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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Carnival Cuties

Carnival Cuties


Gah! These two are turning TWO these next TWO weeks!

Look at their little smiles and their little fingers holding on tight on the carousel!  Ohhh...I love my Remy Doo...

Last Saturday, my friend Erica suggested an afternoon playdate at the carnival with her little mister, Leif!  It JUST happened that the naps schedule thing worked to our advantage.  Remy was refusing a nap and Arlo had just went down for one AND, the best BEST part- Baba was home to watch Arlo so momma could be hands free and fancy free with Remy Doo!

I got her dressed so fast and fed her up and dashed out to meet up Leif and his momma.  (Arlo ended up napping the entire time I was gone!  Praise God!)

The Wright's Amusement Carnival is set up in the parking lot of Aurora Town Center mall, near JC Penney, and is in town now through May 10th, so hurry!  See their hours here.  They take a card to purchase tickets- I believe it was $20 for 20 tickets, and most rides were 3 tickets per person, (mom and child are 6 tickets.)  The food stand takes CASH ONLY!!!  We had a little mini meltdown when mommy had promised a snow cone and we waited in line only to be disappointed that they didn't accept a card for that.  Oops!  Baba did tell me to stop at the ATM...Never fear!  Momma knew there was a Dairy Queen in the food quart inside and she had her first vanilla soft serve cone!

So this little guy and gal got really LUCKY and were able to ride four rides!  We started off gently with the carousel, and we ended up finishing on it for one more go around too.  The first pics show Remy's hesitancy, even though she rode a carousel last December with Baba, and again at the zoo on a playdate recently.  I am finding that her personality is a little cautious at times until she feels things out and gets an understanding of what exactly things are.  Then, we tried the Monster Trucks, which Remy was a little scared by with all the jerking.  Momma sits in the car with them on this one, and it did get a little rough actually!  I had my arm around her waist and my elbow got a little banged up.  Leif, however, LOVED these things!

Then we were off to these little VW bugs and jeeps that go round and round.  Remy liked these better, no bumps, but her FAVORITE ride had to be the boats with real water and the bells!  She LOVED this one!  We poked around a bit more and stopped near a little baby pool set up with some rubber duckies.  They could have just sat there the entire time playing with the ducks and water- no tickets necessary!  We ended our little playdate with the trip to DQ.

Now, warning, your kiddos may be too short to ride most of these rides.  As I said earlier, they got lucky because we took a break inside the  mall for some ice cream and when we came back out to finish our tickets, the attendants no longer let these two on as they were actually too short.  Someone must have said something or perhaps a manager went around and corrected them, and us.  We were blissfully  unaware the first time around.  We were VERY careful and they only rode rides that were meant for littles, but still a warning to you before you drive all the way down there.  I would say most 3 and ups are safe.

Now, the bad thing is this "Big Park" as mommy named it is right off Abilene on our way to Barnes and Noble and yesterday on our way to story time and today on our way to Michael's craft store she wanted to stop and ride!

We had so SO much fun, maybe even more than the kiddos!  The photo ops were just too much!  At Erica's first mention of the carnival, I was a little conservative and thought it might be too dangerous.  I mean, one missing screw and it could be disaster right?!  Well, I'm glad I put my scaredy cat feelings aside and we gave it a try.

Thanks for the suggestion Erica and HAPPY BIRTHDAY "Reef!"  We'll be seeing you guys Saturday for his big party!


P.S.  Thanks for the pics of Remy and I Erica!  (She also snapped the best one of them in the car.)

Remy is wearing a Children's Place dress from Kid to Kid Consignment- you guys should check out the Aurora location right now- they have TONS of great summer clothes and a LOT of CUTE dresses!  This one was $4.99 I think.  Her vest is by Peek Kids from Nordstrom Rack a while ago, and her mocs are Freshly Picked.  I am wearing a Madewell romper and ASOS sandals I purchased for my honeymoon in 2011!  And the Levis denim vest was a recent thrift sore.)




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Remy Said

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