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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Book Club (six)

Book Club (six)


Lately, I have found a great way for us to beat the before-bed crazies, READING! My girls love books and I like to keep them accessible in different rooms throughout the house.  We have a couple bath books, and we always have a few floating around the backseat of the car for car trips.  I have recently moved all the picture books, books with pages, into Remy's bedroom for nightly story time, and I rearranged some shelving.  I didn't realize how our personal library has GROWN until I got the books OFF the floors and onto the shelves!

SO, with it being so COLD, and SNOWY, many days the last couple of months, we tend to get a little stir crazy post naps.  After the milk or snack, after playing for an hour, before dinner...or after dinner, there can be some serious meltdowns, arguing, boredom, pure antsyness, a polite way of putting it, happening.  You to?  Well, I grabbed a couple books from my corner in the living room one day and said, "let's do story time guys," and low and behold, like bees to honey, they came to the sofa and sat, and listened.  It lasted a good three to four books, equivalent of what one quarter of football feels like in real time, and it was a nice quiet intermission to break up the nightly routine.  I need to remember this myself next time witching hour strikes.

Here's a few we are LOVING lately!

What's on your bookshelves?!  We love to hear about your faves too!


(Reviews of each after the image.)

Baby Book Club suggestions 6

Left to right, top to bottom: (I have linked to Amazon for easy access to reviews and information, but purchasing from your look book shops is best if you can!)

  1. Underwear! by Mary Elise Monsell, pictures by Lynn Munsinger- This is a late 90's book!  I found it out thrifting, and it made the cut.  A ton of alliteration and descriptive vocabulary words in here, but it has a cute message about not taking ourselves too seriously and that sometimes saying a silly word, and a little encouragement from some friends can change our attitudes.
  2. Mermaid Sister by Mary Ann Fraser- From 2008, and another thrifting find.  Guess I am on a vintage literature kick, and that's okay!  Sweet story about a girl who has an annoying little brother and wishes for a sister.  Her note in a bottle brings her a sister with fins! Cute illustrations.  No real deep message, but fun to go off script and discuss the images on the pages too.
  3. What Are You Doing Maisy? A Flap Book by Lucy Cousins- Another oldie, but goodie from 2003.  Thrift find. The copy I found was in pristine condition.  The primary colors and hardcover initially caught my eye, and then the flaps made it an easy sell.  We love flap books!  The story is only a few pages long.  Early word learning.  This one was more for Arlo, but Remy likes it too.
  4. Fancy Nancy by Jane O'Connor and illustrated by Robin Preiss Glasser- This is THE original story and the one that sparked, more than 70 more Fancy Nancy books!  Nobody is late to the Fancy Nancy party, the first one was published in 2005, because apparently there are fan clubs, parties, memorabilia, dolls, and Disney was in talks of creating a cartoon series of it... Whew!  I didn't know ANY of this until AFTER I bought this one.  The illustrations- STUNNING, caught my initial attention and a quick flip through, it is an adorable story.  The author said the first and last paragraph came to her right away, but the middle took a while to compose.  It took over a year to print because the illustrator the editor wanted for it had other projects going.  Sorry, I sound like a Fancy Nancy clan member now...maybe...Oh, yes, and it was also thrifted and in MINT condition with the jacket still!  Score!
  5. Everything You Need to Spend the Night from A to Z by Ann Whitford Paul and pictures by Maggie Smith- Another thrift score, but this one was a paperback,  I typically ONLY purchase hard covers, but I am branching out and getting paperbacks if I like them enough.  This one has darling images.  Darling is mine and Remy's new favorite word.  She ran up to me yesterday morning and showed me a card she made, declaring it, "darling!"  Back to the book.  Quite simply, about a girl visiting her Grandpa for the night and all the things she packs for the night.  Learning the alphabet.
  6. Walt Disney's Adaptation of Cinderella- We thrifted a beautiful, hardcover, larger print, version of this.  I believe it is the 2005 print.  Remy has been starting to talk about the princesses, and we are slowly learning who they are.  She is always asking me, "What's her name Momma?  What's her name?" whenever we see photos of them on things.  It is hard to avoid the princess plague. Too harsh?  I am willing to let it in a little, as long as we are understanding where they come from, i.e., the original fairytales.  She now knows Cinderella and we have read this one a few times.  A LONG one, 94 pages, it takes us three readings to get through.  The images aren't the best I have to say.  We have the Special Edition version and it looks like they just blew up the original images and some pages have warped images almost, but still, the of my favorites.
  7. Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus by Mo Willems- Insert praising hands now.  We LOVE Mo!  If you haven't read any of his books, start!  Knufflebunny is another great one.  His images...his creativity.  Simple, yet GREAT.  I found this guy thrifting as well, but in paperback form.  Arlo loves it too!  We have read it everyday since we bought it!  I would still like to invest in a hardcover if I run across one.  Again, no moral-of-the-story, unless you count the title... all about the voice you put into it and the imagination behind what ISN'T said.
  8. A Treasury of Curious George by Margret and H.A. Rey- Thrifted. We like Curious George stories!  Remy doesn't care much for the cartoon version, but she likes the stories.  This book has eight different stories in it.  Her favorite was the toy store one and the train one.  We have read this one lots since we got it.
  9. Doc McStuffins How Boomer Got His Bounce Back by Andrea Posner-Sanchez- What little girl doesn't like Disney's Doc McStuffins character.  I bought this book a long time ago, shockingly new, forget where, but I had bought it because it had a soccer ball.  Arlo loves flipping through it too.

Finally, its not what you read, but how often.  JUST READ!!!!  They will let you know what they like.  Of course, it's always more fun if it's a book you like too, but really it's all about them and what pulls them in right now.  So read that Spot book for the 1,000th time!  Honorable mentions to this list were a couple books from our last library haul- Pete the Cat and his Magic Sunglasses, Remy and Arlo BOTH loved it, and the Silver Button, which I loved.  Okay so I sort of got emotional with the Silver Button, by Australian author/illustrator, Bob Graham, basically about all the things happening at the VERY minute this little boy took his first steps.  Oh, and his mother missed it. I wouldn't mind owning a copy of this for our shelves.

Happy reading!



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