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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Bike Ride to Bryant Park & A Book

Bike Ride to Bryant Park & A Book

After dance class one of the afternoons I was in NYC, I hopped back on the bike and road up to the library area.  THE New York Public Library, behind Bryant Park.  It only took me seven NYC trips to get here, but I made it and SO SO happy I got to see her!

I parked the bike blocks away, grabbed a couple slices of cheese on 9th and 42nd I believe and it was HOT and delicious!  Oh, and $2!  I walked past Times Square, popped in H&M, and managed to just window shop!  I continued on and found Bryant Park!  The shops were starting to open, and the ice was being prepped for their rink!  Ornaments, waffles, heater lamps and people cozying up with drinks, and just in front of the magnificent library, chess players.

There were a few trees yellowing and giving a golden glow to those proud lions protecting this opulent landmark.  I spent a little time outside, soaking in the statues, the details, the stone.  Maybe it's because I am from Colorado, where we don't have much in historic buildings, but I LOVE the architecture of the past.  As I entered the library, I ran my hands across the carved wooden doors.  GORGEOUS.

The inside took my breath away.  A MUST see.  Where do I start?!  I was gushing to the security guards bout how lucky they are to get to work in such  beautiful place!  The woman laughed and said the novelty has worn off on her.  The gentleman suggested I hurry up to the next floor and gave me a room number to see.  With a half hour before closing, I skipped up the steps to another decadent view, THAT ceiling!

I sat on a bench and just took it all in.  Such a wonder.  I finally picked my tired, blistered feet up and shuffled, I mean literally shuffled, after two days of dance, and the WORST new shoes ever, I am not sure how I finished my NYC trip with the one single pair of sneakers I had.  Anyway, the view in the research, quiet room, with a large window and peeking in the background the Empire State Building!  That's enough to put pep back in my step!  I was just in awe!  Even the tables, the chairs, the water fountains were something to witness and write about, so here I am writing about it.  Here is a place where everyday people are buried in books, scanning screens and blind to the specialness they are planting themselves in.  Lucky.  

I made it back to the room on architecture and art, coincidentally.  I just wanted to sit at a table and open a book, and really BE there, not as a tourist, but as a student.  I sat down, reached over and found a gem of a book on some of the best typography of the mid century.  Not sure of the title.  I had a bout ten minutes with it and then the lights shut off.  Nobody moaned or groaned, the workers had their messenger bags on and they were almost already through the door.  It was all very mechanical, and expected and routine.  Just, here is our library, it's closed now, time to go.  Until another day. 

After that, I darted down a hallway just in time to go potty before the security locked that up as well.  Even the hallway to the potty had ART- amazing photography!  I was lingering and got scolded that they were closing up.  Such a beauty, I am so so happy I was able to spend a little time with her.

After that, I walked across the street and found Joe the Juice.  I wasn't about to spend $10 on a shake or a juice, sorry Joe, so I opted for a latte instead.  It was a very sultry little spot with a hip crowd to people watch.  

I stopped by Times Square once more and headed back on the bike for a crisp night ride.  

A very good day indeed.



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