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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Toddler Book Club (eight)

Toddler Book Club (eight)

We haven't posted a "what we're reading" book club post in a while! That doesn't mean we haven't been busy toddlers reading! My girls LOVE books!  We read anywhere from 2-4 a night, but I have tried reading throughout the day here and there as well.  We have books in their rooms, in their play areas, in a basket in the car...In fact, the best car occupier for us is a huge basket of books, especially those huge board books like Look and Sees, Finder/type books!

Sometimes if it has been a very long day and I am losing them, we do one book at story time , but that is hardly NEVER because I genuinely LIVE for reading aloud to them too!  Some nights I admit I am in a sour mood and just want to get them in their pajamas and get them to bed, but alas, we do our story time.  It is part of our daily/nightly routine and it they will NOT give that part of bedtime up, and you know what, it would feel ODD to me too if we didn't do it.  Like brushing teeth.  Arlo sits on one side and Remy sits on the other and we rock in a big comfy chair in Remy's room and read.

Sometimes lately, the first girl to get out of the bath is the one who gets their story read first, like tonight.  Other nights, it is the shortest story is read first.  Other times, we say the first girl tog et on my lap gets their story read first.  We always read everyone's choice!  It is getting interesting now that they are nearly four and two and half, because THEY are choosing what we read.

We are learning and getting into character books like Amelia Bedelia, although her humor is a little advanced for my girls yet.  And Pinkalicious, Fancy Nancy, Maisy, Splat the Cat, Little Critter, and Curious George are favorites around here.  I have also started incorporating more educational, non-fiction, books into our circulation when we go to the library and I have a few on our shelves.  Remy has shown interest in the couple of books I have found for her on the human body.

We LOVE to support our local shops and economy as best we can when buying books too.  We have purchased books at Barnes & Noble and Amazon of course, but the bulk of our shelves, probably like 98% of it has actually come from secondhand shops.  We discovered an adorable bookstore near us, a couple blocks from Stanley Marketplace in Aurora called Turn a Page Bookshop, and we recently found a great stack of books from there including Alphabet Mystery and Splish, Splash, Splat! which are newer titles and were hard backs in excellent condition!  Check out our friend Heather's shop!  This is NOT a paid/sponsored post whatsoever.  I hyperlinked to the books on Amazon for easy reference, reviews, for you, but I highly encourage you to check your local resale bookseller Like Turn a Page Bookshop.  She also has a children's story time on Saturdays at 11 am!

We found this book thrifting recently, What Dad's Can't Do, and let's just say this mama got choked up on the last few pages.  A line, "but Dad's can't give up on life, no matter what," GULP!  And, "A Dad can't stop loving you." SNIFF!

Here's a little collage of our favorites lately.  See the little synopsis of them below the collage.

What are your favorite toddler reads?!  You can see more of our favorites in past Book Club posts, here and here.



From left to right, top to bottom:

"What Dads Can't Do," by Douglas Wood and Douglas Cushman, 2000- Hard to believe this book is 17 years old!  This is why I LOVE shopping for books secondhand, you find those vintage, older titles!  I never know what I am going to get and this one was no different.  I brought it home after only flipping through it quickly to check wordiness, etc.  This one was such a sweet surprise!  loved the ending!

"Dinosaurs Love Underpants," by Clare Freedman and Ben Cort, 2009-  Apparently there is an "Underpants" series of books out there.  We happened to see this one at Turn a Page Bookshop, and loved it!  Arlo especially loves and requests it!  In the beginning jacket page there are different illustrations of different undies and I asked which ones they thought mommy would like and they pointed to the cave woman, furry pair!  Haha!  Cute, fun, light hearted read.

"Corduroy Goes to School," by B.G. Hennessy and Don Freeman, 2002-  This was our first book on the little guy!  We need to get the original, but this one is cute with little flaps.  I am picking up little books about going to school, first day of school, etc. as Remy is headed to pre-school for three half days a week this fall!  

"Animal Alphabet" (Disney's Little Einsteins), by Thea Feldan, 2008- This is a large board book we recently found thrifting.  Arlo is SUPER into Little Einstein's!  Truth be told, we have only read it once aloud so far, only had it about a week, but it's been a go to every car ride since.

"Your Insides," by Joanna Cole, 1992-  Another oldie but a goodie!  Found thrifting, this book does an excellent job of introducing young children to physical anatomy of the human body.  It has great illustrations and easy to understand, relatable concepts.  We need to look at this more!

"School Picture Day," by Lynn Plourde and Thor Wickstrom, 2002- A longer read for sure, great for those ONE book nights, but it is super entertaining and keeps a captivated audience in my two toddler girls.  (Although attention spans for reading in toddlers varies drastically.)  We found this in paperback version at Turn a Page Book Shop.  I read it aloud to them in the store and we knew we had to have it!  

"Splish, Splash, Splat!" by Rob Scotton, 2011- Splat this mama loves you!  I don't know if it's the girls so much as ME loving this little fuzzy kitty!  The illustrations of him... too cute!  And the way it reads, something about the choice of words make it fun to personify and read aloud to them!  This one is great because Remy has been taking swimming lessons since January, about twice a week.  We may take a small break from it for awhile and work with her this summer one on one, but in this book Splat takes swimming.  I think children's books that can grab their attention and make them relate to literature is a key component in building an interest in reading.  I hope so anyway!  That's my take!  It doesn't matter WHAT we are reading really, as long as we are reading, and repeat, and read and repeat.  They will find their niche/genre after learning the fundamentals.

"One Stuck Drawer," by Laura Nyman Montenegro, 1991- I found this at a resale book shop in NYC, on my last trip there, that post here.  I also picked up, "Tyrannosaurys Drip."  This particular book reseller didn't seem to have any old book, it was extremely curated and the children's section was very small.  As I looked through the books, I could tell there was something special and select about what they had and why.  I didn't get to speak to the owner, it was late at night, but I thought it was special to bring back these two for the girls.  They are both beautiful books and unique stories.

"Alphabet Mystery," by Audrey Wood and Bruce Wood, 2003- Back to those fundamentals, the alphabet! Do we sing the ABC's everyday, nope, but ABC books are a great time to get it in the word diet.  This one is a cute little tale about a missing letter friend and how the alphabet brought him home.  I don't want to give it away, but the end has a SWEET message for moms!  Would make a cute Mother's Day gift from a kiddo or a Daddy.  Another ABC book that is really cute, I thought we had it but we don't, we must have borrowed it from the library, is "Alpha Oops!  The Day Z Went First," by Althea Kontis and Bob Kolar.  

So there you have it!  I love putting these toddler book suggestions together for you!  Time consuming, yes, but gratifying!

Happy reading!

And now some photos I snapped of the girls, totally unstaged!  I caught the girls reading in Remy's room one afternoon just as that sun was setting and I grabbed my camera so fast!  They truly do love reading, I hope I can encourage that as they grow.

Wearing:  Both Remy and Arlo are wearing thrifted dresses, however THIS sundress by Marmelatta is ADORABLE!  I have been loving their dresses!  And I was in Hanna Andersson the other day looking at swimwear and I saw this vintage vibe striped metallic number and it stopped me in my tracks!  










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