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I don't ski, I don't drink craft beer and I don't have a dog, but by golly I am a real Colorado native girl.  So now you can still believe in unicorns!  Here's my ode to motherhood, you know because all of us bloggers write like we were the first, only and last mama out there.

Clyfford Still Museum Must

Clyfford Still Museum Must

Last week me and my art smart tot had a date- to the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver!

We have both been craving some one on one time together.  Last year, I MISSED her when she was in pre-K, although I did cherish allll the sweet solo time with my Lo.  So, now that summer break is here, and we have our Baba around a lot more we can sneak away some solo time with each of the girls and then swap.  Some peoples' summer bucket lists include grand adventures to faraway places, but my top five have got to be things just like this, trips to the museum or library or around town with my girls.

We brought along a sketch pad of hers and some Kwik Stix, love these so much, but the museum actually doesn't allow that, so she let us borrow some colored pencils and they also had a neat workbook that had some fruitful, lead-in questions in it which I used on Rem as we walked through the gallery.  It felt like we hd the place to ourselves that day!  She was able to sprawl out on the floor and sketch at her heart's desire.  We were BOTH so excited to find a MAKE section in the museum where we could re-create inspired collages from the work we saw by Clyfford Still.  While I was working away on using my glue stick on cuttout construction pieces, I turned around to see Remy had started a page in the community sketch book all on her own.  

Her independence and strong opinions serve her well in art, and I hope to continue to encourage her and nurture this part of her.  She has said this to me before, but while she was creating, without looking up, she said, "Mama, when I grow up I want to be a REAL artist."  I have thought about having all her art supplies at the ready and available to her before, but I really DID pull out more pom poms, scissors, glue sticks and construction paper after this.  My kitchen table is a mess, but the morning after I brought out some supplies I woke up to two new art pieces from the girls who wandered in before breakfast like mice to cheese and they brought me surprises in bed of their masterpieces.  I warned husband that we have two kids who love art and therefore there might be more messes.  I almost put some of it away, and he stopped me and said, "Wasn't it you who said we would have more clutter out because we have kids?"  Love him for that.  He's right.  So I left the "clutter."  

Here's to summer and the clutter and messes and creativity!  Working HARD to not interfere or hinder her creative spirit.  Hoping to add to my bucket list this summer with things like, "buy pastels," "let them use their hands or other objects to paint with," and "provide unusual and found objects to let them make something."  Those are my GOALS.  Not fitness, not fashion or fun or faraway places, but fawning over my girls.  Husbands GOALS include a whole lotta the futbol kind with World Cup this year!  Go ARGENTINA!!!  The girls also have soccer camp happening once a week, so we also have good intentions of keeping their physical characteristics engaged and intrigued too.  As long as the girls ask to do something, and are HAPPY to go to it, I am ready to sign them up to commitments.  

About that Clyfford Still though...WOW!  I had NO IDEA how fascinating he was!  I had been wanting to visit the Clyfford Still Musuem since... well... it opened, but it took this little curious five year old to really and truly GET me there.  For her, for me, for us.  I am so happy we experienced it together.  One thing I have always liked to do is purchase a post card in the lobby of museums after visiting to remember my favorite piece/s.  I shared this with Remy and let he pick out one for her and one for Arlo.  I tacked them on their walls.  Remy was jumping on her bed a couple days afterwards when she noticed the bright orange postcard!  "Hey that's the artist!"  I was in her room, cleaning, and I said, "Yes, but do you remember his name?"  "Clyfford Still."

Here's a couple snaps from my iPhone from that afternoon.  I know I did a lot of Stories on the museum, but I couldn't help myself from wanting to capture both of our enthusiasm for this spectacular museum.  The ARCHITECTURE alone is worth visiting for!  I definitely want to go back because the attention span of a five year old, is well, that of a five year old, art centric or not, and we were just getting into the art work of his later years. I always try to snap photos of the descriptions and plaques around as well, but there's something more intimate and REAL, a movement between you and the artist that happens when you are reading it in person amongst their works.  

The museums and libraries is where I'd prefer to be on any normal summer day, rather than baking in the hot sun.  So now to find our next art experience!


Wearing:  Remy was so excited for our day at the museum together she woke up early and dressed herself and had her Baba fix her hair to surprise me!  We found this little dress in a bin at a dark thrift shop in Olathe.  The shop owner told me I could fill a grocery bag for one dollar!  I got TWO bags of kids clothes for two bucks, which made this dress like .5 cents.  The dress is a Target label, also LOVE this pink striped dress.  The colorful capri tights are Crazy 8, the girls are liking this length!  Found these bright blue patterned pair by Joe Fresh that are so CUTE!  My skirt was also from that thrift shop in Olathe, and it has a matching jacket too!  Found this VERY very similar skirt by Elizabeth & James.  OR, if you are a designer girl, this Stencil Skirt by Prada is INCREDIBLE!!!!  My gray top is from Anthropologie a few years ago and my Gola sneakers are from a boutique from like fifteen years ago, similar here.

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