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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Boulder Bump

Boulder Bump


At the end of June I FINALLY sold my old stroller! YIPEE!!! If I have to say what baby purchase is the most important, and which one I regret, I would say it comes down to the stroller. Think about this one WISELY! I bought my first stroller from a consignment shop in Boulder. A Mutsy. Loved it. Great for the first 8 months. I did a stupid stupid thing around Labor Day weekend last year though, and LEFT it at a park after a workout session! I didn't realize it until later on that evening! I drove all the way back downtown to City Park, but of course it was gone. I was devastated and freaked out! What a waste of money! What will I do?! I felt so lost without my stroller!

So I got on looking for another, and found an identical version, with a few more accessories but in a different color, on Craigslist. of course this one was more than the first. So now, if you add up the cost of the first one I consigned and the second one I had to purchase from Craigslist to replace the first, I now basically could have had a brand new Uppa Baby Vista, which is what I had wanted originally, but couldn't get the hubby on board with in the budget.

Flash forward to this January when I found out we were expecting AGAIN, and would definitely STILL be needing a stroller with two babies just 15 months apart. A DOUBLE stroller?! Again, think ahead to how close your children might be and invest wisely in a stroller that will take you through the next three years.

Long story, somewhat shortened, I finally sold my SECOND Mutsy at a consignment shop in Boulder a few weeks ago. This is the same consignment shop I purchased my Mutsy from a year ago. It sold in 7 days! I would highly recommend selling your gear from here, Childish Things, however I have not had much success selling the clothing I have. That is for another post.

There's this awesome park nearby, and with Remy at home with her Baba, I decided to hop out with my camera and snap the bump against the Flat Irons! They have a really cool playground here and an outdoor pool! I want to bring Remy next time! I had a blast pretending to be in the hills of the Sound of Music and skipping across the scenery. Every time I'd have to run to my tripod and back to see what ridiculous pose I captured. I didn't even notice that in all this frolicking, my button came undone near the top. Oops! I'm bustin' out folks!

Have you ever sold anything at a consignment shop? What are your favorites?

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I wore a non-maternity dress, SEE by Chloe, purchased at the Dress for Success sale a few years ago, Matt Bernson leather sandals, also purchased at another Dress for Success sale another year, an Ann Taylor scarf wrapped on head, a Rebecca Minkoff purse, and Oliver Peoples sunnies.

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Staging Your Own Maternity Photographs

Staging Your Own Maternity Photographs

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