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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Bump Dressing

Bump Dressing


Some people hate the part about pregnancy where they start to look, well, pregnant. The body changes can include expanding hips, and rib cage, thicker thighs, and of course that awkward first trimester belly that just gets flabby first to make room for a growing fetus that will soon fill out that pooch. I however, call me crazy, really love the style challenge and try to embrace the changes as they come rather than resist them. Makes for a happier momma and little bean growing inside if we are all in this together and happy-go-lucky about it all. After all, it is only 9 months, well 10, that we can sacrifice our cutoff jean shorts (I haven't worn these since elementary school anyway), and tube top dresses (which I learned last year aren't really suitable, classy or even flattering for that matter, for ladies my age.)

The first time I was pregnant August-May, primarily the largest and most uncomfortable stages were spent at the tale end of winter and early spring, and we had a cooler year last year as well so I didn't feel too much discomfort. I did have to get through fall and winter though and I was able to manage with purchasing just ONE good pair of maternity denim, and two very cheap pairs of colored denim pants from Ross for $12 a pair. My tops, sweaters and coats all fit and I got though it with layering.

This time around, I found out I was pregnant on New Year's Eve, "Happy New Year!" I am seeing pregnancy in all spectrums of climate- now the hotter spring temps and soon the boiling summer come my third trimester in just a couple short weeks. I hear conflicting views on which is better weather to be pregnant in. Some say summer because you can get by with all those easy maxi dresses, skirts and summer dresses, and none of them necessarily "maternity." Some say fall/winter because it is cooler and more bearable and you have leggings and long tunics and sweaters for coverage. I would say that, so far, both have been fun.

My overall perception thus far, judging now at 26 weeks pregnant and in early June, would be that maternity dressing may be slightly easier this time around because I can use all of the dresses, but with that comes THESE little gems, more swelling and sweating. So, pick your battles I guess! Last time around I slipped those maternity jeans on as soon as my bump was big enough to fill that piece of elastic, I want to say January-ish, maybe even late December, and this time around, I have yet to touch them! I was able to fit in my regular jeans, or still was last time I tried a pair on, well into the second trimester, especially a favorite pair of skinny jeans from Madewell that I can still get into, though not for a couple weeks longer I bet. This time I have worn the colored denim/pants from Ross a couple of times, but have mostly worn dresses.

It is harder to get "style" sessions in with a baby, but I managed to collect a few snaps of outfits here and there. Here's what I wore during the first and second trimester so far. If you have questions on where I purchased anything just drop me a line in the comments. Oh, and one final point, I stay home. Luckily I do not have corporate wear or a business environment to consider- that would be MUCH harder and MORE expensive, for sure!

Big tip: ACCESSORIES! As you can see below, I love to add a hat, a belt, jewelry (can't quite see in the photos), shoes and maybe a lipstick.

Last thing- I did say this time around I wanted to invest in a couple NICE pieces of maternity wear, but with a one income household and me fitting in most things so far, it just hasn't happened yet. It seems to me, last time as well as this time, by the time I am ready to purchase something "maternity" that is special, I just don't have the funds or the desire and feel like I can "wing" it until the end. Again, love the style challenges! haha!

How about you? Any brands or items you lived in during pregnancy? Which do you prefer to be preggo in, fall/winter or spring/summer?

Thanks for popping in! Have a great weekend!


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