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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Denver Christkindl Market

Denver Christkindl Market

Three days until Christmas, guys!  WHAT?! Last Friday, the girls and I bundled up and headed downtown to the Denver Christkindl Market!  Starting off right, I grabbed a coffee through the Starbucks drive through and our regular gal came running to the window to see the girls and she  gave them each one of those famous, and my fave, Starbucks Snowman sugar cookies!  That was so sweet of her- thank you!  Basically they nibbled the hat and put them back in the bag and I may have ate them a day or two later...

It was a FREEZING morning down at the Christkindl Market, but we were ALL in great spirits and excited to go to the big city after being cooped up for several days after our first real December snow.  Funny enough, this market visit with the girls is beginning to be a new little tradition, second year running.   We headed down there last year after being a little shut in as well.  I don't think I caught any photos of Arlo all snuggled in her carseat, but look at how small Remy was!   We had planned to head down to the Christkindl Market, in Skyline Park off 16th and Arapahoe, for the warmest day of the week last week, but with the sun hiding behind those tall buildings the girls and I did get a bit chilled on the short walk from the car over there.  We found AMAZING street parking- and it still had an hour on the meter!  I ALWYAS say, a trip downtown is meant to be when you find parking right away like that- and better yet, when the meter is still flashing green!  Thankfully the sun poked out and the market was on the sunny side of the street.  We started off with pastries, a chocolate filled croissant for Remy, She took one bite and never even made it to the best part, the center, and a Love Ring for Arlo (me), and hot chocolate!  Oh, and one of the stands was selling children's mittens- Hello Kitty mittens- SCORE!

There is also a beer garden tent there that has heater lamps!  YES!  We shed our coats and lunched community-style on a beef bratwurst and french fries, then the girls and I danced to polka music to get our blood flowing.  Of course, we HAD to get the cinnamon roasted nuts before we left- I mean- we HAD to!  That's one of the reasons we went to the market- those amazing sugar and cinnamon glazed almonds!  Of course Remy INSISTED on the large tub rather than the carrot shaped baggie size.  She was probably right in the end to go for the bigger batch because we are still snacking on them a week later- SO GOOD!

We also took home a small pickle ornament for our tree!  Starting a new, old, tradition with them this year!  Not sure if you know this German tradition, but momma or baba hides the pickle ornament on the tree maybe Christmas Eve or just before Christmas and everyone looks for it and whoever finds it first gets an extra gift.  At least that's how we played it growing up.  Do you know anything more about the pickle ornament tradition?  I LOVED showing this to Remy and explaining it and feeling like she UNDERSTOOD what I was talking about!  We picked out the perfect shade of green pickle, not to shiny, more matte.  I think I will hide it low and somewhere where both girls usually can fit by the tree and see to give them both ample opportunity, and probably will have two small gifts ready anyway for both girls, because you know, they're two and three.  I found these cool paints from Target in their arts and crafts section.  They are like a dobber/marker and you swipe it and it dries in 90 seconds.  So like a paint pen possibly.  Those will be good pickle gifts!

As a momma there is SO much to teach and so much responsibility- and you wonder when and how we are going to tackle real hard questions and explanations, like who this Baby "Cheezus" is...Don't worry, we have corrected her, but Remy but Remy wonders when she will get to meet this Baby Jesus.  We have seen many manger displays this Christmas season, mainly in yards around the neighborhood, which has opened up discussion of why we celebrate the season.  As we don't currently have a church we regularly attend, but being Christian myself, I want to explain the real importance of the celebrations with them.  Anyway, what a relief that the pickle ornament is pretty easy to explain, right?!  We also found a darling duck and baby chick ornament for them, the perfect big sis/little sis ornaments!

Thank you Amy of Bonella Photography for this new budding friendship and collaboration we have happening right now because these images of the girls and I are so special and so beautiful, THANK YOU.  These girls are my everything.  Once again, Amy was able to share with ME a representation and reminder of the simplest gestures I share intimately with them doing day to day things like buttoning a vest, mustard stained and all.   I am less critical of myself when I see a shot Amy has snuck of me just holding them, something about the way my eyes gaze into theirs.  I want to remember THAT!  Sharing things with them like traditions, dancing with them in straw aisles while tables full of office workers lunched and got a show, caring for them in everyday moments as simple as they are like buckling them into the stroller or putting their hats on.  For me, photos serve such an important purpose, besides being something beautiful, they document our emotions and feelings and who we are in certain stages our lives within a quick open and close of a shutter.  My husband may never understand the need for so many photos, but maybe he will when the girls are grown and we are too old to leave our home to venture out, we can live these moments again of what these feelings were to be cold and out there, looking at nesting dolls, being surprised together with each twist and finding a tiny doll inside, the smells of the sweet nuts and the sizzling latkes on the grill, the soft cozy mittens being pushed onto cold, tiny fingers not yet trained to find their home.  So, thank you so very much Amy.

Last post before Christmas, so I want to wish all of you and yours a very Merry Christmas!  Soak it all up and make it last as long as possible- tis magical, beautiful time of year, my friends!  The Denver Christkindl Market is definitely worth a trip downtown for if you are looking for an activity to do with the family, and the last day to see it this year is tomorrow, December 23rd!  I hear it is supposed to be warmer, in the 50's tomorrow too!  Merry Christmas!!!


(All images are property of Haleeb & Honey, taken by Amy Jenkins of Bonella Photography.  You may not use or share images without written permission and full citation. Copywright 2016.)

I am wearing a vintage/trhifted green blouse, (similar by Isabel Marant) high waist blue Bill Blass denim (similar) and fur coat (similar) or  THIS one, "Slip a Sable under the tree..." by Oscar!  Shoes by Elizabeth and James from a few years ago, but sort of WANT these sportier, all-weather ones here! Remy is wearing a coat from Old Navy, a red and white stripe dress from A Kid brand, but this sweater dress version from Tooby Doo is adorable, and they are both wearing these Tommy Hilfiger boots and grey sweater tights from TJ Maxx.  Arlo's coat is H&M from last year, and her dress is from Children's Place this year, but this one is sweet too!  Both of the girls' hats are thrifted.


Christmas Morning!

Christmas Morning!

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