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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Baby's First Christmas: A Gift Guide

Baby's First Christmas: A Gift Guide


It's baby's first Christmas, gift guide! Okay, now this is for all of you super last minute shoppers out there!

I couldn't resist putting a little gift guide together for my babe!   This is her first Christmas, and even though this is our second daughter in just two consecutive Christmases, even more a reason to find something special just for her!  I know there are articles out there, like this, on whether you should or should not buy your baby gifts for their first Christmas, but we decided, well, mama mostly, that it would be nice to buy  one or two things.  After all, big sis is going to have fun opening them up anyway!  I don't know, is it me or do other mommies out there feel weird if you don't have a little something for your chub chub to experience on Christmas morn when you have an elder child who will be showered with gifts?  I know, I know...the husband is my practical meter and he has already firmly put my whimsy into check.  Still.

If you are an aunt, or uncle, a Nana or a Pops, maybe a best friend and God mom, well, I know YOU all are going to want to gift your newest addition a trinket or two, so this list is for you too!

My daughter is going to be four months on the 10th of January, so this is a list with her in mind on where she is at.  Babies grow at different speeds and hit milestones at their own pace, so this is by no means a checklist of where or when your baby should be doing what, just a fun list of ideas for gifts.  Also worth noting is that this is my SECOND baby, so while Remy has more than enough to share, there are still things here and there that pop up- new items, or things I wanted to get for Remy but am trying out this time around, and special things that are new to her and FOR her.  It's okay to get your babe a fresh pair of jammies every now and again.  In fact, although I saved all of Remy's clothing, I recently donated a lot of her pajamas that had snaps.  With the second child, I have become so irritated with these darn snaps on these pajamas!  Who thought this was a great idea?!  I am going zippers all the way...

My daughter is grasping small, light hand toys now!  I put a little duckie rattle in her clenched paw a couple weeks ago and video taped her bewilderment!  Now, she can find and grab toys herself.  She was hitting her toys hanging from her play gym for about a month or two, but I can see her start to be more aware that she is actually capable of that movement.  Cause and effect!  So, in her stocking Santa has told me he is bringing her a couple of small hand toys this first Christmas.  One is more of a rattle, the other is more of a teether.  Oh the teething... so not looking forward to THAT!  She has been gnawing at her little fists for weeks and drooling so much, I think tiny teeth may be on the horizon.

It might also be a good idea to gift baby something more for mommy and daddy too in preparation of their next stages of growth.  That being tummy time, and sitting up, (with assistance), and then feeding at five or six months.  Everyone showers parents with newborn gifts and gear to celebrate the birth of a baby, Christmas is a good time to check in on where that little cherub is now with parents and great gift ideas are to help them prep for the next few months as they grow at the speed of light.

My momma has a little tradition of giving all her grand babies a First Christmas ornament.  I LOVE that she does this for us too.  She also gifted us a gorgeous baby book for Remy and now I just received one for Arlo for Christmas.  A baby book is a wonderful gift idea, because there will always be something to add to it now and over the next few years.  It was funny, when I was researching for this post, I actually came across my OWN baby book being sold on Ebay!  Wild!  Well, not mine, but a vintage Hallmark book with the same cover as the one my mom made for me!  Crazy that they are selling these things on Ebay.

Do you have a little Little this Christmas?  Did you decide to skip presents?  Would love to hear your thoughts!


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Left to Right, top to bottom:

1. Tummy time!  I never used this with Remy, thinking about something similar this time around.  Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Prop Pillow from Target- $15.99.

2. We love to hang mobiles, or anything eye catching above our bed, diaper changers, and now our chandelier in the kitchen where the baby sits in her bouncer underneath it on our table when we're in the kitchen.  I love this one by Manhattan Toy because it is easily portable. $11.19 on Amazon.

3.  This was a cute little hand rattle/teether in fun colors by Sassy.

4. The sweetest, and SOFTEST jammies from Carter's- and they ZIP!  On sale for $9.99 right now at Kohl's, which, btw, is open through Christmas Day, for like a hundred and some hours straight!

5. This little green gummy guy looks fun!  Mr. Fred Gum Me Bear, available at $10.39

6. I stumbled upon these awesome sensory balls in a set at Target! Infantino Go GaGa Textured Ball 10-Piece Set $14.99

7. The book above is the one my mom so generously picked out for us.  The one below is what mine looks like!

images-38. We have a similar light projector with sound machine for Remy, only hers is an elephant.  I spotted this super cuddly, plush bunny version at Barnes and Noble and fell in love!  Arlo already has a sound machine now so I will wait until she is older and in her own room.  But he's so CUTE!

9. Last, these ADORABLE booties!  These are a total splurge item.  No mom of two is going to buy shoes for their 4 month old, let alone such a luxe pair like these, but for the babe who has everything or the momma who loves to spoil... these are gorge!  From Baby Easy Peasy and available at J. Crew online! $59


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