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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Christmas Decorating with Toddlers

Christmas Decorating with Toddlers

Hello December and all your GLORY!  We dressed up for you!  (Talking about our Christmas tree!) This year, husband was MORE excited than I to pick her out, bring her home and get this house in Christmas gear!  I LOVE his enthusiasm for Christmas!  He did not grow up celebrating this holiday, so to see him enjoy it just as much, if not more than me, with each year's excitement intensifying, it makes me VERY happy and excited for many more to come.

He was pumping the girls up the week of Thanksgiving and kept saying, "Tomorrow we're getting our try, guys!"  So when it came time to get the tree, the day after Thanksgiving, and then the night of, and after putting up lights on the house all afternoon I felt a little pooped! But then Baba mentioned, and when I say mention I mean, asking me if we were getting the tree, but in a way that was like, if-we-don't-get-a-tree-today-I-am-really-going-to-be-disapponted, kind of way, I knew I had to get on my boots, throw some coats on the girls and make it happen.  I am usually SO excited to get our tree, but this year I was just so exhausted!  Perhaps chasing two toddlers around night and day and then the Thanksgiving hoopla had something to do with the zap in my zip.

Once we got there to pick her out though, man, I got a jolt of enthusiasm!  The girls were shrieking and playful and husband spotted the perfect one!  He gave it a couple shakes and stood it up and we thought it was BEAUTIFUL!  So full!  Of course I had him dig out a couple, just to be sure, but we went back to, and bought, the first one he chose!  I went inside with the girls to pay and by the time I came out he strapped it on the roof and we were ready to go home!  We bought our tree at our local King Soopers that gets the trees from a local tree farm.  We bought our tree from here last year as well!  See that post here.  Last year, and this year, we brought the trees home and we saw off a sliver on the stump to freshen it up to soak up more water.  This year, hubby drilled holes in the bottom too.  So far, she has dried a little, and she was THIRSTY!  I have filled it everyday since putting her up, so the holes must be working!

I LOVE a real tree though... the smell, the look!  Some Christmas in the future we talk about going to a farm and picking one out or doing a "Griswald Family Christmas" style search and saw, but for now, with two littles, it's so NICE to be able to go 5 minutes from the house and be back and cozy and have her up in about half an hour!  This year, I was clever and paced myself.  I slowly prepared the decor by bringing up the mantle garlands and knick knacks a couple days before Thanksgiving, an then the stockings  the day before Thanksgiving....and some things here and there.  Oh, oh, and the girls' Christmas trees!  I bought a tiny faux green one from the thrift store last year or the year before and put it in Remy's room!  She ADORES it!  This year, I found a tiny faux white one for Arlo's room also thrifting, and then a couple weeks later I found tiny glass floral ornaments for it, and then recently found tiny white lights for it- all thrifted.  I out it on her dresser and so far they are both REALLY good girls and haven't touched them.

So after the tree rested overnight, we did the lights.  I did the lights rather.  The girls ran around playing and husband was working.  Over the weekend I took my time in decorating the tree!  My intentions were to put all my ornaments on while they were napping or sleeping, but I felt I would be sad to leave them out of the process.  Then I thought I would just give them a box of the soft ornaments in there and they could go to town.  That b=plan back fired when I said they could help and before I could finish that sentence, Remy was carrying boxes of ornaments to the tree, upside down, and vintage bulbs were falling out, thank goodness for carpet and short legs close to the ground!  Whew!  I managed to get them all set up on the table and we went through Remy's ornament box and talked about when and where she got the ones she has collected so far!  Then we opened Arlo's and did the same!  It was really sweet how gentle Remy was with the ornaments!  She kept sneaking a reindeer and the Barbie Nutcracker ballet ornaments and playing with them!

Arlo was SOOOO upset when we hung the tin train ornament we got at the Railroad Museum together this summer.  She kept pointing and squinting and saying, "Dat one!  Dat one!  Choo! Choo!"  Before we had snuck it on the tree she was trying to roll it on the ground and was scraping it on my tile floor!

I also love the wooden ornaments we got as a family in Georgetown back in October.  They are cut from fallen Aspen trees up there.  I feel super sentimental about each and every ornament.  Thanks mom!  I am not one to toss the tree, lights and bulbs included and start over the next year with the new trends in decor.  I find a tree more interesting when it has a story.  I love hearing other people's ornament stories on their trees too.  So the tradition continues with everyone getting a yearly ornament!  This year we found a couple silly ornaments at the thrift store!  Remy's was a little cartoon with silly stringy hair holding a popcorn bucket and Arlo's was three cartoons in a tube sledding.

We did have ONE of mommy's ornaments break!  TEARS!!!  My new strawberry glass one we just got at the North Pole!  See that post here.  Arlo is so quick, she hopped on the table when I was photographing them, my bad, she grabbed it and said, "Mmmm strawberry!" She went to bite it!  I gave out a curdling shriek and lurched over.  I heard glass breaking!  I was scared to look down at my pile of vintage glass ornaments and collected fruit ornaments.... luckily, LUCKILY, it was JUST one tiny green leaf, there are still three more leaves....I tried to glue it back on, but the glue I had didn't work.  Any glue ideas?  Now that I think of it, I think my initial reaction, screaming, "NOOOoooooooo!" like someone was injured, is what caused her to drop it- poor thing!

I have found one little leg off that pink reindeer ornament Remy kept sneaking off the tree, and I still can't find, and I have found a ballerina behind a pillow on the sofa hiding, but for the most part- all ornaments remain on the tree.  The other night while I was making dinner I caught the girls admiring the tree and I was overjoyed!  Remy was leading Arlo around the tree asking her, "Do you think this is pretty?  Arlo, look at this one... do you think this one is pretty?"  I have it on Instagram if you want to see.  So....that really makes up for any broken one right?!

Here's a few photos I snapped over the weekend, which I probably shouldn't have because if I hadn't I probably would have been more careful!  I don't care.. I'll lose an ornament... LOOK a those tiny hands!  LOOK at Remy racing through the living room!  LOOK at Arlo and her dimples listening to Christmas tunes coming out of that missing stem on a strawberry is nothin'.

Have you set your tree up?  Have toddlers?  Is it totally decorated from 42 inches up?!

Happy December!


Wearing: Remy is wearing Circo heart leggings, (but these lip printed leggings are ADORABLE) a Jumping Beans long sleeve tee with a ballerina on it that she loves, and a new tutu from The Children's Place.  Oh, and amazing bed head hair, her own.  SHE picked out this tut she is wearing and HAD to have it, but I will say I love a tutu that is more in a blush, sort of muddied color, not so candy colored- like this PRETTY one from Nordstrom and only $22!  I love the star tassels!

Arlo is wearing a vintage Circus tee that I thrifted and was Remy's before.  And she had to wear a tutu as well- hers is from Target and was Remy's from when she was a baby.


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