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Glad you found us! 

I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Cinnamon Rolls + Remy & Arlo Said

Cinnamon Rolls + Remy & Arlo Said

Yesterday morning we stayed home....  We made Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls that you pop from the can, although the highlight for them was "trying" to help momma prep by greasing the pan and "pretending" to eat the rolls raw when we placed them in.  Thank goodness for a husband who is a homebody who ALWAYS reminds me to stay home every once in a while.  You can't make cinnamon rolls if you're rushing off somewhere that's for sure! I guess I decided it was as perfect a picture opportunity as any to document my time with these two girls of mine.  Juice is a TREAT in our home, and even then, I feel SO guilty.  I decided why not, and let's even try it out in big girl cups!  I found these Little Golden Books dries plates and cups at Home Goods a long time ago.  They did pretty good, except one spill from Arlo's cup, but I can't tell you whose fault it actually was because it happened when my back was turned for a second to grab something, of course, but I am pretty sure it was from Remy because I remember her murmuring things to her.

After we popped them in the oven, I set the timer and told them we had 13 minutes and then they would be ready.  It was SO DARLING when I caught them waiting in the front room by THEIR kitchen, a KidKraft set we got for Remy's second Christmas, and they were chatting and Arlo was pouring their tea!  They are REALLY starting to interact and actually PLAY with one another now.  I can't tell you there aren't any spats or tears, lots of arguing and me playing ref over here all day long, I actually read a statistic recently that said siblings DO actually fight like every 4 minutes on average!  I think it was the Times Magazine special edition on siblings, which was fascinating from what I red here and there stopping Barnes & Noble.  Maybe I'll splurge on it it.

I SORT of missed the timer because I was changing Arlo's diaper so they got a little more done than I would have liked.  After icing them, we tried them.  They were a bust with my girls.  MAN!  I am calling a re-do!  WHY do my children ALWAYS have to use the bathroom at crucial kitchen moments?!  Anyway, more for me!  Remy licked the icing a little and claimed she was done.  Arlo nibbled the top and also claimed she was finishes too.  Praying they don't have momma's sweet tooth anyway.

So, the things they SAY!  I jot down things here and there in a Notes in my phone at the end of the day, or if my phone is near me when I am cooking or something and I remember, but I am sure there are TONS more phrases and things I am missing because, "Mom!  YOU aren't listening to ME!"  That was Remy...  I can't get by with nodding and saying simples answers, she TOTALLY KNOWS, it has to be full on eye contact and a REAL response and interaction back.  She is SO GOOD for keeping me RIGHT ON.  She reminds me to STOP, put the spoon down, turn to her, kneel down, ask her to rephrase or ask again, and look into those BIG, gorgeous brown eyes and give a thoughtful response.  WHY?!  Because she should know, deserves to know, is HERE to KNOW and learn, and it is my responsibility and HONOR to be that one she asks things like, "Why are those balloons up there Momma?" This was her over the weekend on our drive into the mountains, pointing to those things on the electrical wires running through the mountains.  I said they were on the electricity lines, but I don't actually know what they are!  I always wondered the same thing growing up, driving on I-70.  Funny how your questions you never got answered circle back your way.  Maybe it deserves a Google search!  Hold on... " Called marker balls, they are mostly used to warn aircraft so they do not hit the wiresWires used for power transmission or communications and guy wires, which hold up towers, present special visibility problems for pilots of low-flying aircraft, according to the Federal Aviation Administration."

Arlo will be TWO in September!  She has been talking since around 18 months as well.  At Remy's three year visit with the pediatrician, the doctor looked at Arlo and said to me in surprise, "She's talking!"  I said, "Yeah, she is stringing two and three words together here and there...."  She said, "NO!  She IS talking!  That is really advanced."  I felt really proud of Arlo and her increasing verbal skills!  It is SUCH a FUN age!  My favorite with BOTh has been age one to two....So it got me thinking about all the things ARLO says, and she really does say quite a bit lately too!

Here are a few things they have said.  I tried to read back through past posts like this one, this one and this one...but I wasn't sure if I had mentioned all of the phrases I found in my notes so here are my favorites up until now.  Sorry if there are any redundant ones.

Remy Says:

She drew a picture for Baba and instructed me to write, "DIS- Love for Baba," on it.

Back in May, I sat her on the potty and I always stand or kneel in front of her to assist, and she looks at me, "I like your eyebrows painted on..." trailing up at the end.  Time to get a lighter brow pencil!  hahah!

Another potty trip, "I know what you're thinking...STARE!"  Then she presses her nose to mine and we had our first staring contest I think.  We were both laughing hysterically!

One time I was driving on the highway and she said, "You're not the hero mom, I'm the hero."  Okay.... She also LOVES it when I slightly speed up, for like half a block on a side street in our neighborhood, going like from 15- 25... BUT she always tells me to slow down and be careful when I actually do need to step on the gas.  I like her I LOVE it...

Her social behaviors are also STELLAR!  This girl... CRAVING seeing friends regularly and making FAST friends wherever she goes.  She is also infatuated with our neighbor boys.  I am not exaggerating.  Is this normal?  She role plays that she is Toby or Logan, and she inserts them into her play with her toys and story lines.  Sometimes when we read books she points out, this is me, this is Arlo, and that's Toby and Logan...  They are about 11 and 13... AGH!  She ran up to one of them and said, "logan!  You're cute like a baby!"  This took me back to MY high school crush, Jake M. (for sake of privacy) and I remember putting a greeting card on his windshield around Valentine's Day that said EXACTLY THAT, "You're cute, like a baby!" And there was a black and white photo of a baby on the outside... CRAZY to hear your toddler blurt that out and it takes you back to that awkward adolescent phase when you were jumping out of your friend's family mini van on a lunch brake at Wendy's to give a boy a note...Wild...

In July, she was laying on the arm of the couch and said, "I'm a baboon!  I want to sleep in a tree."  A few days prior, she was waltzing around my bedroom as I was getting ready and she had strands of her necklaces on and she announced that she was, "Gladys."  (As in Glad-iss)  WHAT?!  WHO?!  How does she know that was the PERFECT name for a character that might have layers of costume jewelry on.  If she had said, "I'm Iris Apfel," I would have got a chill and fell over dead.  I swear...the names she comes up with for her dolls, her toys, when she acts out play, is actually quite GOOD!

In the bath recently I overheard her trying to wash Arlo's hair, "Here Arlo, let me soap your hair.  It's from Italy."  THIS was taken from a few days earlier when we were at Barnes & Noble and had picked up some special soaps and candles for gifts and I had mentioned to her, letting her smell one hand pump soap that it was fancy and made in Italy.  SPONGES!  Another bath time thing...I was trying to clip Arlo's nails and to get her to sit still I was singing, "Where is Thumbkin?!"  It worked and I got Arlo's nails trimmed.  I went to trim Remy and she said, "No thanks, my Thumbkins are fine."  I literally JUST laughed out loud typing that.

Maybe you have heard this stupid Rap song on the radio, I can't even tell you who sings it, but the lyrics are something like, "You don't need a key, At the late show.."  Well one morning I was watching Remy with her ponies on the back patio and she sung this to them, in the same tone, "I'm gonna put you on the blanket..."  Using the same beat and rhythm and amount of syllables.  The other night, after story time she requested we sing Twinkle Twinkle, so we did, and not sure who exactly was off key, but she said, "Mom, I think we're signing two different songs..."  ABSOLUTELY right my love!  So funny!  She is ALWAYS singing and making up songs and performing and setting up stage on our coffee table or back yard rock area... She just might be the performer...who knows.

This is getting quite long so I'll finish with this one from Remy until next time... The other night she told me I could sleep with her in her bed forever.  I might take her up on that!  I have been couching it as it is MUCH cooler downstairs than in our room.  And you know, the whole, occasional,  mad-at-your-spouse thing, at least I know I have a cozy bed with her!  And last night she declared she was going to dream of ponies, lollipops and horses, and I said that was fantastic and I asked if I could dream the same.   She said, "Sure!  You can borrow my dreams!"  Oh my sweet love...Your dreams are yours for dreaming', but I would be so blessed to see you living them out in front of my eyes.

Arlo Says:

Lately Arlo furrows her brow and scrunches her lips and says, "Where we going?"  Like she's bothered.  Or, "What are you doing?"

Another favorite of hers is, "I want to do it!"  This is usually followed with a scream, and a tantrum for everything from buckling herself into her own high chair, and trying to get into her car seat, etc.  She also demands, "OPEN DIS!  OPEN DIS!"

This morning when we were out back, she had a cup of water and was chasing Remy, "WADDER Fight!"

She is also proving to be a little rougher on the books than Remy ever was as she fiercely turns pages and accidentally tears them sometimes.   Now she runs over and says, "I did DIS!"  Or, "I did it..."  and then when I tell herm "NO!"  No tearing books, Arlo," she slouches her shoulders and whispers, "I sowy.."  Melt...She also LOVES to shout excitedly, "I DID IT!  I DID IT!"  This includes her idea of doing things like, "going potty," which never happened yet, but she thinks she has.

Last night I was standing on a chair, "What are you doing?!  (pause) Careful. (murmur, pause)  Fall down..." Also super protective, curious, thoughtful and loving!

And THIS... THIS... "I wub you too... momma?  I wub you too..."

Arlo's phrases are picking up quickly now so I am sure I will have more to "say" from her soon.

I ADORE these girls and all they are becoming, fiery personalities and stubbornness included.





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