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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Buff City Soap

Buff City Soap

A few days before Christmas I had made it down to the Outlets at Castle Rock for some shopping alone!  THAT was a gift guys...

I parked on the South end, near the entrance so I decided I was going to stroll that first street of shops this time since I was solo.  I usually end up on the row with the kids shops, and I end up rushing at the end and taking 5-10 minutes in a shop nearby or on the way back to the car.  SO...I was a little selfish and started on that first row and popped in shops I was interested in.  

First stop, Ann Taylor where I found TWO incredible skirts, a stretchy, burgundy velvet pencil skirt and a silky pleated forest green skirt.  I always LOVE Ann Taylor's accessories.  If you haven't really shopped there, it's a best kept secret in my opinion.  I really LOVEd some tassel earrings I saw, all the rage right now, but I couldn't decide on the color!  haha!  Now typing this out, I want to go back for a pair! I did find a really neat faux fur scarf and some awesome shades.

I popped In Columbia on the corner.  I was looking for warm gloves for the girls but they were out of their tiny sizes when I was in, so a trip back there is in order!  I saw some great hats and considering a snow pant for myself too...not sure if or when I may ever hit the slopes again, but I figure if I am bundling the girls up in snow suits on snow days, I might as well be warm and waterproof alongside them to be able to get in the snow and play too.  So those items are on my list and I hope to get back to Columbia again now that the holiday rush ahas passed.

BUT, one of my biggest and most FUN discoveries out there shopping all by myself, ahhhh, was the Buff City Soap shop!  Nestled in between Columbia and Ann Taylor it is nearly impossible to miss it with those gorgeous smells wafting out of there!  I so sweet and spicy and it all just lures you right in the door! I did some Instagram Stories on it when I was in there.  Such. GREAT. Smells!  

When I was in I had the privilege of meeting one of the co-owners!  She was so generous with her time, even during a BUSY shopping day before Christmas. She even gave me a behind-the-scenes look at them hand making and pouring some of their bar soaps!  EVERYTHING in the shop has ingredients from nature and can be customizable and altered and made on the spot!  This is the ONLY store in Colorado at this time, and it is a gem!

I picked up some gorgeous soaps and bath fizzes for the girls and husband and I am currently using and LOVING the roller balm lotion in "All Hail the Queen" scent, AMAZE, and the soap in the same scent.  They also have recently introduced an anti-aging serum of sorts which I may try after my skin clears up.  I am working with a dermatologist now so I have to wait on anything additional on my face.  I also have a charcoal face mask in the wings, waiting for me to try.  Actually it's waiting in the fridge.  I am excited about slathering that on, again when my face clears, and I get the green light to try.  Again, everything IS all-natural and made right there, but as a person with difficult, acne-prone skin, sometimes you have to sit out on the fun products to be certain.  I am taking a guess here, and my derma would say this isn't true, but I am betting some of this Christmas chocolate I have been snacking on after the girls go to bed can not be helping my situation.  

Anyway, husband smells incredible after his showers using the "Ferocious Beast" scent and I have also used the body oil in "Baby," on Remy after her bath when we have a little time to be luxurious.  We try not to apply creams and serums or anything extra to our skin, but it is a nice treat to have some special potions like these around.  It is SO incredibly dry here in Colorado, so I am thinking of getting the after shower oil for myself!  I am REALLY into "All Hail the Queen" scent, so good, but I also really really enjoyed the "Narcissist," scent too.  A trip back to Buff City is on the docket!  It is a wonderful place to hand select gifts!  When I was in a woman was purchasing teacher gifts and she decided on some beautiful bar soaps and bath fizzes.  The packaging is simple and straight forward, hand written names on the labels in cardboard boxes, and it really lets the product be the star.  I was impressed.  Clearly.

If you don't already, follow along on Instagram because I do host giveaways there from time to time and I did have a $30 gift certificate to Buff City which was gifted over the holidays.  I also recently had two sets of ice skating passes that I gave away on Instagram.  I have also been active on Instagram stories which has been fun sharing shopping experiences, places around town and things we love.  

A very big, SWEET, thank you to the Outlets at Castle Rock and Buff City Soaps for sponsoring this post.  ALL opinions and reflections of my experience with the brands are my own and are true and honest expressions that I am thankful I have the opportunity to share with you all.  Sponsorships like these enrich the blog, and it is when I am able to share with you about all the best things happening in our community that encourages and inspires me.



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