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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Baby Colds

Baby Colds


Germs! Aghh.....they're everywhere! It seems like just when we shake a drippy nose and cough, we get hit with an even messier one!

Basically since the end of January, no kidding, this house has been battling these nasty head cold viruses. How about you? I know they say the warm to cold temperatures supposedly have nothing to do with how often people get sick, but I insist on thinking that going from near 70 degree weather to snow every three days can't be good for keeping those pesky bugs out of our warm bods.

The hard thing is when you have a toddler who doesn't yet grasp the concept of covering a cough, and don't get me started on the complete lack of control over an erupting sneeze! I got hit really hard with a cold at the beginning of February and of course I get the round two because momma is the one wiping up all these drippy noses! Especially hard is the fact that when you are breastfeeding you pretty much have to just suck it up and tough it out because there aren't many medications you can take....BUT you can take Mucinex which helps! Gargling with salt water, Ricolas, hot tea with lemon, plenty of water and rest, ha, rest and plenty of it when and if you can get it.

When we got back from our short trip to California, we were welcomed by Remy who came down with yet another cold and an ear infection. She has never had one before this time. Then last weekend, Arlo came down with a terrible chest cold, the cough and the whole bit and ended up in the doctor's office twice this week with a bronchial infection. Her oxygen levels were low and a prescribed breathing treatment with an inhaler was given. She had us scared... her poor helpless body fighting this cold has been rough to watch, but she was better yesterday and really doing great today. She was smiling and up and at 'em in her Jumperoo! Still on the mend over here and not quite out of the woods, but we are doing much much better.

For babies and toddlers under two, we have discovered a few things to help soothe the littles while their tiny bodies fight off the virus. Like their breastfeeding momma, you can't give babies much of anything either. It is not recommended to give cough medicine or over the counter baby drugs to children under a certain age, but ask your doctor for any prescription and medical advice. These are merely natural remedies and things that we have found to help and have stocked in our medicine chest right now.

1. NoseFrida- "The Snot Sucker"- Absolutely disgusting, I know. I swore i would never ever...and I haven't. My husband went out and bought this on Monday and uses it and it seems to help. Just make sure you aren't light headed and you have a stomach of steel.

2. Bulb Syringe- You still need the good old fashioned booger sucker.

3. Sesame Oil- My mother in law shared with us to rub this on the chest. Seemed to help soothe.

4. Zarbee's Naturals Cough Syrup- This has been great for our toddler to soother her soar little throat. She is almost two. It is honey based so it is not recommended to administer this to children under 12 months because of the honey.

5. Saline Drops by Up & Up (Target brand)- We were buying saline drops by Little Remedies, but ran across a more affordable option by Target's house brand. These are a MUST. We do the saline drops, change the diaper and let it settle and then do the nasal sucking.

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6. Planetary Herbals- Well Child immunity boosting drops from Sprout's. Check your natural grocer or vitamin shop. My brother in law gives this to his girls to prevent them from getting sick...Of course nothing is 100%, but think of it like a little immunity boost like EmergenC for adults. A few drops in our toddler's zippy cup with her drinks here and there. Haven't noticed a huge change or difference as we were just turned on to it, but looking forward to trying it more often.

7. Aller-Calm drops by Sprout's- another natural supplement drop for our toddler when she had a cough and sore throat, sinus pressure.

8. Eucalyptus Oil- A few drops into their cold water Crane humidifiers and into a hot steamy bath tub for soothing vapors. We bought this one at Sprouts as well.

9. Motrin- Our doctor recommended this to ease swelling of throat for pain. See your doctor for dosage amounts and do not administer unless advised by your medical practitioner.

10. Vicks Baby Rub- Our toddler loves this now and requests, "Nosey" every night when we tuck her in now. Rub it on the chest and upper back and a swipe under the nose. This is something I grew up with from my momma. My hubby is not a fan of the smell or sensation, but I love it and I guess Remy does too.

11. Cumin- My mother in law recommended this natural remedy as well. We get the Cumin seeds and brew them like a tea. We use a medicine syringe to administer. About a teaspoon. This is great to calm a bad tummy too. Cumin helps with many things, we were using it to soothe the baby's throat since she can't have cough syrup.

Of course, nothing beats Vitamin C, D and B. Plenty of oranges, eggs, milk, spinach. The fresher you eat, the better obviously, but especially now. I am saying this as an open reminder to myself because all I want when I am sick is sweets and pasta. Oh, and another thing to eat/try is chicken broth. My mother in law make a dish of boiled chicken, potatoes, and rice. Something about the chicken broth...

What remedies have you found to help this cold season for babies and toddlers?

Stay well my friends!




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