think, I mean I really believe, that IF I did believe in reincarnation, in my past life I was a New Yorker.

The smells!  The grit!  The crowds!  The hustle and the inspiration!  I really could live there.  You know, if it were in a huge penthouse on the upper West side where I have my two kids and sidewalk space for my double stroller and awesome space for my husband who HATES the idea of big city life.  You know, near soccer fields, somewhere, for him, and shopping for me, and museums, and Central park....oh, and we would definitely have laundry service, and Uber Family pack, and Amazon Prime and all THOSE expensive things you have to have to be a family in the city... THEN, I probably could live in NYC...Haha...Back to reality.

We planned it PERFECTLY guys!  I had been to the lower east side before and remembered this vibe of it being less crowded and crazy than near the park, and I felt it was more walkable to places hubby wanted to see like China Town, and we could also see SoHo.  We were SO worried about the cost of parking this rental car, but you know what?  Parking was a BREEZE!  YUP!  We drove into Manhattan along The West Side Highway, I think it is, or whatever highway is literally on the water on the East side.  I plugged the address to Doughnut Plant into my phone and we literally exited right on Grand, I believe.  We saw a man on his cell at a stop light and asked him about a garage, he responded, "I'm actually holding this spot for my in-laws."  We noticed he had a bucket holding the street parking.  We explained we didn't want his spot but asked if he had any suggestions.  I have a nose for natives.  Black jacket, cool eyeglasses, cuffed dark denim- New Yorka.  He said that sometimes on weekends around the corner under the bridge there is street parking.  We thanked him and around the corner we went and, BAM!  A spot!  I blogged about this before, but I always say when I find GREAT parking, it was meant to be.  And it was FREE!  You read that right, we found FREE parking, all day, for our car rental in NYC!

We were within walking distance to Doughnut Plant on the LES (Lower East Side), so we stopped in.  I didn't like it so much this time.  We went the first time a couple years ago when we went to NYC around Christmas with Remy.  This time, in the spirit of the upcoming Halloween holiday, I went for a doughnut that was shaped like a candy corn but it was filled with ACTUAL corn maze cream- YUCK!  Anyway, we had a couple others, but they didn't knock our socks off.  We headed West on foot and just went!

Husband wanted to eat Chinese food in China Town and wanted to look for soccer jerseys for the girls in Little Italy so we walked and explored and had a ball!  It was perfect fall walking weather!  Overcast, not too chilly, but just chilly enough that you didn't get overly hot in your coat.  We picked up some fun kitchy things for the girls in China Town.  Then we asked a girl, who was from there walking by for her recommendation for Chinese food.  She recommended Joe's, which we later found out was TOURISTY!  There were huge crowds outside and a LONG wait list.  This wasn't what we wanted.  I spotted another New Yorka walking by, see above for description, and he suggested a place a few blocks away on Elizabeth.  He actually gave us the name of two restaurants combined that were side by side!  Haha!  Which one was it?  We saw a group of guys outside, see above description of our New Yorkas, and we asked them which one to try.  They asked us if we preferred salty or sweet.  They obviously knew and frequented both joints regularly.  We went with the one on the left, Shanghai Asian Cuisine (14A Elizabeth Street, NY, NY) for the soup dumplings.  AMAZING.  YUM.  DELISH.  Go, go, go if you are in New York!  Authentic, got a seat straight away, warm and cozy, EXCELLENT service, the dumplings...the soup!  AFFORDABLE!  Highly recommend!

With our bellies full we were on our way to SoHo.  We strolled around and I stopped in a DREAM store, Rachel Comey.  GAH!  If EVER I ran into some dough...I would totally splurge on Rachel Comey.  Head to toe.  GORGEOUS!  Even husband respected and admired the craftsmanship and design of her work.  Sigh...

We popped into Rice to Riches for some dessert- tapioca pudding!  We love visiting here too!  Such fun and clever marketing and modern spot!  Earlier in the day we had passed by a spot called Culture, a whole cafe spot for yogurt!  I knew Chobani had a spot in NYC, but this one was different, looked independent, like a cross between a hip coffee shop, but FroYo style where you choose toppings.  Anyway, would have been fun to try there.  Next time!

We went in a few shops but it was getting dark and it was time for us to head back.  We walked our tooshies off and saw a few things!  We didn't even make a dent in Manhattan.  The Park!  We missed you!  No museums, no Broadway shows, no Shake Shack...Highline, Meatpacking, time!

Here are a few pics from our few hours in the Big Apple.


I am wearing a thrifted hat, Clark's boots from a couple years ago, Tory Burch denim from Alicia Boutique a few years back, a scarf from Inspyre Boutique, and coat by BB Dakota also new from Inspyre Boutique (they have three Denver locations!!!!)

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