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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Fourth of July on the Third

Fourth of July on the Third

Happy Fourth of July!

We actually celebrated the Fourth on the third this year and we couldn’t have done it up any better for the girls! And now, I am cozily tucked into bed, WATCHING the NYC Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular on t.v. and LISTENING to the live fireworks all around us out my window along with the rain that started around 5 and hasn’t let up four and a half hours later. I am warm and dry and my girls are in comfy beds, ahhh.

I do love fireworks shows but it is a tricky thing to maneuver once you have kiddos. Especially if you are a momma like me, big on routine and consistency and keeping the bedtimes for everyone’s sanity and health. I happen to have two girlies who go to bed on the early end, so staying up until nine thirty for fireworks is stressful and takes planning. We did it!

My mom lives in a small town and they celebrate the Fourth of July on the Third which is quite brilliant! It’s getting to be a larger and larger affair, moving from the tiny town park to now being held at the Fair Grounds, This year the town was celebrating 100 years themselves and so they did it up with a band, and food trucks, jumpy castles, games, balloon artists and face painting for the kids. It was just the PERFECT Main Street America Independence Day celebration for our family. We had s’mores and sparklers and the girls sat on our laps for a great show that lit up the sky just across the street from where we sat.

Lo sweetly told me the dripping gold glittery ones were her favorite…mine too! And Rem leaned in and we shared excitement over seeing some new squiggly gold ones that curlicued into the dark summer sky. Lo fell asleep on the drive home, and Rem and the rest of us went right to bed. They both slept in a little later today and we had a wonderfully relaxing day today. We enjoyed a no-stress fourth of July by doing it up on the third. There wasn’t the huffing and running around and wrangling and sweating involved as I have felt in years’ past. Skipping the crowds and big park shows might be my new favorite thing. Oh, we made burgers tonight, but because of the off and on rain and hail mix, I made them in a pan inside. I skipped the corn, and the watermelon, made a garden salad and we called it good. No huge barbecue that got rained out, no Pinterest-y dips and desserts, just us four at the kitchen table with delicious all organic grass-fed ground beef patties from meat on a cow that my Dad raised, and a fresh bowl of veggies. Lo was so happy to share at the table that she ate a radish and she liked it this time! I snuck those little firecrackers in!

I loved celebrating with my mom and my sister and niece and aunt the most too! It felt like when I was little. I loved that we were able to make it up there this year and do that. How we did it- I took them to the pool in the morning and we were there all day and I forced a nap on them, my girls stopped napping a long time ago, and we woke them up around 4:00, fed them fish and rice from the night before before we left. To keep them up, we allowed them handfuls of the sugary kettle corn fresh off the kettle, and were lenient on the s’mores, I think they each had a couple. Because they had played games, and done the bouncy castles, and stayed up well past any bedtime, they were ready to go to bed when it was all over. But it took planning, folks! At least for us, we had to really arrange our day to make it work.

After seeing this completely over the top extravaganza staged to patriotic American songs, I am now drawing out in my mind what that might look like to get there and see it with the girls some day…perhaps when they are teens and never sleep! Haha! Man- did you guys see that show from Macy’s?! The fountains literally pouring over the side of the bridge?! GORGEOUS!

Anyway, here’s some photos from my very sun kissed girls who had a ball celebrating Independence Day this year.


Wearing: Rem is wearing a yellow cat romper from Etsy, but this yellow retro rainbow stripe gym class romper is SO COOL! Lo is wearing a blue Bobo Choses romper from a couple seasons ago, but this teal one with tulips is DARLING!

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