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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

April First Easter

April First Easter

Easter came as the final denouement to our lively spring break vacation this year, as well as falling smack dab on the first day of birthday month for me, April!

After ALLLlllll this time having my camera, and even knowing that it was capable of shooting video, I FINALLY tried using it as a video camera recently, like last week, and really managed to shoot some small snippets of our Easter morning together yesterday!  It wasn't without a LOT of fumbling at first.  Always charge your battery before a holiday!  I am such an amateur!  AND, maybe you want to unload all your images and create space from your laptop so you can then unload and retrieve some gigs of space on your phone so you don't get the dreaded, "Storage Full" mid-Easter basket unveiling!  Doh!  

Well, actually if we rewind even before all the mom-tech-fails, Arlo wasn't feeling her happiest, brightest, peppiest self.  She had a fever on and off since Friday night, and she woke up extra gnarly.  Don't you just hate that?!  With one kiddo, sure, put them back to bed, grab a cup of coffee, throw a blanket over the Bunny's drop and wait until their mood percolates, BIT what to do when you have TWO kiddos, or more, and one is not feeling it, but the rest are super excited to get at it?!  Well, you have to do a bit of a dance and a juggle there.  Within a few short minute still very much in fuss/whine mode, we made our way to the living room where the Easter Bunny hopped.

It didn't take long for the spirits to brighten!  Remy is such a concerned and loving big sister and was very sweet to point things out to Arlo as they poked around in their baskets together.  "Arlo, it's in there, you just have to dig around!"

Furry eggs filled with Reeses peanut butter bunnies and mystery trolls, lip glosses, hair ties, felt floral barrettes, bunny shaped Tsum Tsum figurines, a few special Hatchimal eggs, a chocolate bunny, of course, and jelly beans galore filled their baskets to the brim.  Peppa's friend Zoe Zebra found her way inside Arlo's basket while a Twilight Sparkle pony that can go in the bath or pool poked out of Remy's!  That nearly caused a "CATASTROPHE!"  That's one of those lines fro a a cartoon, Gaspard and Lisa, ADORABLE btw.  But it nearly did just cause Arlo to plummet right back into that pitiful stage of mopiness because the Easter Bunny surely wanted HER to have the pony and not Remy.  She went as far as walking her Zoe Zebra figurine to the garbage can in the kitchen and pretending to toss it.  Not spoiled, feverish.  Husband pulled her out of it and she happily made her way down to her Peppa toys, which she LOVES, and introduced the new gal. Whew...

Momma and Baba gifted them a couple things- some spring leggigns, and Num Noms, which they also LOVE, and I found these little stuffed animals that make sounds and have big eyes.  Those were a favorite.  Everything was well received and appreciated by the girls if not in those exact moments, definitely after the sugar highs wore off and at tuck-in time tonight I felt their gratitude.  I whispered, "Happy Easter..." to Remy and I got a, "And a Merry Easter to you too Momma..." back.  As Arlo climbed into bed she said, "Momma your the best momma ever."  So you see, that Bunny gives this momma and baba a lot of extra credit.

Speaking of that Bunny, he sure hid those eggs well this morning!  I think he flew through around 6:30 or so!  It wasn't much longer after he shimmied through that our girls hopped to themselves.  I won't forget how Remy announced proudly when she and Arlo were twisting open plastic eggs this morning, "The real reason for celebrating Easter is because Jesus died on the cross,"  And I am done, here.  I can not take 100% credit for that, truthfully, and embarrassingly so.  We have open and honest discussions about the religious aspects of the Christian holiday celebrations around Easter, and when her questions arise, I try my best to answer, but her pre-school is also its own blessing and a point of gratitude and quite literally, saving grace, for me in that regard.  I am a bit rusty in the Word at the moment, so it always helps to have some frame of reference and guidance, and that has been great with her school.  Funny how children can make you feel so inferior about your own faith that it pushes you to learn and discover more about it.  Even your spouse.  When I find myself getting defensive and not able to answer with confidence that's when I know I have fallen far from my faith.  Knowing what you believe and why you believe it is fundamental but when the most primitive and simple questions come at you around it, suddenly you feel like you're in the middle of an AP chemistry exam.  

Tangent aside, but maybe not, maybe that was more of a transition into saying, always be an active learner.  I  feel so alive and excited when I am doing something new, it inspires me.  I fumbled my way through making this very first home movie.  HOME MOVIE being the operative phrase, and in no way am I attempting film direction like that Lady Bird savant.  No.  No, no, no... BUT, I have made it a goal and a priority to film my family more this year.  And I am!  Instagram Stories has certainly sparked that and made it easy to capture snippets from a day to day, but I wanted to do something a little more robust and full, or at least know HOW to do it if I wanted to so by golly I did last night!  

I created a YouTube Channel, apparently I had one, but I created a new channel for Haleeb & Honey, so now that I am up and "filming," Was not setting out to become a YouTuber, and am not going that firection, but long story short, that formatting is what my blog recognizes for downloading so it's a technical reason.  Anyway, I'm there now, or I was there all along wiht nothing happening, and now hope to, so I THINK you can subscribe if you care to follow along on my self-taught film direction journey.  Haha! 

After choppily making my through adding videos and then having to get my iTunes library to synch up to my laptop, it was a BREEZE.  Just kidding.  I did take a course on stop movement, or something, at university and the memories of that class, we had to take a greeting card and "animate" it, make parts move, came back to me when I pulled up the software.  I am going to have fun practicing and working with film a little.

I think one of the highlights of today for the girls had to have been when momma carted in the baskets of eggs, always bringing up the rear with the schtuff, and I found a little black and red passenger.  A lady bug!  The girls and I seem to have good luck finding them!  The girls excitedly rand from room to room to room and put Miss Lady Bug everywhere and ANYWHERE!  On the swing to a little toy playground set, in the Barbie doll house bed.  They wanted to keep her as a pet!  I sort of got into it too for a minute.  For the Easter afternoon, she joined our family as a pet.  We had her in a breathable jar and the girls added some grass and sticks and leaves.  I let her go this afternoon right when she had managed to escape herself.  

Another highlight for the girls was getting to spend a large portion of the afternoon with the cousins whom that worship.  My highlights are basically down there when you press that triangle thinga-majig.  Minus the neighbor's yappy dog in the background.  

Oh, AND, if this holiday isn't perfect enough as is, my Daddy sent a text that one of the horses on his property waltzed right up this morning to the watering hole with her new foal!  They named it Easter...

Happy Resurrection Day to you and yours!  Christ died for all of our sins and today was a day to celebrate life through Him.  For without Him, the joy of this holiday might not be there for me as it is today.  I may be hazy on the details of the Last Supper, is that capitalized, but I am very clear on my path to salvation.  Because THAT is simple.  As simple as the way it left a four year old's lips while she opened a pack of Play-doh this afternoon.  

Big shout out to the nine year old on YouTube who taught me a few basics on using iMovie too.  I do not joke.  This kid was killing a how-to You Tube video and his head didn't even reach above his office rolly chair.  Kids these days...

Thanks for reading, and WATCHING!


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