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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Belmar Boo!

Belmar Boo!

So there's an expiration date on post-Halloween photos for sure, and I am probably fast approaching, if not expiring, that date!  Hope these don't come across as sour milk!

Of course these little doughiness could never be anything but sweet!

I made it home from New York just in time to get my gals suited up, in costumes from last year, and head west to the Belmar Boo celebration, trick-or-treat street.  Out in these parts, maybe in yours too, seeing a lot of the retail shops and areas doing these trick-or-treat streets.  Very generous of the retailers to open their doors and be distracted with hoards of kiddos to pass out candy for the morning.  Thank you!

We got there around noon and only stayed about an hour.  It was actually almost eighty degrees out and Remy was cranky and sleepy, see the photo below of her sitting on the chair....We did pop in the "hair-bow-store," aka Claire's just for a quick minute.  We are now getting "Christmas ideas," wherever we go.

Remy perked up a bit after we headed into a neat store, Favorit Things!  They gave the girls fake vampire teeth and witch finger tips inside the store and I found a cute new fall tea towel for the kitchen.  All fall decor was 40% off!

A couple favorite  costumed friends we found along the streets of Belmar were the taco doffs outside Jamba Juice and this adorable family as Charlie & the Chocolate Factory theme!  Her husband was Willy Wonka and around the corner somewhere, but her mini Oompa Loompa kept taking his wig off and climbing the stairs so I quickly snapped these three.

On Halloween we trick-or-treated with little friends across the street and went door to door on a few blocks around our home.  It was super disappointing this year because so many houses were dark, but the girls had a BLAST!  Arlo just told me tonight that she LOVED trick-or-treating!  Her favorite candy?  "Em M's!"

It was a joy to watch this tiny tan donut running up the lawns and trailing behind as she stuffed candy into her mouth on the walk back to the sidewalk!  They literally were eating EVERY piece they were receiving as they went!  And Remy's little straw poking out against the black night as she ran along with her friends!  Their tiny voices, "Trick-or-TREEEEAT!"

I am going to admit, I was in a sour puss mood.  Husband reminded me, not about me, but them.  He tells me ALL the things I NEVER want to hear.  I had such high expectations for trick-or-treating, never got a family photo before dark, never got that holiday coffee to warm my hands as I walked, we didn't take the bike I completely decorated in gold garland and lights....nothing happened as I had thought it would, but the girls' memories of the night will be about the sacks full of candies and being out late in the stars running around their childhood neighborhood with their good friends.  

How about you all?!  Do you just set the bar SO HIGH on Halloween?  Are you crafting and making costumes?!  I bow down....Maybe i will get to that point of planning and preparation, but for now, loving store bought, and also REPEAT costumes.

Hope you all had a SAFE Halloween.  Until next year!  Thinking about if they can wear the donuts one more time.... but I think next year I should let them choose.



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