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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Brown Palace Hotel Holiday Champagne Cascade

Brown Palace Hotel Holiday Champagne Cascade

We are home, sweet home after a long, wonderful holiday out west spent with my Dad this year.

Before we left for Thanksgiving, we kicked off the holiday season a few days in advance, to my utter delight, an excuse to dress up in Christmas attire, by ringing in the 2018 holidays with a champagne cascade at the luxurious, and HISTORIC, Brown Palace Hotel & Spa!

Little side bar, I used to work at the Brown! Well, sort of! Back in 2000, there used to be a little boutique off 17th inside the hotel. I worked with a woman at an insurance agency downtown and on the weekends, she worked the boutique, she told me about the position to help recruit me and give her some weekends off here and there. It was SUCH a treat! A tiny, cozy, warm little space where there would be hustle and bustle at just this very time of year and I would be busy wrapping gifts and going up and down tiny curling steps to get stock. Now that same space looks to be part of the spa. I do wish they had kept that little treasure of retail real estate!

If you have never been to the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, it’s a MUST! Especially in December! The place is adorned with garlands and lights and in leu of a tree, they have a huge, ornate chandelier that we did a countdown to lighting up as well! There was live jazz on the main floor and of course the champagne cascade in the afternoon the day that brought us in. The mayor was there too! The tree form of glasses is not something that stays up throughout the season, but the chandelier is, and it is really worth a visit if not just to have tea in the lobby (call to reserve as bookings this time of year fill up a year in advance!) or to have a bite to eat at one of their restaurants. Ellyngton’s brunch has been on my list since… well….since I knew about the hotel back in 2000… may need to get a sitter and have a special morning date. OR, there’s Ship’s Tavern which I think would be a fun date too. AND, almost forgot about Palace arms, the pub! REALLY, can’t go wrong just stepping into the past and paying this beauty a visit. I ALSO spotted a NEAT, warm little coffee shop to the left right when you come in, but we had two bumbling toddlers in tow with us and barely had time to finish our coffee from breakfast before they spotted SANTA walking through the lobby! So, my coffee shop visit will have to be for another time! Either way, walk around this place and soak in the history and the beautiful architecture with a cool cocktail, or a hot toddy in hand. TRUST.

Highlights for us this visit included riding the OLD escalator up to the second floor! I think we all FINALLY got brave enough to hop on! We are that family at the mall with the baby straddling the steps as they’re rising and the mom yanking their arm to get them off because they won’t step up or get off. I have one who always requests it and one who is scared of it and when you are with them alone, that makes for an interesting floor transition. At the Brown, from the lobby, when you wait for the elevator, take notice of the dial to show you what floor the lift is on! So LOVELY that these original artifacts and design elements have been preserved. There’s also an old “Telephone” booth sign! Just so many details and I catch new things every time.

I had never been to such a formal, classic champagne cascade before! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I can tell you I wasn’t disappointed! And no, not all the glasses get filled up. I know, I know….I am silly. It was really a fun morning!

We had stopped at Einstein’s Bagel before heading downtown that morning, but depending on the floor your ticket entrance lands you on, you may get lucky enough to have drinks, hors de vours and mini sweets like we were lucky enough to nibble on before the cascade! My favorite was that little pumpkin cheesecake!

The girls were getting a little sleepy just before the actual cascade, which didn’t happen until around noon, so it had been a long morning of anticipation and lead up for them. Despite the long wait in such a formal setting, the girls were WONDERFUL! They cozied up on the marble ledge before the iron rail and peeked through the rails at the action below and enjoyed watching the musicians. A hit for them was ordering FANCY drinks, pineapple juice, in glass goblets with maraschino cherries and straws. They thought they were real ladies at a ball, I bet!

I wore a vintage red dress I found thrifting recently. It was amazing, EXCEPT, for the fact that it was missing the hook for the eye above the zipper and I was a little bit consumed with keeping that thing UP! Note to self: Always, try on and DOUBLE check all the fasteners are good and tight!

I’m glad we got to experience this holiday tradition at the Brown! This came up as an event idea on my Facebook page of all places. I am looking forward to trying new holiday outings this year now that the girls are a bit older and able to stay out a little later in the evening and venture further away from home base. What are some of your favorite holiday things to do in Colorado?! Please share in the comments!

We think we are getting a tree this week, and we’re all very excited about that. Oh, and we bought NEW lights, those BIG bulbs for the house outside, and we even bought one of those obnoxious plastic toy soldiers that lights up for outside. We all can’t wait for him to light up our porch steps!

December is NEARLY here!


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