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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Book Club (nine)

Book Club (nine)

It's been about 64 trips to the library and several major holidays since we have reported on what we are reading lately and really loving in children's books...felt it was a good time to share since we've discovered some really great books AND also because timing- there are Easter baskets to fill soon!

I have been sharing our growing library for quite sometime.  Here's our first Book Club post!  And here is the last Book Club post we did before this one, from April of last year!  If you search "Book Club" they should all come up.  

Here are a few of our most requested reads recently (from left to right, top to bottom).

1. "Love Monster and the Last Chocolate," by Rachel Bright.  If you haven't read the original, "Love Monster," then add that one too!  These are such cute stories and fun illustrations.  In the "Last Chocolate," Love Monster gets a little greedy with his box of chocolates but in the end decides to do the right thing and share, and there is a sweet surprise in store for him, proving that being a good friend first has its rewards.  I literally cried reading this to Remy's class at her pre-school party on Valentine's Day.  I helped organize her Valentine's Day party and we centered the theme loosely around this book.  I read it aloud and choked up at the end.  I had thirty tiny faces staring up at me, four teachers, a half dozen parents who volunteered...all clinging to my every word.  I have been a little teary eyed lately when reading my girls' stories, but this was a little much!  I was doing that half cry/half laugh-because-this-is-crazy thing.  I will say my period came a couple days later.  Anyway, an adorable book.  Oh, and I managed to finish out the last two pages.  Dignity was totally gone, but the passion in story telling was apparent.

2. "Lexie and the Word Wrangler," by Rebecca Van Slyke and illustrated by Jessie Hartland. This was actually an Amazon suggested title, and I ordered it for the girls for Christmas blindly and it was actually VERY good!  I absolutely love the clever word pairings and a little tiny side-bar tale of a kid who looks up to another kid.  A great book for the pre-k/kinder set as the vocabulary is a little bit more advanced and introduces the idea of similar words like "dessert" and "desert."  A very clever read.

3. "The Legend of Rock Paper Scissors," by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Adam Rex. Another Amazon recommend and a total HIT!  I ordered this one purely off the cover, not gonna lie.  Husband had been teaching the girls this little hand game around the time I found it so I knew they would get a kick out of it, and sure enough, they did, and I ddid too!  So CUTE!  A little lesson about how finding a great competitor is more important than winning sometimes. CLEVER copy and engaging type fonts and images.  

4. "Tikki Tikki Tembo," by Arlene Mosel and illustrated by Blair Lent.  A CLASSIC.  To be honest, I have sputtered out, "Ricky Tikki Tembo, No So Rumbo, Cherry Cherry Buschi..." since high school!  One of those cheers that stuck in my head from the Manual High trainers!  Haha!  Wasn't until later in life I realized it was a folklore tale or an actual thing.  My girls love this book and have both requested it.  About how a firstborn son had been given such a special, and LENGTHY name, and it nearly cost him his life.  Also a hint of brotherly love in there... A great.

5.  "Moon Game," by Frank Asch and Illustrator. Another CLASSIC.  Have loved getting to know this author/illustrator!  This little light read is a clever tale about a game of hide-and-seek a little bear plays with the moon.  The illustrations drive the book, with little copy, but a sweet bedtime story for a short read and short attention spans.  We also have his book, "Milk and Cookies," which is also very darling.  I see now from researching for this post that he has MANY more books for us to collect! 

6. "The Bad Seed," by Jory John and illustrated by Peter Oswald.  Order it NOW!  It is just SO. brilliant!  LOVED reading this to the girls and immediately ordered it.  I hardly, if ever, do that!  We checked this one out from the library, again, off the title, and it was just SO SO GOOD, guys!  A story about, you guessed it, a bad seed, but the the morale of how he got there and more importantly what he did about it and how he CHANGED, just so brilliant and taps into the emotional development and psychological growth here... That we have the power to be happy anytime we choose.  LOVE.  And an excellent reminder for the readers, parents, care takers too.

7. "Saturday is Dadurday," by Robin Pulver and illustrated by R.W. Alley.  Adorable!  I se echildren's books incorporating more and more dynamic and alternative familial structures and also emphasizing the FATHER and child relationship.  This is one of them.  A Dad who has to work on a Saturday and that SPECIAL bond he has with his daughter is tested, and in the end, yes I cried the first time reading this one too, its the daughter who manages to show her dad how special HE is.  

8. "Miles McHale, Tattletale," by Christianne C. Jones and illustrated by Elina Ellis.  A recent library borrow, and one the girls both requested already.  I picked it up based on the title, as we are getting into the age of understanding some manners and lessons and social codes, "tattling," being one issue that has popped up in our house lately.  As husband calls it, "Don't be a Tittle Tattle..."  It is actually a pretty cute read!

9. "My Friend Maggie," by Hannah E. Harrison.  A library book borrow, and another one that made this mama tear up.  What is going on with me lately, guys?!  An excellent little story about friendship and how sometimes even when we have snubbed the person who cares about us the most, a true friend sees past our mistakes and sees us for who we really are because they are our true friends.  Might have to order this one...  

So there you have another NINE books to "Add to Cart," or put on your gift lists or find at the library this week!  These are books that my 3 and 4 year old daughters enjoy, as well as myself! Always LOVE hearing about children's books!  What are some we should check out?!  Anything you would love to see more of in this space along the lines of children's books?



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