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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

BEST Baby Buys

BEST Baby Buys


If I had to do it all over again... oh wait- I am!!!- I would buy these baby items again. Here's my two cents on the whole baby registry thing and the essentials of what you really need before you bring baby home. First off, toss out the giant list from Babies R Us, like immediately. of course they want you to register for a bottle warmer and wipe warmer and towel warmer...they want to SELL stuff! I don't suggest going into the store alone to do this, nor do I recommend taking a hubby. Personally, my feelings are that hubbies are going to trust mommies and going alone will make you go crazy, probably. i don't know, I chose to do mine all online, like the day I found out I was expecting. My take on it was to talk to friends and family who were moms already, reading blogs, reading articles in magazines and the pregnancy book section at Barnes & Noble has a multitude of books on the subject of prepping for baby. I compiled all these lists, narrowed it down after really pondering our lifestyle. Think about what room in the house or apartment you will be most. Are you planning to put your baby in crib right away? Then you might not need to buy a bassinet if it's only temporary- borrow one! Are you a hiking momma who needs an off road type stroller, or are you a mall rat momma who just needs to transport baby safely? Will you be staying home, have two cars, using a day care or nanny service- how many car seats does one baby need? See if your carseat can safely be strapped into the backseat just by way of seat belt or think about a base for each car.

This can take weeks if not, well, nine months! So start early! I added things, deleted them, added things, deleted, until I felt I had what was necessity by the time of my shower. This time around, I feel like a pro!

You'll also be collecting things over the nine months, and friends and family might lend you items or buy you items so delete those as you go. I am a list maker and this really help me keep sane especially in the final nesting phase. Another point, think ahead! Like, past the first three months! What will you need at 4 months? How about 6 and 9 months? Read up on these stages and see that you might need to prepare for teething earlier than expected- throw a tube of Baby Orajel or teething tablets on that registry! You'll be glad you have it at 2 am. They will be sitting up before you know it, but might need a little assistance. Maybe think about a pillow or a chair to assist. Then comes jumping and wanting to walk and play...add a few older toys and exploratory items on your registry and stash away for the day when baby all of a sudden is bored of being on his back.

So here are my favorite purchases that I don't regret one bit, and would recommend to others expecting. No gimmicks, no rebates for suggesting these items, just honest opinion and feedback.

From left to right

Baby Buys

1. An infant bath tub. Seems obvious, I know, but I had purchased a Puj, a foam insert that SUPPOSEDLY fits all sink situations. Well after our baby was home and belly button was off, one month later!!!, we were ready to get the baby wet and here we were running around the house to all the sinks with a naked baby seeing where the Puj would fit- none! I thought it would be such a space saver and dry easily, and I am sure it works for those short on space, but for us, a big ugly plastic tub is actually what we needed. Our baby was already 8 or more pounds and too big for sink bathing. Hubby actually went out and bought this Safety First version from Ross for like $12.99.

2. Carter's zip-up jammies. The ZIPPER! Oh the zipper! I have SO many soft and expensive jammies and play suits and you know what, they all have snaps! Hubby helped with almost as many diapers as I and he could do all but those pesky snaps. I could barely see after all those wake up calls every two hours to snap! It wasn't until Remy got older, like 7 months that we realized, hey, why don't we just buy jambes with zippers?! Duh! Remy just had a growth spurt and I needed more jambes. I found these zip up Carter's brand pieces at JC Penney, on sale for $4.97 a pair about three weeks ago!

3. Floor mat play gym. Remy LOVED lying underneath a toy bar for months! It kept her attention and she learned to focus and grasp early on. This version from Bright Starts has a motion activated kick pad that turns lights and sound on above baby. This teaches cause and effect. Expensive, but a great buy. Use your gift cards from your shower, or register for one. I know that at Target, after your shower, for anything you didn't receive that is still on your list, you get like 15% off. Only trick is you have to buy it all at one time. You can't go back several times...

4. Graco baby monitor. We used this version which is just sound. Family let us borrow it and it worked great for us. It was not the fancy video set for $300, but it was all we needed. Again, think of lifestyle. be smart. Our nursery is right next to our bedroom. I can hear her without the monitor really, but if she is napping and I want to step outside the house to chat with a neighbor, I take the monitor. If we are in the basement working out, I grab the monitor. Now that she is older and able to stand up in crib, and maybe when she is older and able to get out of bed, we may or may not need a video monitor. Depends on what you want to do. I may just get up and walk to room to check things out... we'll see.

5. Up and Up Target brand sensitive wipes. You can get a box of eight packs for about $15.00. A total value. The packs last a while and they have been fine on our baby's skin. We also love the Target brand Up & Up diapers- never had a rash or a blowout and we have found them to be very reasonably priced- if you go the disposable route. I registered for Pampers, and received many diapers, thank goodness!!! I even received some Huggies. I think each brand fits each child differently. It amy take some blowouts for you to discover what works on your baby. For us Pampers were great, but pricier, and Huggies were terrible on her. She leaked and had a couple blowouts in them. I do highly suggest you register for diapers. We had enough for at least three months and then some later when she was size two and three. If they are on your registry, at least with Target, you can exchange them for bigger sizes if needed. Don't register for too many newborn diapers. Not everyone's baby is pint size! They only go up to 8 lbs.!!! Remy was almost 8 at both and was only in newborns for maybe three weeks... You will need about 10-12 a day in beginning though- so do your math! I researched the heck out of this and registered for quantities based on estimates of how many diaper changes there were at different ages. Oh, and if you download the Cartwheel app for Target, when you get in store, check out deals on baby in diapering and usually Up & Up brands are on sale. Just add coupon and scan your phone at checkout. I saved $3 on diapers and wipes.

6. Safety First high chair. We had found ours at a K Mart closing for super cheap- maybe $30. Sure some may think it looks ugly, or it's bulky, or it's not modern looking, but you know what, at the end of the day it's not a permanent fixture in your home, it's temporary and to be honest your child gets food all over these things and may even have a blowout while you're feeding them. You just need something that straps them in and has a tray. This version has been great because the seat cover is washable, and if you notice, there is a foot bar tray. This catches so much food and crumbs and I just easily wipe it down. Adjustable heights and easily foldable too. It's at Target for less than $50 right now.

7/8. Safety First nose bulb syringe and Safety First toothbrush set. You'll need both. Both cost less than $5. Oh, and the baby nail clippers!!! Or just get the set...

9. Munchkin bath mat. Love this thing! Discovered it about a month ago when Remy outgrew her tub. She probably could have used this sooner, but she wasn't as steady sitting up. This is $10.99, also available at Target. She loves touching the colored dots and she hasn't slipped. This is great for sitting age. I like that after her bath I can peel it up, it has suction cups on bottom, and lay on side of tub to dry. I didn't want permanent sticky dots on my tub floor.

10. Munchkin washable diaper changing pads, set of three. These are $9.79 I believe, also at Target. Priceless. Your baby will pee, and poop, and pee and poop again sometimes before you get a diaper under that tush. The last thing you want to do in the middle of a diaper change is get more poo on you or the baby, or have to change the whole diaper changer cover. I put these down on the diaper changer or pad and all I have to do if there's a leak is roll it up and there is a clean, dry surface underneath. No need to strip down the whole changing table. I had two packs and they have washed and worn really well. I still sue them.

11. Giggle for JC Penney fleece sleeping bag. I didn't purchase this until December. I had an Aden & Anais muslin sleeping bag but as we took a trip to New York in the winter, I was anticipating I needed something warmer. I suggest buying one heavy weight and one light weight version. Remy was never much for swaddling so those straight jacket type swaddle/blankets with velcro were never even attempted in our house, but this has been great as they advise no additional blankets in crib with baby. I think it was around $20. Giggle Baby is an expensive baby store/online, maybe based in NYC, but I discovered they have a line at JC Penney and was thrilled to find it locally, and for less.

12. Aden & Anais hooded towel and washcloth set. I purchased mine with a generous gift card i received to a local boutique called Giggling Green Bean. It is pricier, maybe $40, but the towel has been used pretty much every bath since. It is large enough for baby as they grow, those newborn ones are only good for a month or two, and the hood is great for drying hair.

13. A big jar-o-Aquaphor. I suggest buying a jar for every room/place you will be changing baby. This stuff has been great and is also what our baby prep classes recommended too. We put this on after very diaper change and Remy has luckily never had a rash. It creates a barrier between skin and diaper and keeps moisture away. The tub is $14.99. I had two- one for upstairs, and one for downstairs. I used one tub in 9 months, and still have a bit left in the second. I JUST bought a third jar at almost 10 months! I also have tubes for on the go.

14. Here's the light weight muslin Aden & Anais sleeping bag. I got the large size- 6-12 months and she still fits. My daughter was on the tall side. I also had one in the small size, maybe 0-6 months. You may want to get one of each size depending on length of your baby. They will always grow so you know they will be able to use the large. Again this was purchased at Giggling Green Bean and was a little pricier, but worth it, maybe $40...

15. A diaper changing table. Whether you plan to have a pad on a dresser, I think what I plan to do with the second baby as it will be in our room, or have a stand alone diaper changer, I think this is important. My hubby thought I was insane and thought we should change on the floor like our parents might have. He mocked me and thought I was being prissy, but for me, I insisted. I was not going to crouch down at wee hours in the morning changing diapers! He was the one who suggested I pout it on this list! I asked him what he thought was the most useful items for baby and he said the diaper changer. I use it at least three times a day. Ours was from Target online, and maybe $120???

16. Trumpette socks. I know, I know. Socks? I can get socks anywhere. Yes, you can, but they will fall off! I have tried Circo brand and Carter's and they do not stay on. Sure, Remy will pull these off too now that she knows how, but they stay on! They also fit a wide age span. Newborn to...still wearing at 10 months. They come in fun patterns and looks for boys and girls. You can find the sets at Nordstrom, or boutiques. They are normally like $20 a set, but I found mine on Gilt for like $11 a set. They also wash and wear well. Oh, just saw they do have 10-12 months and 12-24 months sizes.

17. Safety First brush and comb set. Our daughter was born with a lot of hair, but you will eventually need something to comb through baby's tresses. I really wanted an adorable Skip Hop set that comes in a bunny, but it was like $20 or so. This was less than $5 at Target and does the same thing.

18. Humidifier. We received this from our registry. The Crane frog, cools ager humidifier. It is essential in dry Colorado. Also, the noise acts as a white noise machine too. Make sure you get a cool water version.... something about no mold growth....Crane makes several animal versions, or a sleek modern tear drop version if you want to skip the cute. Also sold at Target, about $40.

19. Nature Baby booties. THIS brand of booties. They are all natural, organic cotton yes, great, but what I loves was that they were the ONLY booties that stayed on!!!! The tie! The Magical tie! They also fit her the longest period of time. Newborn to about 8 months. I don't think they carry larger sizes, I checked. You can get them directly from their website, $14.95 a pair and up, or through J. Crew online, for like $16. I was totally flabbergasted when I saw a green striped pair at my local thrift store for $1.75! Kid you not! Saving them for the next baby.

20. (Not pictured) oops, forgot this photo- the Baby Bjorn rubber bib with a lip! $11.99 at Target and the ONLY bib you need. I never used the cloth or cute bibs with Remy. When we started solids at 6 months, this was the only one I use. It is easy to snap on, all rubber, most likely BPA free, and easy to wash after each feeding. Not bad to fit in a diaper bag on the go either.

21. (Not pictured) okay I need to stop adding...but the Munchkin 5 pack spoons. Available at Target, $2.99. These are deeper than other baby spoons and the best to keep food on spoon and into baby's mouth. I want to get another set but hubby says I can just wash the five I frugal that man...

So there you have it! What are some of your baby essential musts? What would you skip next time around or suggest for me for this next one? Would love to hear!

Thanks for popping in!


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