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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Book Club (five)

Book Club (five)


Haven't posted a "Book Club" post in awhile! Now that Arlo is into books as well, mostly flipping them open and turning pages, (oh and she's a page ripper!), we have two mini bookworms to satisfy with plenty of fresh reads every now and then.

Remy's attention span to books has somehow always been unusually long for her age.  I don't stick to the age bracket the books are geared towards, instead, I go off of whether or not it is an interesting story or not, length of pages, and words per page, and of course illustration.  Some parents will only buy books with "good messages," or educational reads, but I think it is important just to READ, period.  The more you read, and from all categories and genres, the more your child will listen, engage and eventually tell you what THEY want to read themselves.  I ran into a retired elementary school teacher once at the thrift store, in the book section, and in a round about way she was poking around at my basket and then explained her past profession to me and she told me read everything, anything, and said it didn't matter so much what the material was.  I had already taken her approach and agreed.  She approved my book buys and even found me in the store in another area to show me a book she recommended.

Arlo is a different story, no pun intended.  She will not sit through even short, baby board books, unless she is REALLY tired and relaxed.  She has so much energy and when I try to do the whole reading-before-bed thing with her, she is all over the place and just not ready for that.  Each kiddo is different.  So with Arlo, I need to make more of an effort to read to her throughout the day.  It doesn't happen everyday, but we read when I see her flipping through books.

Which brings me to another important point.  Where to store books for kiddos.  I have them in their rooms and in both play areas.  I try to have them facing out and in a manner that attracts them to want to pick out a title on their own.  Some books that are nicer I keep in the bedrooms, but all are fair game for reading.  More durable, larger books, board and flap books are always accessible in the play areas.  We also take smaller, mobile books, board books, cloth books or Little Golden books with us on the go and in the car.  Arlo has been more destructive than Remy.  I think Remy tore one, maybe two book pages.  Arlo on the other hand has destroyed at least four books that I can think of.  Now that she understands what "no" means, we hope to keep better care of our books.

This also comes at a great time with the holidays approaching.  I always, ALWAYS, recommend books.  My children will get more use out of a book than any toy.

So here are the books Remy brings to me most lately...

What books are your kiddos into?

  1. "Iggy Peck Architect,"(2007) by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts- LOVE this one!  I love that it talks about a profession, an architect, but it also brings up great historical architects, monuments in the most fluid way.  How about that nod to Antoni Gaudi with the part about "he built churches and chapels from peaches and apples,"?  Brilliant, fun rhyming and the illustrations are incredible.  I want that teacher's clothing... I was eyeing this one at Barnes & Noble, but was THRILLED when I found it at the thrift store! (Oops- I think this one was in the last Book Club post too...)

A couple favorite pages...

book 1


2. "The Hat," (1970) by Tomi Ungerer- A thrift store find, and an oldie, (from the seventies), with old world language, but Remy loves it and so do I!  This one is about a magic hat that brings an old hobo good luck and turns him into a very wealthy and blessed man.  In the end, the hat flies off to find another man to bless, just as the book had began.  The illustrations are silly and the phrases are too, "Thunder of Sebastopole!"  I LOVE to mix in vintage books with modern stories for the girls.  I feel older books tend to use higher vocabulary and different expressions that can really enrich a little brain.



3. "One Bear Lost," (2007) by Karen Hayles and Jenny Jones- Another trhifted book.  A cute, and SHORT read, about ten bears in the winter.  A cute little counting book.  No hard lessons, just cute photos and a count down from one to ten.  Editors' note here- sometimes I step outside the words on the page and ask Remy what colors are in the page, or ask her how many items there are in a picture.



4. "Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day," ( 1972) by Judith Viorst and Illustrated by Ray Cruz- Another thrift find, and another seventies throwback!  Some peeps from my generation may remember this one, there was even a movie made out of it recently, although after reading this and seeing that, they could have done a better job cinematically, but I actually had never read it until now.  If I did read it as a girl, it is geared to 5-9 year olds, I had not remembered it.  This one is very fun to read out loud and Remy seems to really like it.  The black and white illustrations are SO GOOD.  I LOVE the mode furniture and check out the momma's head scarf!



5. "Curious George and the Puppies," by Margret & H.A. Rey's- A large board book I found thrifting.  It is a bit of a longer read.  A great intro read into the world of Curious George.  Remy isn't majorly into C. George, but she does like this book.  Simple, repetitive words, definitely geared towards younger kiddos.  Remy and I always go through what all the animals are in the cages.



6. "Even Firefighters go to the Potty," by Wendy Wax and Naomi Wax and illustrated by Stephen Gilpin- A rare Amazon book purchase for me, but I decided to add it into the cart of our travel potty.  The weather has turned very cold since we received the potty so we haven't got a verdict in on that yet, but this book has been a fun read for both of us.  Remy is really into spotting the eyes on the characters and animals in books lately.  It's so funny but on the foreman she always asks, "Wur his eyesz? Wur his eyes?"  It's a little lesson-y type book about how everyone takes potty breaks.  Surprisingly she hasn't had any wet accidents because we just take her every hour and a half or so, but it's those darn doo doos!  Anyone have a book recommendation for that?!



7. "Mario Makes a Move," (2012) by Jill McElmurry- A thrifted one.  SO cute!  About a little squirrel, we love squirrels around here, and his little friend who like to show off their "moves."  Touches a little on how every one is special and unique but also important to have fun and be yourself.  Or, maybe I am reading way MORE into it than maybe just a story about two squirrels leaping through branches.  I love the compliments she gives him, "graceful."book22


I recently found the girls some wonderful, new-to-us books, while thrifting and they are tucked away for Christmas.  We have quite the budding library over here...

Thanks for READING!


P.S. You can read Book Club (one), (two), (three), or (four) for other children's book ideas.

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