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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Light Rail Ride to Denver's Union Station Splash Pad

Light Rail Ride to Denver's Union Station Splash Pad

Holy canoli! This time last year I was having major Braxton Hicks pains and had already been in (and out) of the hospital once the week before actually having a baby, but she came, as projected, (her due date was Sep. 9), on September 10th of 2014, our beautiful, sensitive, jolly, needy, feisty ball of fluff.  This week is Birthday Week for our Arlo!  ONE whole year around the sun with this babe, and we are ready to celebrate this little love!

It has been a year of change.  A FAST year.  A JOYFUL year!  Arlo fits in our little family nook as if she were always there.  AS much as Remy and Arlo like their time apart with solo attention from us, they are so sweet when they meet up again.  When Arlo and I walk in to pick Remy up from Day School, Arlo grunts and squeals, kicks her legs and gets so excited knowing we are there to collect her big sis, her best friend.  Remy will ask where Arlo is when she's not around or still asleep, and they are starting to get playful and interactive with each other which is so fun to witness!  Last night we rolled around our bed and tickled each other and played "rotisserie chicken," (when Remy rolls off the edge of the bed and hubby catches her and plops her back on the bed.)  Our hearts are full with these gorgeous girls in our world.

We have a few fun things planned this week- a couple play dates and an interesting photo shoot with a photographer friend, a resident artist at Red Line art gallery, which I think will be an incredible way to mark time as a family of four, and then her party later this month.  We had a wedding on the books the weekend of her birthday, but have a fun party in the works for this babe.  I debated to do a shindig or not, but in the end, the party strings tug the strongest.  When you have a second, or third or fourth kiddo, it seems they get passed over on some of the hoopla, but I felt a party, at least this one for the FIRST BIRTHDAY EVER is definitely worth doing up right.  PLUS, husband and I both have three siblings each and plenty of nieces so that alone was a big enough base to say, let's just do it and make it special for our little Lolo.

Like Remy, Arlo's first pair of "walking" shoes is Freshly Picked moccasins!  We LOVE these around here!  Grandmas love them, neighbors love them, strangers love them!  Not only are they adorable with little chubby legs attached to them, but they are SO practical and EASY.  They never come off, and the durability on these things is pretty impressive.  Not a crib shoe, more substantial than a bootie, but soft enough and pliable to not be considered a true SHOE, they are the perfect transitional footwear for the early walker set.  Lately, Arlo LOVES to do downward dog pose, she has perfect form.   At splash pads and when we are at parks, she walks around on all fours in a pitch position.  When you walk with her holding her fingers she goes chest first and barrels across the room.  NOW, when we head upstairs she loves to have you hold her hands and she walks up them, one foot to each step like a big person.  She may have tired before reaching the top, but she powered through and giggled at the top.  Another climber in the house?  It's obvious we have another ACTIVE child to keep us well worn out and walking is definitely on the horizon.  Christmas with two walking!!!  I can't wait!

We love to have a pair of moccasins by the door for back yard play or meeting up neighbors in the cul de sac for after dinner play.  Slip a pair of these on, plop her in a walker and she is a happy camper.

In celebration of Arlo's very FIRST BIRTHDAY, we would love to share our love for Freshly Picked, by giving one away!  The winner will be contacted directly, and they will get to choose one pair in the color of their choice and size.  They work for both boys and girls.  Entries start today, September 7, 2015, and end Friday, September 11th, 2015, at midnight, MST.  To be eligible, the winner must not have won a pair in the last 6 months form any other promotion or giveaway with the brand.  To enter, head to the Freshly Picked website and check out their colors, then head back here and comment with which color you would get.  You may enter only once, one comment per person/IP address.  Good luck!

*Contest portion of post is closed!


These pictures are from a couple Fridays ago.  Remy had mentioned wanting to ride the train, so Baba wanted to take us downtown on the train!  We rode from Southmoor, Hampden/Monaco station, and took the line that goes to Union Station.  We stopped in Milkbox for ice cream and when we stepped outside, we were pleasantly surprised that the water pad was still spouting!  Remy was on cloud 9!  We let the kids do their thing in their clothes and it was a warm enough summer evening that they dried fairly quickly after the fun.  We even got a little shopping in afterwards!  I found a great quilted cream pullover sweater for fall!

Wearing: Remy is wearing a kitten on skateboard H&M (similar) and tribal printed pants form a consignment shop, but this is a pair of similar, loose-fit toddler pants by Aviator Nation, and love the rainbow leg! Arlo is wearing a Baby Gap olive green blouse and rust colored pair of denim shorts, from the baby boys department (my trick is boys shorts tend to have a longer inseam!) by Joe's Jeans.  Love this olive green pair with fraying on them by Joe's Jeans and less than $20! Arlo is also wearing our fave baby shoe, Freshly Picked moccs!


Happy FIRST Birthday Arlo!

Happy FIRST Birthday Arlo!

I Am Not Cut Out for This (SAHM) Role

I Am Not Cut Out for This (SAHM) Role