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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Cinderella with my Fella

Cinderella with my Fella


Last Friday night was Valentine's Day, some of you might remember or still have flowers and balloons still around. This year was my first with a child so in the morning I decided to host a pancake brunch for a few mommy friends and their babes.  We had such a fun time discovering new toys and activities our littles enjoyed and new foods like pancakes, sans syrup of course.  There was coffee, great chit chat and Remy gave her little Valentine's heart balloons with classic conversation heart candies for her first love day celebrations.  Couln't have asked for a better way to start my Valentine's Day then with my little sugar bear.

When hubby came home, he had a sweet card, he always writes the most sentimental messages, and a really thoughtful gift.  That night, we had a sitter, thank goodness for a mother in law who lives close, and we headed out for a date night to see Colorado Ballet's Cinderella!  I sort of did not properly plan the dinner part of the date beforehand.  I thought we could pop in Corner Office for an appetizer and drink, but forgot that on Valentine's Day everything books and they overcharge for special dinners.  So, I thought of another idea, Pizza Republic right across the street from the theater!  No wait, and we had a really fun dinner.  I don't know why I ordered a pizza with duck on it- not our cup of tea- but the crust was delicious and the asparagus with truffle oil and cannoli were really really good.  We will try another pizza next time and leave duck for the pond.  Don't let a pregnant lady decide on the main course!

So going to the ballet has become our thing.  Hubby knows I love it so he and I have been trying to see at least one or two shows a season.  So far, we have seen two!  Last weekend was the opening weekend of their production of Cinderella.  I was actually a young dancer character part in the show back in the nineties!  They have since changed the choreography, set and roles so when I was once a dragonfly, a kiddie part, the dragonflies are now grown men, principle dancer roles.  The ballet rendition of Cinderella is slightly different than the one you might know from Walt Disney, but the classic fairy tale is very easy to follow and the dancing in the second half by Maria Mosina, Conderella, and Alexei Tyukov, the Prince, was stunning.  I was so lucky to have caught opening night danced by Maria, my absolute favorite.  She was a soloist in the company when I was a girl in the academy and she is better than ever a decade later.

There are five more performances this Thursday through Sunday, if you would like to catch it.  You can get your tickets here.  I might recommend leaving the kids at home for this one, unless they are older.  The ballet version is rather lengthy with three acts and two intermissions.  Expect about three hours.  The night we went the step sisters were played by Kevin Wilson and Jesse Marks and they were really good at bringing the crowd to laughs with their slapstick portrayal of the naughty girls.  The entire cast was just perfect and the sets were gorgeous!

One of my favorite details was the surprise costume change by Cinderella from rags to ball ready and also the glittery touches on her pointe shoes.  While I felt the second act was a little long, the ballroom scene, the pas de deux by Maria and Alexei more than made up for the wait.  I only wish the ballroom dancers all wore unique dresses or something unique.  The corps de ballet was a sea of red and it would have been more interesting to see some differentiation between the dancers.

Of course there's also the live orchestra too!  The music!  The music!  Very recognizable tunes for most, and incredibly romantic.  It was a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine's Day.

Photos of Colorado Ballet cast from final dress rehearsal by Mike Watson courtesy of Colorado Ballet.

Maria Mosina and Alexei Tyukov in Cinderella - photo by Mike Watson

Maria Mosina in Cinderella ballroom scene - photo by Mike Watson

Artists of Colorado Ballet in ballroom scene - photo by Mike Watson



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