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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Christmas Came!

Christmas Came!

Christmas has come and gone... so sad!  I am still turning the tree on as long as she has needles...ha!

This year was...was....MAGIC!  We spent Friday night with husband's family and headed west to Casa Bonita!  If you EVER pass through Colorado, it really is a MUST!  I did way too much Instagram storytelling of the place if you caught it... but its just TOO good!  I think I was more excited than all the kids!  It was JUST so special being around THE entire family with the kiddos, bouncing from the table then to watch the divers, then to have a so papilla and unwrap gifts and then to the spooky house or puppet show.... The kids could have stayed there all night.  Who am I kidding, I could have stayed there all night!  The lights and Christmas decorations in that good.  I always loved coming here as a kid myself, and the magic is still there for me.  I am so happy I get to share this place with my own kiddos!

Saturday night I made a couple lasagnas and had my family over.  My brothers couldn't make it, but I got to see my mom, my sis and her daughter and one of my other nieces.  It was pretty quiet and mellow evening.  My white lasagna I tried was not a hit, even though I loved it!  I made the white sauce from scratch with flour, butter, milk and grated parmesan.  I had chopped spinach and turkey sausage in it as well....I liked it!  The girls got to unwrap gifts from Nana and my sister and that was so fun to get a taste of presents to come!  

When I was growing up, we were allowed to unwrap ONE gift ion Christmas Eve and it was usually one sent from our grandma or maybe from an aunt.  Traditions sort of live on... I was going to let them unwrap their Christmas jammies, but this year we were all together when we found and bought them so they already had those.  I tried to tell Remy she could open her jammies and she was like, "Yeah but those are already open."  

Now that the girls are IN the magic years, and catching on to all the Christmas buzz, I thought I would wrap as many of their presents as I could early on and parcel them out over December and have them placed under the tree so it wouldn't be too overwhelming come Christmas morning.  I liked doing it that way.  I saved their special gifts from us, the ones we place their yearly ornament on, and of course Santa still had to deliver Christmas Eve.  The girls, well, Remy, was amazing at leaving the presents alone, but it was Arlo who was our little sneak!  I would hear paper wrinkling and I would find her in the coat closet with the lamp from the Barbie house and she would catch a corner...She never opened one gift, I always caught her in the act.  There was that time, and one other.  She was caught grabbing the Barbie lamp and making her way to the coat closet with a small box wrapped in Elf paper.  Haha!  She makes me laugh!  

Remy also performed in a holiday performance at her school the week before Christmas and I definitely teared up watching her walk in the sanctuary all dressed up.  She gave me a kiss before walking in...LOVE!  She and her classmates were busy all month making the parents special treats!  After their holiday class party, they had a bag with gifts inside!  A handmade angel card AND my very first homemade ornaments that I will TREASURE for EVER and EVER.... Thank you my love...

When we have found ourselves out in the car at night we have driven around a bit in the neighborhood and looked at lights....We did not get to Zoo Lights or Bloom at Denver Botanical Gardens. I was thinking about the gardens show with husband for a date, we may be able to catch it still.

Arlo dashing towards the tree and grabbing her new stuffed fox that she HAD to have from Nick's Garden Center when we visited last week is stored in my brain!  He happiness!  Even though I thought about it and put from Mama on the tag because I was with her when she saw it originally, she cried out, "Santa brought me my fox!"  THAT is what I am talking about.  Santa brought her what she wanted and he knew... 

Everyone had a memorable, lovely, sweet Christmas!  We were opening up packaging and unwrapping until noon!  We have spent our days since in our pajamas napping and watching movies on television and eating, coloring, playing...

It was too easy and too fun spoiling the girls this year...I went a little overboard I think because when I saw all the THINGS, which I knew they would LOVE, I felt a little glutenous so I held a couple back for another special holiday or moment, maybe a birthday.  At this age, it is TOO easy to bring them immense JOY and happiness... my girls were BEYOND themselves when they opened up their little satchels of Christmas erasers from the dollar spot section at Target!  Remy had been BEGGING me for the candy cane erasers since she found them.  It would have been easy to throw them in the cart and add them to whatever it was I was getting that time, but I saved them for Christmas and it was so SWEET!  She kept shaking the small box and she KNEW what they were the moment I put them under the tree...because she said the box was small... Arlo was THRILLED to have the fox erasers!  

We also used Christmas as a great opportunity to gift items the girls needed.  Remy had been wanting an electronic toothbrush since Arlo had received one from someone for her birthday, so Remy got a Hello Kitty one for Christmas.  Both girls LOVE new undies.  Your kiddos into undies too?  So we bought them new packs!  Remy was not impressed with her Trolls set, she gave them to her sister.  Good thing we had found her Days-of-the-Week set last week and she is pretty happy about those.  Arlo has been asking for bath crayons for about a month now, so I found a fresh set of those and this one had 12 colors- they were really impressed by that!  The girls, as well as me, are SUPER into the tempera Kwik Stix like a crayon/stick shape for paints.  They give incredible color and texture, dry well and easy for toddlers to use!  We have been using them for about  a year now.  We were excited when her pre-school caught on and has been doing projects with them.  We ran out of a few colors so a new box was in order.  They got to creating immediately!  

One proud mama thing I must make mention of was when Remy's teachers made the rounds at her little holiday reception and asked her what she was most excited for during holiday break.  it wasn't presents.  She said spending time with family.  I always try to make a special point and note of how spending time with them was my most important and special part of the day or event and it seems Remy's deepest love is with her cousins and family....I am so proud of her and how she is blossoming.  MOST of the time... haha!  

Wishing you all a very BRIGHT, bountiful and PEACEFUL New Year filled with bliss, love and joy!  I am so excited to book a hair cut with a favorite stylist at a fancy Denver salon in the New Year, thanks to my very own Syrian Santa...


And now, about a hundred photos.  Seriously.  I don't care... it's Christmas! 

Wearing:  I am wearing my new jammies from husband!  How cute?!  Similar here.  They are by Laura Ashley.  The girls' jammie sets are from Just One You by Carter's brand found at Target.  We personally all love the button down sets!  Similar set here.

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